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TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
8/10/1991 TV's Most Beautiful Women Rugrats debuts on 8/11/1991 at 10AM ET & repeated at 8:30PM . There were no ads or pictures heralding its arrival in this TVG, but it had a description:

"An animated view from down underfoot is provided by Tommy Pickles and several diaper-clad tots, who journey into the grown-up world. In this episode, Tommy explores the bathroom's surroundings."

Please note that this was the description of the 7 1/2 minute pilot, which was never seen on Nick. Tommy's First Birthday was the first televised episode.

Side Note: Melanie Chartoff, the voice of Didi, also played Ms. Musso, the principal on Fox's Parker Lewis Can't Lose, which started its 2nd season at 7:30PM ET, an hour before Rugrats.

9/14/1991 Fall Preview In the "Kids Stuff" section, Rugrats was described:

"With Simpsons-esque humor, this cartoon looks at life through the eyes of a group of toddlers."

No pictures.


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
1/4/1992 Roseanne Jeff Jarvis reviews Rugrats in his article, "I Love TV"; in a segment on cartoons, he compares The Simpsons with Rugrats:

"When The Simpsons was a segment on The Tracey Ullman Show, it was just a belch joke with hip pretensions. As a series, it grew flesh and guts. It was my favorite cartoon...until I discovered Nickelodeon's Rugrats, a wry, sly, kid's eye view of the world that skewers thirtysomething parents and (The) Cosby (Show) kids."

No pictures.

12/19/1992 "Tiny Toon Adventures" Rugrats described along with the animated Batman as "far from standard  Smurf-and-turf fare." No pictures.


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
2/27/1993 Jane Pauley & Barney -- Kid's TV Top 10 (Tied for 3rd with the original Doug for kids 7 to 11; only Stu & Didi are pictured)
10/30/1993 Kids' TV -- Bert & Ernie Interview with then-Nick president Geraldine Laybourne; includes picture of the Rugrats.


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
2/10/1996 Friends' David Schwimmer & Jennifer Aniston The original Doug & Rugrats in the "Family Pages"
3/16/1996 Billy Crystal & The Muppets on cover for a special children's TV issue Rugrats was one of the top 10 best kids shows on TV
3/30/1996 Joan Lunden Passover episode one of "The Family Pages"' best bets
10/26/1996 Rugrats -- Kids TV Cover story on Rugrats. For information, click here.
11/30/1996 Touched By An Angel's Roma Downey -- Holiday Issue Chanukah episode one of many holiday specials to air
12/21/1996 2 X-Files covers -- David Duchovny Santa Experience ad in program listings (note that Paul Germain's last name was misspelled as "Germaine"; click here to see ad)


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
1/18/1997 Winter Preview Mother's Day one of various specials to air this Spring (says May 11, though actual premiere date was May 6); no pictures
3/15/1997 Sesame Street's Elmo -- Kids TV Interview with Nick president Herb Scannell, including how he helped reshape Nick, why Nicktoons were different from traditional fare in 1991, and why they're international hits today; includes picture of Tommy & Spike
5/3/1997 Xena's Lucy Lawless Mothers' Day show one of "The Family Page's" best bets (includes picture of the Rugrats with their moms (except Chuckie's mom)); featured as a "Cable Close-Up" in program listings (note that Angelica was spelled "Anjelica")
6/28/1997 (Canada) Summer Video Guide A Rugrats Vacation among many videos to be released this Summer; no pictures
7/5/1997 Babylon 5 -- Summer Sci-Fi Special A Rugrats Vacation reviewed in the "Family Pages" (note that the article mentions that they were 65 episodes made, when they are exactly 67 episodes produced before this one (the article did not count Chanukah and Mother's Day)); includes picture of Chuckie & Tommy in Vegas
7/12/1997 Animation's New Wave -- Daria, Dr. Katz, Hank Hill of King Of The Hill Cover story mention's the Rugrats' movie project; Gabor Csupo in panel with Ben Edlund (The Tick), John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy) and Eric Radomski (Spawn; Spicy City), where he mentions that Rugrats has some adult content; no Rugrats pictures in either article
8/2/1997 NASCAR's Jeff Gordon
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
(depending on market)
An Angelica backpack was featured in the article "Ready-To-Ware: A Study In Studio Stores", along with other objects like a Nanny doll and a Beavis & Butthead toilet seat
8/9/1997 TV's Best & Worst-dressed Stars (the one with the Xena comic) In Susan Stewart's "Hits & Misses" column, Comedy Central's new animated program, South Park (rated [TV-MA]) is described as "Rugrats with an 'R' rating and no wit", with that show's content making "Beavis & Butthead look like MacNeil & Lehrer."
8/23/1997 2 different covers: The new look for "Miss America", or "The Past is Now" In The program listings for 8/23/1997, the "Spikes Babies / Chicken Pops" episode is featured in the "TV Guidelines" and as a "Close-Up".
10/25/1997 Kids TV: "Alex Mack" & "Shelby Woo" Ad for Nick's 8PM lineup, featuring Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, among other characters from Nick's shows. Other than this, no mentions in articles.
11/29/1997 "Holiday Guide": Brooke Shields 2-page picture from the Rugrats' Chanukah episode, used to announce the appearances of The Santa Experience and Chanukah. Picture was originally seen in the 11/30/1996 issue, but in small form.
12/6/1997 (Canada) Holiday Show Guide In ad for Chevrolet: "Rugrats Christmas" among many Christmas specials to be shown on Canadian TV, sponsored by Chevrolet (mention in list only; no pictures)


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
1/10/1998 Winter Preview Vacation among many specials to air this winter; no pictures. (Originally scheduled for 3/3/1998, this special did not air until 5/29/1998.)
4/11/1998 Madonna In "The Family Page", the animated segments of PBS & TLC's Salty's Lighthouse features characters "drawn in a style that recalls Rugrats".
5/2/1998 Matthew Perry Mothers' Day show one of "The Family Page's" best bets (like the 5/3/1997 issue, it includes picture of the Rugrats with their moms (except Chuckie's mom)); also listed in guidelines for 5/6/1998.
5/23/1998 Summer Movie Preview Vacation one of "The Family Page's" best bets (includes picture of Stu, Didi & Grandpa driving around); also showcased in "Guidelines" & "Close-Up" for 5/29/1998.
Frank Sinatra Angelica Knows Best (scored A) & Mommy Mania (B+) reviewed in TVG's video column; includes picture of Angelica Knows Best video.
8/15/1998 Princess Diana Babysitting Fluffy / Sleep Trouble mentioned in "Guidelines" & "Editor's Choice" for 8/15/1998.
Also, in some editions, Nicktoons TV is featured in a "Close-Up", where the marathon begins with Chuckie's Red Hair.
8/29/1998 NFL '98
(covers vary from market-to-market)
The Wild Thornberrys, from the creators of Rugrats, is reviewed in The Family Page. And in some editions, Thornberrys are also featured in an Editors' Choice for 9/1/1998.
9/5/1998 Returning Favorites In the cable section of the title story, The Family Tree, Journey To The Center Of The Basement and The Turkey Who Went To Dinner among new episodes for this season; no pictures.
10/17/1998 Halloween Preview -- "The Simpsons" In Halloween preview section, Rugrats to be part of Halloween On Nickelodeon special, 10/25-31. No pictures, except for Angry Beavers.
10/31/1998 Kids' TV -- "Blue's Clues" Article on The Rugrats Movie, complete with pictures. Also, their "Got Milk?" ad.
Dylan McDermott "Kids View" column has article on The Rugrats Movie, with picture of Dil fighting Angelica over Cynthia. Also includes quotes by Tara Charendoff and Norton Virgien.
11/28/1998 Holiday Viewing Guide Chanukah one of may specials to air during the holiday season; no pictures. Also, the "Got Milk?" ad.
12/12/1998 "Charmed" "The Family Page" reviews The Rugrats Movie.
12/19/1998 SNL's Darryl Hammond & Molly Shannon -- "The Year In Jeers" Close-Up for the Holiday Nicktoons marathon (12/19) in some editions; Phil & Chuckie are pictured.


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
1/2/1999 (Canada) Dick Van Dyke Brief mention on Kidsview page that new Rugrats begin 1/4/1999 on YTV; no pictures.
1/9/1999 Winter Preview Rugrats nominated for Best Children's Program in the 1st annual TV Guide Awards; no pictures.
1/16/1999 Rick Schroder Rugrats marathon & new Rugrats has brief mention on "The Family Page", plus mentioned in "Guidelines" and "Editors' Choice" (with Dil's picture).
"Law & Order" Canadian Tara Charendoff talks about The Rugrats Movie.
4/3/1999 Bender from "Futurama" Ad for The Rugrats Movie in color section.
"Hollywood on Hollywood" Ad for The Rugrats Movie in color section.
6/19/1999 WWF's Sable Ad for Nickelodeon's 20th birthday featuring Tommy, Angelica and other Nick characters. Also, some cable editions may include info on The Rugrats Movie on pay-per-view in the color PPV supplement.
Spin City's Michael J. Fox & Heather Locklear Ad for Nickelodeon's videos, including videos for Rugrats. Unlike the US TVG's ad (below), this ad is not Halloween-themed, and does not include Runaway Reptar or Little Bear (the latter is released by Malofilm in Canada); also it mentions that the Make Room For Dil video has 2 stories that are exclusive-to-video through January 2000, when in fact, they've already been televised earlier on YTV.
10/23/1999 "Grownups Are Back" Haloween-themed ad for Nickelodeon's videos, including videos for Rugrats.
10/30/1999 Kids' TV: "Pokemon" Tommy featured among other Nickelodeon characters in a "Nickelodeon Nation" ad for Nick.
11/27/1999 Holiday Guide -- Rosie O'Donnell Chanukah one of the top ten best classic family holiday specials (features picture of the Rugrats with Boris); also, The Rugrats Movie is featured in a Family Close-Up for 12/3, when it makes its premium TV debut on Showtime (includes picture of the Pickles).
Holiday Guide -- Rosie O'Donnell Angelica's Awesome Adventure With Cynthia! among several TV-related items available at stores (includes picture of book); also, Chanukah among many shows to air (no pictures).


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
"Will & Grace" I Think I Like You video is reviewed.
Joshua Jackson Rugrats' "The Joke's On You" episode scheduled on YTV, in TVG's "What's On" column.
4/15/2000 Three Stooges The Passover episode is a "Close-Up On A Classic" in most editions.
Hockey Playoffs
(cover varies by region)
The Passover episode is reviewed in tandem with its counterpart, Charlton Heston's "The Ten Commandments".
Buzz Lightyear Ad for YTV & Kraft's "Unlock The Loot" contest, where the winner gets to visit Klasky-Csupo in Hollywood. Click here to see ad.
Bette Midler Same ad as above.
Pamela Wallin, host of Canadian "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" Last chance to "Unlock The Loot".
11/4/2000 X-Files -- 4 covers "Close Up" on the Acorn Nuts episode; includes stock picture of Angelica.
11/11/2000 The Beatles -- 5 covers
(counting the mail-order "White Cover")
The Rugrats' second "Got Milk?" ad.


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
3/10/2001 Janet Jackson Some editions carried a "Close-Up Family Find" for an episode that would never air on Friday 3/16 -- The Magic Baby and Dil We Meet Again (this episode did not first air until 5/4/2001).
3/17/2001 "The Sopranos" A brief article about Dionne Quan, the voice of Kimi, in the color section.
7/7/2001 "Passions" -- 2 covers
(some areas either have, instead, a Bozo The Clown or a baseball cover)
Some editions have a "Close-Up Family Find" of As Told By Ginger's telefilm, Summer Of Camp Caprice.
7/21/2001 Rugrats -- 4 covers, plus 1 special cover for "Ultimate Cable" editions
(some areas have a Chet Atkins cover instead)
Cover story on the Rugrats' 10th anniversary, plus a "Close-Up Family Find" of the All Growed Up episode and the Making Of Rugrats documentary.
11/17/2001 Friends Jennifer Aniston & David Schwimmer In listings, CBS ad for The Rugrats Movie, as well as an "Editor's Choice" for the film.
(Click here to see ad)
12/1/2001 Wrestler The Rock CBS's Santa Experience & Chanukah ad in program listings, plus a "Holiday Close-Up". (click here to see ad)
Nicholas Campbell of DaVinci's Inquest "What's On" column has brief description of CBS's Rugrats specials; no pictures.
12/8/2001 Smallville -- 4 covers A Rugrats Kwanzaa a "Close-Up" in the program listings.
12/29/2001 George Harrison Showtime's Rugrats In Paris an "Editor's Choice" in listings.


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
3/23/2002 Oscars Bow Wow Wedding Vows and Passover a Close Up Family Find for 3/25. Includes picture of Spike, Fifi and the Rugrats.
8/3/2002 "50 Greatest Animated Characters" -- 4 covers "50 Greatest Animated Characters" -- Angelica and Charlie Brown shares one of 4 covers. Also, in some editions, Rugrats in the Tuesday Nicktoon Summer Beach House, featuring Angelica, was an "Editor's Choice".
9/7/2002 Returning Favorites Happy Taffy episode of Rugrats one of few highlights this Fall on Nick, airing 9/21. No pictures, other than of The Wild Thornberrys.(This article mentions a time of 8:30PM ET, but, in actuality, it should be 8:30AM ET.)
9/14/2002 Fall Preview The Curse Of The Werewuff (10/28, 8PM ET) and Babies In Toyland (December) specials scheduled this fall for Nick. No pictures.
10/26/2002 Friends Curse Of The Werewuff featured as a "Halloween Close-Up" in the listings in most editions.
Martin & Lewis -- Sean Hayes Babies In Toyland one of many holiday specials to air this season -- includes picture of the Rugrats from that episode.
12/7/2002 Star Trek: Nemesis -- 4 covers Babies In Toyland featured in a "Holiday Close-Up" for 12/9 in most editions -- includes picture from that episode.
12/14/2002 "50 Best Things About TV"
(some areas have a NASCAR cover instead)
"The Family Pages" has an article on the 12/14 holiday Nicktoons marathon on Nick, which features The Santa Experience and Chanukah (includes picture from the latter episode).
Star Trek: Nemesis -- Patrick Stewart YTV has 2 ads featuring Babies In Toyland -- one in the color section, advertising YTV's holiday schedule, and another in the listings section, plugging the 12/20 "Canadian Premiere" of Babies In Toyland (this is only a repeat thereof -- the premiere was on 12/9). Both ads feature Angelica. Click here to see the latter ad.
12/21/2002 Shaquille O'Neal as Santa Claus In "The Family Pages", an interview with Lacey Chabert, the voice of Eliza, to tie in with the theatrical release of The Wild Thornberrys Movie.


TV Guide Issue Cover "Rugrats"' Material
4/12/2003 "Kids & The Television War" The first episode of the All Grown Up spinoff is featured as a "Best Bet" in "The Family Page" (featuring Angelica from the spinoff), and as a "Close Up Family Find" in the listings (featuring the stock photo of the tweenage Rugrats from the original series' All Growed Up).
"Canadian Idol" -- Kelly Clarkson

YTV's special Rugrats / Thornberrys event (6/8) mentioned on the Family page. Picture of Stu, Didi & Dil from The Rugrats Movie (included in event) included.

Summer Movie & DVD Issue Rugrats Go Wild one of the summer's feature films. Includes picture of Chuckie & Donnie.
Game Show Secrets -- Alex Trebek, Bob Barker, Meredith Viera YTV ad for Rugrats In Paris on back cover. Click here to see ad.
"Kids' Stuff" -- Rugrats The tweenage Rugrats appear on the cover of TVG for the kids' TV issue, which features the upcoming All Grown Up spinoff on YTV. Article includes a stock photo of the tweenage Rugrats from the original series' All Growed Up.

Also, in the hardcover book TV Guide: 50 Years Of Television (Crown Books, 2002, US$50 / C$75), page 78 of this 272-page book is about Rugrats. That page features a picture of the Rugrats' 1996 TV Guide cover (also seen on the front cover (not the dustjacket)), along with a few quotes from Rugrats creator Gabor Csupo.

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