Old Main Page Banners

Here are the old title banners that has graced the main page in the past.

The strip's very first banner, back in the day when it was "Mad Anna" -- the blurb practically sets the stage for Anna, who was a geek who cusses like a sailor, but means very well. This banner was very short-lived, as, shortly afterward, Rafi was introduced and "Mad Anna" became "The Mundane Circus".

The first banner under "The Mundane Circus", at the time emphasising Anna and her friend, Rafi. Some friend Rafi is -- this banner also didn't last very long, as the focus switched to Rafi.

The third banner for this site, emphasising Rafi and her family, in an attempt to spread the focus around. Didn't work out too well, as all the focus remained on Rafi herself. And with "A Gouine's Story" starting, it'll be awhile before this strip goes in the family way.

This banner -- the first to feature Rafi on the banner -- was used from late June 2005 through November 2005. This was the longest-running banner on this site -- until a little friend came along and a slogan based on a beer commercial was created...

This fourth banner was, so far, the most-durable banner on thsi site, which was in use from November 2005 to May 2008. This banner featured Rafi and her little friend, Mini-Rafi, and a fifth slogan for this site -- those who seen the Heineken commercials during 2005 would understand. But in 2008, I felt that it was time to give my site a little overhaul. And I felt that it was time to announce that Rafi has a girlfriend.

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