The Rugrats Movie Soundtrack

(Left: Album cover to The Rugrats Movie soundtrack, from CD Universe. © 1998 Viacom.)

The Soundtrack Has Gone Platinum

The Rugrats Movie soundtrack has earned a Platinum Record, awarded when an album has sold over 1 million copies in the US. The main selling element of the soundtrack hasn't been the Rugrats, but the major label artists that have appeared on the soundtrack, especially Blackstreet, Mya, Mase & Blinky Blink, whose "Jackson 5" version of Take Me There is climbing the charts.

"This World Is Something New To Me"

This number features various top pop stars playing the voices of newborns. For details, including who sung what line, click here.

"Witch Doctor"

Devo, the legendary pop rock group from the late-1970s & early-1980's, founded in part by Mothersbaugh, will reunite for their rendition of the Witch Doctor Song, made popular in the 1960s by the Chipmunks.

Rugrats Sings...Again

The movie will feature 4 numbers sung by any of the Rugrats. In a professional matter. If you've seen the Live Adventure, you'll understand. One of those numbers is "A Baby Is A Gift From Bob", which Angelica and Susie will sing at the baby shower, just before Didi goes into labor. Another is Angelica's version of Blondie's hit song from the early-1980s, One Way Or Another.

The Soundtrack:

A soundtrack for the film is now available at retail outlets. The CD version also includes demos for Broderbund's new Rugrats software. The soundtrack retails at $18 for the CD and $12 for the cassette, though some places will sell it for less. Best Buy is selling the CD for $12.98, and includes a free Rugrats magnet (featuring the original Rugrats gang; no Dil).

Also available is The Rugrats Movie Singalong, featuring only the Rugrats' numbers and Witch Doctor. Retail prices are the same as the full soundtrack.

Here's what's on the soundtrack.


a. The order listed in the soundtrack is not necessarily the order presented in the film itself. See below for actual order.

b. * = Soundtrack version different from one used in film.

c. ** = Song not used in film (according to my observation of the movie; this fact is not mentioned on the soundtrack).

d. @ = Available only on later pressings of the soundtrack. The song's availability is not listed in the lineup, but on a sticker on the front of the CD or cassette.

e. # = Also available on The Rugrats Movie Singalong cassette.

f. On the soundtrack's back cover, songs sung by the Rugrats are credited to the voices of the Rugrats, not the Rugrats themselves. However, since most Rugrats fans are more familiar with the characters than the voices behind them, the Rugrats' songs are credited here to the characters, with the voices in parentheses.

g. Timing is listed in parentheses. Total length -- 37:58 (original version -- without the extra track).

1. Take Me There (4:02), by Blackstreet, Mya, Mase & Blinky Blink (original version)
[Written by Teddy Riley, Tamara Savage, Madeline Nelson, Mason Betha & Michael Foster; Produced by Teddy Riley]

2. I Throw My Toys Around (3:00), by Elvis Costello & No Doubt
[Written by Elvis Costello & Cait O'Riordan; Produced by Elvis Costello]

3. This World Is Something New To Me (1:57), by various artists (see above)
[Written by Mark Mothersbaugh; Produced by Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale]

4. All Day (3:29), by Lisa Loeb
[Written by Lisa Loeb; Produced by Brian Malouf]

*/#5. Dil-A-Bye (3:41), by Tommy (E.G. Daily, a recording artist in her own right)
[Written by Mark Mothersbaugh; Produced by Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale]

#6. A Baby Is A Gift From Bob (1:57), by Susie & Angelica (Cree Summer & Cheryl Chase)
[Written by Mark Mothersbaugh; Produced by Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale]

#7. One Way Or Another (3:15), by Angelica (a remake of an early-1980s hit from Blondie)
[Written by Deborah Harry & Nigel Harrison, with additional lyrics by Eryk Casimiro; Produced by Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale]

8. Wild Ride (2:42), by Kevi & Lisa Stone
[Written by Kevin Krakower, Mario Caldato, Jr. & Lisa Stone; Produced by Mario Caldato, Jr.]

9. On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, Go! ("The Reptar Rap") (3:39), by Busta Rhymes
[Written by Trevor Smith; Produced by Busta Rhymes]

*/#10. Witch Doctor (3:30), by Devo
[Written by Ross Bagdasarian; Produced by Devo]

11. Take The Train (4:04), by Rakim & Danny Saber
[Written by Danny Saber & Rakim; Produced by Danny Saber]

#12. Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Yum, (2:17) by Tommy, Chuckie, Phil & Lil (Phil & Lil by Kath Soucie)
[Written by Mark Mothersbaugh; Produced by Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale]

@/**13. Take Me There, The "I Want You Back" Mix , by Blackstreet, Mya, Mase & Blinky Blink ( The "Jackson 5" version, which does not include the Rugrats theme, and the beat is similar to the Jackson 5's; this version now making the hit parade on the play lists of many radio stations)

The songs used in the film are used in the following order (most of these are shorter versions; time in parentheses is where the number can be found on the video):

All Day (barely audible in background)(0:14:15)

A Baby Is A Gift From Bob (0:19:15)

This World Is Something New To Me (0:23:00)

"You Are Doing Something Wrong When A Baby Cries" (CBS version only; not credited or on soundtrack; sung by Dr. Lipschitz during Stu & Didi's nightmare)

Dull-A-Bye (Stu & Didi's lullaby; not on soundtrack)(0:30:07)
[Written by Mark Mothersbaugh; Produced by Mark Mothersbaugh & Bob Casale]

Take The Train (brief excerpt) (0:37:40)

On Your Marks, Get Set, Ready, Go (0:40:23)

"The Rugrats March" (CBS version only; not credited or on soundtrack; sung by the Rugrats as they tow the Reptar wagon up a hill)

Wild Ride (brief excerpt; played on the Jeep's radio as Frank chats with Margaret) (0:52:10)

Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Yum (0:55:01)

Witch Doctor (0:59:25)

One Way Or Another (1:06:11)

Dil-A-Bye (1:12:56)(song similar to the earlier Dull-A-Bye)

Take Me There (original version)(1:25:31)

Take The Train (more extended) (1:26:50)

I Throw My Toys Around (1:28:00)


The following artists do not normally record with Interscope Records, and perform on this soundtrack courtesy of their home labels:
Artist: Performs Courtesy Of:
Lisa Loeb
Geffen Records
B Real Ruffhouse Records / Sony Music, a group of Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.
Patti Smith Arista Records, Inc.
Laurie Anderson Warner Bros. Records
Fred Schneider
Kate Pierson
Cindy Wilson
Reprise Records
Phife Jive Records
Lenny Kravitz Virgin Records America, Inc., for the US "(only)"
Iggy Pop Virgin Records America
Rakim Universal Records
Busta Rhymes Flipmode Entertainment / Elektra Entertainment Group
Blondie Capitol Records, under licence from EMI Music Special Markets
Kevi Rat Records
Blackstreet L.O.R. Records / Interscope Records
Mya University Music Entertainment / Interscope Records
Ma$e Bad Boy Entertainment, Inc. / Arista Records, Inc.
Blinky Blink All Out Entertainment / SoSo Def / Columbia Records
Elvis Costello Mercury Records, a Polygram company

Jakob Dylan, Devo & No Doubt are solely Interscope artists.

The voices of the Rugrats cast do not belong to any record label, except for E.G. Daily, who's with Sumthing Distribution, but does not appear courtesy of it, as all her work in the film is in Tommy's voice only, which is in the domain of Nickelodeon & Klasky-Csupo.

The Shutout

One rocker that did not appear in the film is David Bowie. His contribution, Sky Life, was cut from the film during the re-editing process. This song, which also serves as at tribute to the late Beatle John Lennon, was produced by Tony Visconti, who produced some of Bowie's early albums, including Space Oddity (1969) (a line from the title track was mentioned in the Destination: Moon episode).

Sky Life may resurface somewhere, perhaps in a future Bowie album (you won't find it on "hours...", his latest album). Karyn Rachtman, the film's musical co-ordinator, commented: "I have always wanted to work with David Bowie and I finally had my chance. He delivered a song far beyond my wildest dreams, and now I can't even use it. The song is beautiful."

For more information about David Bowie, visit his web site.

Soundtrack Credits:

Executive Album Producer / Music Supervisor: Karyn Rachtman

Executive Album Producers For Klasky-Csupo: Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo

Associate Music Supervisors: Bobby Lavelle, Carol Dunn, Eryk Casemiro

Music Coordinators: Lisaann DuPont, Danping Wong, Jason McGuire

Mastered By: Brian " The Bass" Gardner at Bernie Grundman Mastering

Design By: MOD 3

Production By: Les Scurry

Packaged and distributed in the US by Interscope Records.

Distributed worldwide by Polygram (Polydor) & Universal.

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