Part 3: Colleen, Jimmy, Bruce, and a little "Shojo Beat"

This is me and rafi with Colleen Coover, the creator of her adult comic, "Small Favors", and, her latest work for all ages, "Banana Sunday". I have been a fan of Colleen's work ever since Favor's first issue -- I always wondered when she'll start reaching out to everyone, rather than just adults. With "Banana Sunday", she now has her chance -- check it out. ("Small favors" too, if you're over 18.)

This is us with Jimmy Gownley, creator of another must-read title, "Amelia Rules". I have been a fan of Jimmy's work since the mid-1990s, when he created and published his slice-of-life teen comic, "Shades of Gray". If you want to know how great Jimmy is first-hand, check out "Amelia Rules". ("Shades of Gray" too, if you can find it.)

This is Bruce Campbell, B-movie star of the "Evil Dead" films and "Bubba Ho-Tep", signing autographs for his fans. I was never a movie buff -- I was in line having him sign something for my brother, who loves his films.

This is part of Viz's desplay at Comic Con, which included a car (forgot the make, unfortunately), which plugged "Shojo Beat", Viz's monthly shojo manga magazine (practically "Shonen Jump" for girls).

This is the left overhead view of the convention floor, above the Small Press area, taken in the snack bar area on the floor above.

And this is the right view, taken from the same spot.

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