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0 -- Tommy Pickles & The Great White Thing (pilot; never televised)

8/10/91: "An animated view from down underfoot is provided by Tommy Pickles and several diaper-clad tots, who journey into the grown-up world. In this episode, Tommy explores the bathroom's surroundings."

1 -- Tommy's First Birthday

10/29/94: "Tommy's first birthday party goes to the dogs when the babies decide that they want to be canines and spend the day trying to get dog food.."

12/23/95: "Tommy's first birthday party goes to the dogs when he and his friends decide that they would rather be canines."

2 -- Barbecue Story

6/15/96: "Tommy goes into a neighbor's yard."

12/27/97: "Tommy must venture into a neighbor's yard to retrieve his ball."

Waiter, There's A Baby In My Soup

6/15/96: "Stu and Didi take Tommy out to dinner."

3 -- At The Movies

12/23/95: "A trip to the movies becomes a horror show when the babies wreak havoc at the concession counter, upset the other patrons and untangle film from eight different movies."

4/6/96: "A trip to the movies becomes a horror show when the babies wreak havoc at the concession counter."

Slumber Party

4 -- Baby Commercial

12/27/97: "Phil & Lil star in a commercial."

Little Dude

4/5/97: "Didi brings Tommy to school where he gets lost."

5 -- Beauty Contest

12/23/95: "Tommy is entered in a baby contest."

5/3/97: "Tommy's in a baby contest."


5/3/97: "Grandpa, Stu and Tommy go to a baseball game."

6 -- Ruthless Tommy

8/24/96: "Tommy is kidnapped."

Moose Country

8/24/96: "The Rugrats go moose hunting in their backyard."

7 -- Grandpa's Teeth

12/23/95: "Spike steals Grandpa's dentures;..."

Momma Trauma

12/23/95: "...and Tommy visits a child psychologist."

8 -- Real Or Robots

1/3/98: "Tommy wonders if his dad's a robot."

Special Delivery

9/28/96: "...and one of the rugrats takes a trip to the post office."

9 -- Candy Bar Creep Show

4/6/96: "The gang gets a Halloween-night lesson in trick or treating..."

8/16/97: "The gang learns about trick or treating."

Monster In The Garage

4/6/96: "...and they suspect there's a monster in the garage."

10 -- Weaning Tommy

Incident In Aisle Seven

2/1/97: "Tommy wants to explore a cereal display."

9/20/97: "Tommy makes a fast break to go after a breakfast-cereal display at the supermarket."

11 -- Touchdown Tommy

4/13/96: "Angelica goes after Tommy's bottle."

1/3/98: "Angelica tries to take Tommy's chocolate milk."

The Trial

12 -- Fluffy Vs. Spike

3/8/97: "Angelica's cat breaks some pottery."

7/12/97: "The fur flies when Angelica's cat, Fluffy, destroys some pottery and Spike gets blamed."

Reptar's Revenge

11/16/96: "Angelica turns a carnival into a circus when she runs off with a bag of goodies."
(Actually, a box of Reptar Cereal samples.)

13 -- Graham Canyon

6/15/96: "Tommy and Angelica outwit two sleazy mechanics when the car breaks down."

1/3/98: "Tommy and Angelica outwit two mechanics when the car breaks down."

Stu-Maker's Elves

2/3/96: "Tommy and Chuckie venture into Stu's workshop."


14 -- Toy Palace

10/29/94: "Tommy and Chuckie are left behind in a toy store."

Sand Ho

5/10/97: "Grandpa reads the Rugrats a pirate tale."

15 -- Chuckie Vs. The Potty

2/6/93: "Tommy goes into potty training."
(Chuckie was potty-training, not Tommy.)

6/22/96: "Chuckie does battle with the potty."

1/3/98: "Chuckie battles the potty."

Together At Last

2/6/93: "Phil and Lil are separated after fighting over a toy."

8/24/96: "Phil and Lil are separated over a toy dispute."

16 -- The Big House

1/3/98: "Tommy breaks out of a child day-care center."

The Shot

4/13/96: "...and goes for a doctor's visit."

17 -- Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch

2/20/93: "Tommy and Chuckie meet a playground bully..."

8/24/96: "Tommy goes up against a playground bully."

4/12/97: "Tommy faces a bully."


2/20/93: "...and investigate a strange new land."

8/24/96: "Didi brings home an antique mirror."

18 -- Angelica's In Love

6/22/96: " Angelica falls in love..."

Ice Cream Mountain

6/22/96: "...and the rugrats play golf."

19 -- Regarding Stuie

12/20/96: "Stu develops temporary amnesia."

4/12/97: "Stu develops amnesia."

Garage Sale

2/27/93: "...and the Rugrats help out when the Pickles have a garage sale."

20 -- Let There Be Light

6/22/96: "When Stu blacks out the city, the Rugrats try to fix the outage by releasing the light trapped in the refrigerator."

5/17/97: "The kids try to end a blackout."

8/15/98 (Canada): "Stu accidentally blacks out the city while testing a new toy."

The Bank Trick

21 -- Family Reunion

12/21/96: "The Pickles go to a family reunion."

8/22/98 (Canada): "Tommy and Angelica are taken to a family reunion."

Grandpa's Date

9/28/96: "Tommy and Chuckie spend the night with Grandpa."

22 -- No Bones About It

6/22/96: "Tommy and the gang tour the Natural History Museum."

Beach Blanket Babies

6/22/96: "Chuckie gets some pets from is father -- sea monkeys."

23 -- Reptar On Ice

2/10/96: "The gang believes they've found Reptar's baby."

Family Feud

2/10/96: "The Pickles and the DeVilles feud."

24 -- Superhero Chuckie

2/10/96: "Chuckie is convinced he can become a superhero."

The Dog Broomer

2/10/96: "Spike has a run-in with a dog groomer."

25 -- Aunt Miriam

6/5/93: "Tommy and Chuckie confuse Tommy's visiting Aunt with a space creature."

9/27/97: "Influenced by a sci-fi film, Tommy and Chuckie worry that a visiting aunt may be a giant space ant..."

9/5/98 (Canada): "Tommy and Chuckie fear Aunt Miriam is really a giant space ant."

The Inside Story

6/5/93: "A sci-fi movie inspires a plan for an unusual journey."

9/27/97: "...and the entire gang experiments with a 'lazy beam'."

26 -- A Visit From Lipschitz

6/22/96: "Didi invites a child-care specialist home for dinner..."

What The Big People Do

6/22/96: "...and the Rugrats imagine what it would be like to live as adults."

27 -- The Santa Experience

12/13/97 (I): "The families spend Christmas in the mountains."

12/13/97 (II): "The families spend Christmas in the mountains, where Chuckie and Tommy set Santa traps."

12/20/97: "The families spend Christmas in the mountains, where Tommy and Chuckie set traps for Kris Kringle."

12/12/98 (Telemundo, in Spanish): "En busca de 'una Navidad perfecta', todos se van a una cabaña en las montañas, donde Tommy y Chuckie (Carlitos) pone trampas para el Papá Noel." (This is, essentially, an almost exact translation of the English description, including the usage of Chuckie's original English name.)

28 -- Visitors From Outer Space

2/10/96: "Tommy dreams he is captured by aliens."

The Case Of The Missing Rugrat

29 -- Chuckie Loses His Glasses

2/8/97: "The world becomes one big blur to Chuckie when he loses his glasses."

Chuckie Gets Skunked

30 -- Rebel Without A Teddy Bear

2/10/96: "Tommy's teddy bear gets taken away."

Angelica The Magnificent

2/10/96: "Angelica experiments with magic."

31 -- Meet The Carmichaels

8/3/96: "Tommy makes a new friend."

2/8/97: "Tommy befriends a new kid..."

The Box

2/8/97: "...and the gang has more fun with a box than the toy that came in it."

32 -- Down The Drain

6/29/96: "Angelica tells Tommy and Chuckie a story that leave them with a fear of going down the drain..."

Let Them Eat Cake

6/29/96: "...and the boys go to a wedding."

33 -- The Seven Voyages Of Cynthia

9/7/96: "Angelica's favorite doll is lost."

10/4/97: "Angelica's doll is lost -- and Chuckie and Tommy are the ones who lost her. The two must decide whether to confess."

12/13/97: "Angelica's doll is lost -- and Chuckie and Tommy are the ones who lost her."

My Friend Barney

34 -- Feeding Hubert

2/10/96: "The gang thinks a local garbage truck is a monster that feeds on trash."

7/26/97: "The gang thinks the garbage truck is a monster."

Spike The Wonder Dog

3/15/97: "Also, Spike, the family dog, is in trouble."
(Angelica got in trouble, not Spike.)

5/17/97: "Also, Spike, the family dog, is in trouble after the kids see a TV show about a talking dog."

35 -- The Slide

8/3/96: "Chuckie must overcome his fear of slides."

11/30/96: "Chuckie's afraid of a slide."

The Big Flush

36 -- King Ten Pin

2/10/96: "The Rugrats explore the local bowling alley, while Grandpa competes in a tournament."

Runaway Angelica

3/15/97: "Angelica decides to run away."

37 -- Game Show Didi

12/13/97: "Didi competes in a game show."

Toys In The Attic

10/4/97: "Tommy and Angelica have baby sitters for the weekend."

38 -- Driving Miss Angelica

6/29/96: "Chuckie becomes Angelica's slave after she saves him from a tragic tricycle accident."

1/1/97: "Chuckie becomes Angelica's slave."

Susie Vs. Angelica

6/29/96: "A new kid in town stands up to Angelica."
(not to be confused with "New Kid In Town")

39 -- Tooth Or Dare

1/13/96: "Angelica learns about the tooth fairy and plans on getting rich with Chuckie's teeth."

12/13/97: "Angelica learns about the tooth fairy."

Party Animals

5/29/93: "The gang sleeps over at Angelica's house."


40 -- Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster

6/29/96: "The gang sabotages a dinner party..."

5/17/97: "The kids sabotage a dinner party."

Twins Pique

6/29/96: "...and Phil and Lil imitate Chuckie and Angelica."

41 -- Chuckie's First Haircut

1/13/96: "The gang helps an apprehensive Chuckie over the shear terror of his first haircut."

2/15/97 (I): "Chuckie gets his hair cut for the first time."

2/15/97 (II): "The gang helps Chuckie get over the terror of his first haircut."

Cool Hand Angelica

42 -- Tricycle Thief

9/7/96: "Angelica is riding around on a new tricycle that is identical to the one stolen from Susie."

4/26/97: "Susie's tricycle is stolen."


4/26/97: "'Doctor' Angelica tells Chuckie he has a disease."

43 -- Grandpa Moves Out

1/13/96: "Grandpa, feeling intrusive, moves out of the house and into a retirement home."

6/28/97: "Grandpa moves into a retirement home."

12/13/97: "Grandpa moves out of the house and into a home."

The Legend Of Satchmo

44 -- Circus Angelicus

9/7/96: "After attending the circus, Angelica becomes intent on starting her own show -- using the babies as her main attractions."

11/2/96: "Angelica tries to start her own circus."

The Stork

45 -- The Baby Vanishes

1/13/96: "Angelica puts vanishing cream on Tommy and Chuckie and tells them they've dissappeared."

Farewell, My Friend

46 -- When Wishes Come True

4/26/97: "Tommy wishes something bad would happen to Angelica -- and something does."

8/2/97: "Tommy's bad wishes for Angelica come true."

10/11/97: "Tommy wishes something bad would happen to Angelica -- and something does, or so he thinks."

Angelica Breaks A Leg

47 -- The Last Babysitter

8/10/96: "Tommy and his baby sitter deal with a monster in the house."

12/20/97: "Tommy and his baby sitter deal with a monster;..."

Sour Pickles

12/20/97: "...and Grandpa tells the story of how the TV show 'Blocky and Oxwinkle' saved Stu and Drew when they were babies."

48 -- Reptar 2010

4/26/97: "The kids are bummed when the video they are watching breaks, so they supply their own endings to the story..."

Stu Gets A Job

12/7/96: "...and Stu gets a job, but Tommy wants to keep him home."

4/26/97: "...and Stu gets a job."

49 -- Give And Take

2/24/96: "Chuckie regrets giving his toy to Tommy."
(Actually, it's the other way around, Tommy gave it to Chuckie.)

8/10/96: "Chuckie has second thoughts about giving Tommy his punching bag toy..."

5/24/97: "Chuckie has second thoughts about giving Tommy his favorite toy..."
(Ditto again.)

The Gold Rush

8/10/96: "...and the Rugrats turn money hungry."

5/24/97: "...and the Rugrats turn money hungry when they find a nickel in the park."

50 -- Home Movies

1/20/96: "The youngsters draw their own day-in-our-life slides, which become animated."

12/14/96: "The youngsters draw their own slides."

12/20/97: "The youngsters draw their own slides, which become animated;..."

The Mysterious Mr. Friend

12/20/97: "...and Stu invents a doll that walks and talks."

51 -- Cuffed

5/4/96: "Angelica gets handcuffed to Chuckie."

8/10/96: "Angelica accidentally handcuffs herself to Chuckie;..."

12/20/97: "Angelica handcuffs herself to Chuckie;..."

The Blizzard

8/10/96: "...and a blizzard dumps several feet of snow into the back yard."

4/26/97: "...and a blizzard dumps snow into the back yard, where the kids pretend it's the North Pole."
(the Rugrats played about an adventure to the North Pole, but ended up at the South Pole.)

12/20/97: "...and a blizzard dumps snow into the back yard."

52 -- Destination: Moon

8/2/97: "The kids believe that Grandpa's trailer is a rocket ship..."

Angelica's Birthday

2/24/96: "...and Angelica pretends to be an infant."

5/31/97: "...and Angelica pretends to be an infant because she's afraid of getting older and assuming more responsibility."

8/2/97: "...and Angelica pretends to be an infant because she's afraid of getting older."

53 -- Princess Angelica

8/10/96: "After she overhears her parents call her a princess, Angelica believes she is really royalty."

The Odd Couple

7/13/96: "...and Tommy stays at Chuckie's for a few days."

54 -- Naked Tommy

3/30/96: "Tommy decides to forego clothing to be like his dog, Spike."

3/29/97: "Tommy decides to stop wearing clothing."

6/28/97: "Tommy decides to forego clothing to be like his dog."

Tommy and the Secret Club

3/30/96: "Angelica forms a secret club."

6/28/97: "Angelica forms a secret club and makes the babies vie for membership."

55 -- Under Chuckie's Bed

2/12/94: "Angelica tells Chuckie scary stories about his new bed..."

8/10/96: "A devilish Angelica tells Chuckie that there's a monster underneath his new 'big boy' bed."

Chuckie Is Rich

2/12/94:"...and Chuckie thinks he's in the money when Chaz wins the lottery."
(Chazz won a sweepstakes contest, not the lottery.)

8/10/96: "Also: Chaz wins $10 million in a sweepstakes."

56 -- Mommy's Little Assets

4/12/97: "Mom takes the kids to the office."

9/6/97: "Tommy and Angelica accompany Mom to the office, where their carryings-on almost cost her a deal."

Chuckie's Wonderful Life

2/22/97: "...and a depressed Chuckie gets the 'It's A Wonderful Life' treatment."

57 -- In The Dreamtime

3/30/96: "Chuckie has a tough time separating his dreams from reality..."

11/9/96: "Chuckie's dreams seem too real."

7/5/97: "Chuckie's dreams seem real."

The Unfair Pair

3/30/96: "...and Angelica plays twins Phil and Lil off each other."

10/3/98: "Angelica plays twins Phil and Lil off each other in an attempt to become the family favorite."

58 -- Chuckie's Red Hair

7/20/96: "Chuckie tires of the fuss over his red hair."

7/5/97: "Tired of having a fuss made over his red hair, Chuckie dyed it black..."

Spike Runs Away

7/5/97: "...and Tommy's dog runs away, so the boy's father replaces the animal."

59 -- The Alien

3/30/96: "To get back at Chuckie, Angelica tells his pals that he's an alien from outer space."

Mr. Clean

60 -- Angelica's Worst Nightmare

12/23/95: "Angelica's parents are having another baby."

7/20/96: "Angelica's worst nightmare comes true when her parents announced that they're having another baby."

The Mega Diaper Babies

61 -- New Kid In Town

3/10/96: "The babies grow tired of Angelica's bullying and finds a new kid to play with."

Pickles Vs. Pickles

9/21/96: "Also: Angelica decides to divorce her parents."

62 -- Kid TV

7/20/96: "When the television breaks, the babies improvise by using a cardboard box to create their own shows."

1/25/97: "The babies create their own TV shows."

11/14/98 (Canada): "The Rugrats use a cardboard box as a TV set when the real thing breaks."

The Sky Is Falling

63 -- I Remember Melville

4/6/96: "Chuckie's pet bug dies."

7/20/96: "Chuckie has a whale of a time dealing with the death of his pet bug, Melville."

No More Cookies

7/20/96: "Angelica swears off cookies after stuffing herself with them."

64 -- Cradle Attraction

5/11/96: "Chuckie has a crush on a new girl."

7/20/96: "Chuckie develops a crush on a new girl: Megan."

Moving Away

7/20/96: "Meanwhile, Angelica announces she's moving."

8/17/96: "Meanwhile, Angelica announces she's moving and Tommy realizes how much she means to him."

65 -- Passover

3/30/96 (Color Section): "In an appealing outing, Grandpa Boris recounts the history behind the Jewish holiday. During his telling, Angelica daydreams her own knee-high version of the hallowed events, in which she is the Pharaoh and Tommy is Moses."

3/30/96 (Listings): "Grandpa Boris tells the story of Passover."

4/12/97: "Grandpa tells the story of Passover."

4/15/2000 (Canada, "Family Viewing"): "Grandpa Boris recounts the holiday story as Angelica imagines the babies in the roles -- she as Pharaoh, Tommy as Moses and Chuckie, Lil & Phil as slaves. Within this genuine history lesson is a flurry of funny moments, with Tommy demanding, 'Let my babies go!' and Chuckie building inverted pyramids."


66 -- Chanukah

11/30/96 (Color Section): "Tommy Pickles leads the babies on a journey to ancient Egypt, where they learn about the meaning of the Jewish Festival of Lights."
(The flashback took place in Israel, not Egypt (that's Passover).)

11/30/96 (Listings): "The kids celebrate the Festival of Lights by leading a fight to save Grandpa Boris from the dreaded "Meany of Hanukkah".

67 -- Mother's Day

5/3/97 (Color section): "The Rugrats return in their first original episode since last year's Hannukkah special. It's Mother's Day and the kids are scurrying around to find just the right gifts for their respective moms. But first they must help Chuckie, who doesn't have a mom, find an appropriate surragate."

5/3/97 (Guidelines for 5/6/97): "The absence of Chuckie's mother is explained in a sensitive outing of Rugrats."

5/3/97 (Cable Close-Up for 5/6/97): "Mother's Day causes problems for Chuckie in this tender episode.
It's a holiday, toddler Anjelica (sic) explains to Tommy, Phil and Lil, on which 'everybody gives their moms presents.' So the three rugrats go off in search of gifts for their respective mothers. Left out of the hunt is Chuckie, who doesn't have a mom -- except in some distant memories -- and isn't sure why. His helpful friends try to find him a  substitute, looking to Spike the dog, Lil or possibly even bossy Anjelica (sic) to take over the role. Ultimately, however, it's up to Chuckie's dad, Charles, to fill the void. Voices include Melanie Chartoff and Christine Cavanaugh."

5/10/97: "The rugrats search for Mother's Day gifts."

5/2/98 (Color section): "While the rest of the gang is looking for gifts for their moms, poor Chuckie is left out because he doesn't have a mother. After searching for a maternal substitute, Chuckie stumbles upon some of his late mother's keepsakes, and he and his father make a sentimental journey that rekindles fond memories of the lovely woman they both loved."

5/2/98 (Guidelines for 5/6/98): "The absence of Chuckie's mother is explained in a sensitive Rugrats, first telecast in 1997, which celebrates the day on which 'moms get stuff'."

5/2/98 (listings description): "The rugrats search for Mother's Day gifts, and at the same time look for a maternal substitute for Chuckie. Voices include Christine Cavanaugh, Melanie Chartoff, E.G. Daily."

68 -- Vacation

6/28/97 (Canada) (Summer Video Guide): (3 stars) "The first direct-to-video version of the kids' TV show finds the family heading to Las Vegas for unusual antics at a tacky Viking-themed hotel. When the kids see a Siegfried and Roy-type circus show (called Heimlich and Bob), the decide to play 'Free Willy', only with big cats."

(Note that TVG Canada gave the video a "PG" rating, according to Canadian video guidelines; however, the video actually has a "G" rating.)

1/10/98 (Winter Preview) "The Rugrats in an RV! The Pickles family takes a road trip to Vegas."
(In this description, the special was scheduled for March 3, but wasn't actually scheduled until May 29. The March 1998 Nickelodeon Magazine also gave a March 3 premiere date.)

5/23/98 (Color section): "The tykes and their parental units board an RV for a holiday in Las Vegas. As Angelica explains to her less worldly little companions, vacation is 'when you get to do exactly what you want all the time.' What Tommy wants to do is free the tigers used by Vegas magicians Heimlich and Bob."

5/23/98 (Guidelines for 5/29/98): "The Rugrats press their luck in Las Vegas in a delightful episode that gets in plenty of sly digs at the city (such as a clever takeoff on Siegfried & Roy) to keep adults amused as well."

5/23/98 (Cable Close-Up for 5/29/98; "Tykes On The Town"): "The kids wreak havoc in 'Slots Vegas' in this first airing of an episode that was originally released on video.

"'A vacation is when you get to do exactly what you want all the time,' explains Angelica to confused babies Chuckie, Tommy, Phil and Lil, who are bound for casino country with their families. Angelica hopes to 'sing on a real stage in front of a bazillion people,' a plan she puts into action as soon as they arrive.

"Meanwhile, the rugrats encounter the caged tigers in the "Heimlich & Bob" act and, moved by the scene, decide to free the 'kitties' from their 'prison'. Voices include Christine Cavanaugh."

9/12/98 (Canada): "The family heads to Las Vegas for a much-needed vacation."

69 -- Spike's Babies

8/23/97 (Cable Close-Up): "Basic cable's highest rated series opens its sixth season with its first new episodes (aside from Holiday specials) since 1994.

"Since it premiered in 1991, Rugrats has consistently been one of Nickelodeon's most popular franchises, presenting stories that appeal to kids - told with dialogue witty enough to entertain adults. This episode offers evidence of both features: in it, Tommy, Chuckie, and the twins are terrorized by what they fear are 'aliebs' (sic) from outer space that they've discovered under the house."

9/12/98: "The kids investigate the 'aliebs' (sic) under the house..."

9/12/98 (Canada): "Spike adopts a litter of kittens and hides them under the house."

12/26/98: "The kids think 'aliebs' (sic) are under the house."

Chicken Pops

8/23/97 (Cable Close-Up)(continued): "Meanwhile, toddler Angelica convinces the kids that Chuckie's case of the 'chicken pops' is turning him into... well, a chicken. Voices include Christine Cavanaugh, Kath Soucie, and David Doyle."

(Special thanks to Dave Williams)

9/12/98: "...and cry fowl when they're told Chuckie's case of the 'chicken pops' is turning him into a chicken. Voices include David Doyle."

70 -- Radio Daze

12/27/97: "The Rugrats investigate a mystery."

9/12/98: "The rugrats investigate a mystery in a film-noir spoof."

Psycho Angelica

71 -- America's Wackiest Home Movies

9/6/97: "Drew and Stu each try to film the 'wackiest' home movie for a TV show."

6/13/98: "The Pickles brothers compete against each other to film the 'wackiest' home movie. Voices include Michael Bell."

9/12/98: "Drew and Stu compete against each other to film the 'wackiest' home movie for a TV show."

The 'Lympics

72 -- The Carwash

9/13/97: "Chuckie fears the 'car-wash monster'."


9/13/97: "Tommy and pals search for drinking water on a hot day."

(Special thanks to Dave Williams)

73 -- Faire Play

12/27/97: "The kids think they've entered a fantasy land."

The Smell of Success

74 -- Dust Bunnies

1/3/98: "Chuckie and Tommy fear 'dust bunnies'."

12/5/98: "Chuckie and Tommy fear the dreaded 'dust bunnies' as their parents do some cleaning."

Educating Angelica

75 -- Angelica's Last Stand

9/20/97: "Angelica makes the babies work at her lemonade stand."
(On the above date, Faire Play & The Smell Of Success was seen instead, and Last Stand / Duck was re-scheduled for 10/4/97; on that date, TVG used the same (above) description.)

10/3/98: "Angelica forces the babies work at her lemonade stand."

Clan of the Duck

10/3/98: " Chuckie and Phil are mistaken for girls."

76 -- Potty Training Spike

10/11/97: "Chuckie potty trains Spike."

The Art Fair

77 -- Send In The Clouds

10/18/97: 'Tommy wants to live in the clouds."

In The Navel

78 -- The Turkey Who Came To Dinner

11/7/98: "The tots observe Thanksgiving."

79 -- The Mattress

11/1/97: "The kids fear the 'monster' in Grandpa's mattress..."

12/5/98: "The kids fear the 'monster' they believe is living in Grandpa's mattress."

Looking For Jack

11/1/97: "...and try to help Charlotte fix her car."

80 -- Ransom of Cynthia

11/8/97: "Angelica plots to take candy from the babies."

9/19/98: "Angelica plots to take candy from the babies by pretending she nedds ransom for her 'kidnapped' doll."

Turtle Recall

11/8/97: "The kids lose their fathers at the department store. Voices include Cheryl Chase."

81 -- Angelica Orders Out

11/15/97: "Angelica uses Stu's voice modulator to pose as Charlotte."

9/12/98: "Angelica uses Stu's new voice modulator to pretend to be her mother and order out from a local deli..."

9/12/98 (Canada): "Stu's invention falls into the wrong hands."

Let It Snow

11/15/97: "The kids think Santa forgot them."

82 -- Angelica Nose Best

11/22/97: "Angelica cleans up her dishonest ways."

9/12/98: "A swollen nose gives Angelica a Pinocchio complex and inspires her to clean up her dishonest ways."

9/12/98 (Canada): "Angelica wakes up with a swollen nose from a mosquito bite."

Pirate Light

9/19/98: "The babies conspire against a repairman they mistake for a pirate."


83 -- Grandpa's Bad Bug

6/6/98 (Canada): "After sneaking home after an all-night pinochle tournament, Lou gets out of a day of yard work by claiming to have caught a 'bad bug'."

(This is probably the first time a Rugrats show description has been found in a Canadian TVG, outside of minor references in articles in the color section.)

8/15/98: "The kids try to rid Grandpa of his 'bad bug'."

Lady Luck

84 -- Hiccups

9/12/98: "The tots are frightened by Tommy's hiccups."

9/12/98 (Canada): Angelica tries to scare away Tommy's hiccups."

Autumn Leaves

85 -- Crime & Punishment

6/13/98 (Canada): "When Chas falls for a cop, the Rugrats try to ruin the romance."

(Special thanks to Matt Hawthorne)

8/15/98: "Chas falls for a police officer."

Baby Maybe

8/15/98: "Ben & Elaine look after the rugrats."

86 -- The Word of the Day

8/15/98: "Angelica auditions for a kid's TV show."

Jonathan Babysits

87 -- He Saw, She Saw

8/15/98: "Chuckie develops a crush on a girl."

Piggy's Pizza Palace

88 -- Fugitive Tommy

Visiting Aunt Miriam

8/22/98: "The kids fear Tommy's Aunt Miriam."

89 -- The First Cut

7/11/98 (Canada): "Tommy gets his first haircut."
(Tommy doesn't get his hair cut, but he does get his finger cut.)

8/15/98: "Tommy's frightened by his first cut."

Chuckie Grows

12/26/98: "...and the kids belive Chuckie's growing."

90 -- Uneasy Rider

8/29/98: "Chuckie gets his first bike."

12/26/98: "Chuckie gets his first bike, but soon finds trouble when he gets into a game of 'chicken' with another kid."

Where's Grandpa?

91 -- The Wild Wild West

7/25/98 (Canada): "The wild west is the backdrop as Tommy and gang form a posse."

8/15/98: "Tommy and pals pursue a thief."

12/26/98: "An Old West fantasy finds 'Wild Bill Hiccup' (Tommy) and friends pursuing a thief who stole their ice cream coupons."

Angelica For A Day

92 -- Babysitting Fluffy

8/15/98 (Guidelines for 8/15/98): "As season seven opens, the Rugrats wreak their usual havoc with a funny episode involving Angelica's nasty cat."

8/15/98 (Editor's Choice for 8/15/98): "The charming cartoon launches a seventh season with new episodes.
"The highly-rated series has become a favorite with both kids and their parents since its 1991 debut, inspiring a stage show and an upcoming feature film. Kicking off the new season: 'Babysitting Fluffy', in which Chuckie's dad is asked to look after Angelica's malevolent pet. The task falls to the babies, who run themselves ragged trying to please the fussy kitty."

12/26/98 (Pittsburgh): "Chazz and Chuckie work like dogs to babysit Angelica's mean cat."

12/26/98 (Tucson): "Chazz and Chuckie sit for Angelica's cat."

Sleep Trouble

8/15/98 (Editor's Choice for 8/15/98)(continued): "That's followed by 'Sleep Trouble', which finds Stu's well-intentioned bedtime story about the 'Sandman' backfiring when Tommy and Chuckie become too scared to sleep. Voices include E.G. Daily."

12/26/98: "Tommy and Chuckie set traps for the 'Sandman'."

93 -- Journey To The Center Of The Basement

9/19/98: "The babies imagine themselves in a 'Reptar' film."

A Very McNulty Birthday

9/19/98 (continued): "A playmate excludes the girls from games."

94 -- The Family Tree

9/19/98: "Tommy and Chuckie think they're brothers."

11/14/98 (Canada): "Tommy and Chuckie decide they're brothers when they see Chazz working on a family tree."


96 -- Chuckie's Duckling

1/16/99 (Editor's Choice for 1/18/99): "Baby Dylan 'Dil' Pickles makes his TV debut as the series begins a cycle of new episodes.

First introduced in the 1998 feature film 'The Rugrats Movie' (one of last year's top grossing films), the infant inadvertently causes trouble in both segments of the episode. In the first, Chuckie feels left out as Tommy fusses over little brother Dil, so he finds a 'sibling' of his own: a duckling named Herbert. But caring for Herbert is way more work than Chuckie bargained for."

A Dog's Life

1/16/99 (Editor's Choice for 1/18/99)(continued): "In the second half, Spike's efforts to befriend the newest member of the Pickles family only land the dog in hot water with Dil's parents. Voices include Melanie Chartoff, Jack Riley, Tara Charendoff, Joe Alaskey."

103 -- The Magic Baby

3/10/2001 (Close-Up Family Find for 3/16/2001 -- "Bundle Of Joy"): Nickelodeon continues to celebrate the 10th anniversary of "Rugrats" with a string of new episodes highlighting the most recent additions to the cartoon's crib. Tonight's amusing installment puts the spotlight on the youngest baby, Dil. After hearing the story of "Jack And The Beanstalk", the other toddlers beleive he prosesses magical powers.

Dil We Meet Again

3/10/2001 (Close-Up Family Find for 3/16/2001) (continued): Then, at a picnic, they're convinced he has turned into a watermelon. But it's Angelica who steals the show when she's duped by one of her own clever ruse. The next few weeks bring more new episodes about life from Dil's point of view, as well as installments featuring Angelica's "bestest" pal, Susie Carmichael, and Chuckie's little sister, Kimi.
Webmaster's Note:

This "Close-Up" appeared only in some TVG editions. Also, this episode never aired as scheduled  -- surprisingly, by the print TVG exclusively -- its online counterpart, plus most other online listings, listed the actual episode for the 8PM slot instead, a repeat of Dayscare / The Great Unknown / Falling Stars. And it looks like the coming weeks will be mainly repeats of the newer episodes at 8PM.

104 -- Hand Me Downs

Angelica tells Tommy he's going to disappear after DeeDee (sic) gives Tommy's old toys to Dil.

Angelica's Ballet

Angelica stages her own ballet to cover up her lie that she's taking lessons.

118 -- Planting Dil

The Joke's On You

4/1/2000 (Canada, "What's On"): "Angelica plays pranks on the gang, convincing them that Dil is to blame."

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