Part 2: Rafi, Donna, Roberta and Luffy -- all in "One Piece"

This is the main lobby for Comic Con, at the Sails Pavilion (so named because the roof is shaped like several sails). Attendees coming to Comic Con for the first time this year must go through here first.

This is Rafi, waiting to get in like the rest of us.

This is me (middle) with Donna Barr (left, author of "The Desert Peach") and Roberta Gregory (right, author of "Naughty Bits", holding Rafi). Donna and Roberta were really nice -- both in their artistic talent and their attitude. I've been a fan of Roberta's work the last 15 years, and I was also very familiar with Donna's work as well during that time period.

This is Rafi posing with Luffy of "One Piece", in which he shows is newest super Devil's Fruit power, the "death flash".
(No, just kidding -- it's just my camera flash bouncing off the 2-D display of Luffy.)
Being an otaku, I've been a fan of the "One Piece" anime even before it came to America.

This is the full display, at the Bandai exhibit -- "One Piece" is a favorite anime and manga of mine and Rafi's (but stay clear away from the American 4Kids version of the anime -- it's evil).

Here's a giant "One Piece" poster, from the Mattel exhibit.

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