Rugrats In Paris -- The Movie

Swag Kits

"Swag" is a slang-word for items that tie in with a TV show or movie, available only from the show or movie itself, either to the public by mail order, or provided as gifts to those who work in the media indistry, mainly critics.

The first Rugrats In Paris swag kit was a combination backpack / picnic set. This was also the first merchandise item to bear the Rugrats In Paris logo. For details on this item, click here.

The second swag kit was issued in October 2000. It consisted of the following:

(All items from eBay; © 2000 Viacom.)

  • Rugrats In Paris press kit (not pictured), with 9 glossy pictures and 22 pages that explain the film and the credits
  • November 2000 Nickelodeon Magazine
  • Rugrats In Paris passport
  • Plush Spike doll
  • Blue RIP bag
  • Yellow RIP map folio, with a Streetwise Paris map
  • 6 RIP "Impressionist" postcards, similar to the theater banners

  • Blue toiletries case, with an Oral-B Rugrats toothrush and toothpaste
  • RIP notebook
  • French-English Dictionary
  • Rugrats In Paris Soundtrack CD
  • RIP Camera
  • RIP contest gamepiece
  • Rugrats Tissues
  • Rugrats mixup bank, with lollipops inside -- heres a close-up of that bank:

  • RIP Burger King Watch
  • All this inside a red vinyl tote bag, with a red luggage tag, both emblazoned with a Rugrats In Paris logo

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