The Rugrats Movie Music Miscellanea

Other Songs In Movie:

Apart from the incidental orchestrations in the film, 7 other songs can be heard, none of those found in the soundtrack:

Rugrats Theme (of course)[Written by Mark Mothersbaugh] (found in the score)
Raiders March (theme to Raiders Of The Lost Ark)[Written by John Williams] (found in the score)
"You Are Doing Something Wrong When A Baby Cries" (used in a scene that appears only in the CBS version; not credited in film; sung by Dr. Lipschitz)
Dull-A-Bye (sung by Stu & Didi, availabe on tape 1 of the Blockbuster tapes (see below))
"The Rugrats March" (used in a scene that appears only in the CBS version; not credited in film; sung by the Rugrats)
One Way Or Another (original Blondie version)
Also Sprach Zarathustra (theme to 2001: A Space Odyssey)[Written by Richard Strauss] (found in the score)

Soundtracks On A Smaller Scale

In addition to the main soundtrack, the following were also available:
1.The Rugrats Movie Singalong, featuring only the Rugrats' numbers and Witch Doctor. Retail prices are the same as the full soundtrack. Available in audio cassette only.

(Left: Case from The Rugrats Movie Sing-Along, from Barnes & Noble; ©1998 Viacom.)

2. Single of Take Me There -- there are 2 versions available:

a. Consumer CD version (UK) -- this version was issued in the UK around the same time as the movie's release there in March 1999, and contains the following:

Want U Back Mix (3:19)
Radio Version (4:01)
Album Version (5:02)
Instrumental (5:01)

This version is available as an import item, and may be hard to find at US record stores; CDNow sells this single for US$12.49.

b. Demo version -- issued only to radio stations and featuring "The Rugrats Soundtrack" logo on the cover; this version was issued around the same time as the movie soundtrack's release in October 1998; same contents as above, but does not feature the "Want U Back" mix. Demo version was available in CD and 12-inch vinyl record (yes, they still make records).
(Above: Inner label from vinyl promo copy of "Take Me There", featuring "The Rugrats Soundtrack" logo; from eBay. ©1998 Viacom.)

3. Selections from The Rugrats Movie & Rugrats: A Live Adventure: a 5-track demo CD featuring the Rugrats' selections from the film and the live show, issued only to radio stations and record stores:

From Live Adventure:

The Mover's Rap
Nothing to be Escared Of
If I Could Count to Two

From The Rugrats Movie:

Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Yum (reportedly a different version than the one on the soundtrack)

(Left: Jacket from Selections from The Rugrats Movie & Rugrats: A Live Adventure, from eBay; ©1998 Viacom.)

4. Blockbuster Video Premiums: When the film was first released, Blockbuster offered  one of 2 audio tapes free with a children's video rental. These tapes, entitled "Dil-A-Bye" (Volume 1) and "A Baby Is A Gift" (Volume 2), each featured 4 songs, with the selections coming from The Rugrats Movie, the Live Adventure and the TV series. Volume 1 is also offered as a premium at Klasky-Csupo's internet store.
"Dil-A-Bye" featured:

Dil-A-Bye (the Dull-A-Bye version)
Tricycle Not For You (from the Music episode)
Nothing To Be Escared Of (from the Live Adventure)
Rugrats Intermission (source unknown)

"A Baby Is A Gift" featured:

A Baby Is A Gift From Bob
Rugrats TV Theme (the same one you hear at the start of each and every episode of Rugrats)
The Mover's Rap (from the Live Adventure)
Rugrats Intermission (source unknown; same as first tape)

(Left: Jacket from Vol. 1 of the Blockbuster Rugrats audio tape -- "Dil-A-Bye", from Klasky-Csupo's website; Right:  Jacket from Vol. 2 -- "A Baby Is A Gift", from eBay; both ©1998 Viacom.)

5. "Finally", by Blackstreet -- their 1999 album on Interscope includes Take Me There; this version was merely labelled as a remix, though it's probably the "Jackson 5" remix.

6. "Now That's What I Call Music 2" (US version) -- co-released by Universal, EMI & Virgin, it's a greatest hits CD (based on a similar series of the same title sold in the UK since the mid-1980s); "Take Me There" is included on that CD.

7. CD Single version of Lisa Loeb's All Day, released only as a promo to radio stations by Interscope.
8. Rugdance -- 3 remixes of the musical score; was available as a supplemental CD that came with The Rugrats Movie Score, or as a 12-inch vinyl single.

(Left: Jacket from the vinyl version of the Rugdance single; from eBay; ©1999 Viacom.)

Left: Cover for the Portuguese issue of The Rugrats Movie soundtrack; the soundtrack is exactly the same, except of course, for the cover and liner notes, which are in Portuguese.

(From Music Connection; ©1998 Viacom.)

Left: Cover for the "advance" version of The Rugrats Movie soundtrack, released to record stores, radio stations and newspapers & magazines shortly before the release. Contents are the same as the consumer version.

(From eBay; ©1998 Viacom.)

Below:  Another Selections demo from the soundtrack, featuring only one Rugrats number and 3 from pop artists.

(From eBay; ©1998 Viacom.)

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