The First

Rugrats In Paris -- The Movie

Merchandise Item

(Above: The Rugrats In Paris backpack picnic kit, with all its accessories, including special, alcohol-free "Rugrats Whine". From eBay; © 2000 Viacom.)

Considered to be the first licensed item related to the new film (to me, at least), is this Rugrats In Paris backpack picnic kit. Mainly an elaborate promo item, rather than something to buy off the shelf, the kit includes the following:

All those items are enclosed in a navy-colored backpack with the film logo on the front and 2 detachable side holders.

This is mainly a promo item, not very likely to be found in stores, but if it was, the value would've been worth US$100 for a set similar to this. Also, in my opinion, this is probably the most elaborate Rugrats item to hit the market.

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