Rugrats Go Wild


Left: Released 12/20/2002, this is the very first picture from the Rugrats / Thornberrys film -- Spike licks Eliza and Darwin, from the Club Cooltoons Newsletter; © 2002 Viacom.


Left: Released 1/17/2003, this is the second picture from the Rugrats / Thornberrys film (not counting the book covers) -- Angelica, Debbie and Darwin, from the Club Cooltoons Newsletter; © 2003 Viacom.

Left: The third picture, featuring the Rugrats, whom they look kind of seasick. Note that they are drawn in the same manner as the Thornberrys, rather than from the Rugrats TV series. From The Z Review and Filmforce; © 2003 Viacom.

For a larger picture, click here.

Left: Released 2/21/2003, this picture features Angelica,Eliza, Darwin, Chuckie and Donnie, based on a couple of scenes from the film. From Nick.Com; © 2003 Viacom.

Released around the same time was the first splash picture for Nick.Com's site, which I made some minor alterations to for my own site. The actual splash picture originally featured links to the trailer and the story, where Tommy & Eliza is now.

(Above: From Nick.Com. © 2003 Viacom.)

Rugrats Go Wild

At left here, released on Nick.Com on 4/25/2003, is Chuckie & Donnie, swapping clothes. This picture was used for computer wallpaper that you can download.

(Left: From Nick.Com. © 2003 Viacom.)

Here is another picture of Chuckie & Donnie, from the film itself. First published in an article in USA Today on 5/2/2003.

(© 2003 Viacom.)

And this picture, first released in May 2003, practically spoils the ending, if you know what I mean. From .

(© 2003 Viacom.)

From Cooltoons, here's a different version of that picture, released 5/23/2003.

(© 2003 Viacom.)

From Nick Jr. here's Spike, who's about to tagle with Siri, a rare but dangerous Clouded Leopard.

(© 2003 Viacom.)

Also from Nick Jr. here's "Captain" Stu and the grownups, on a "luxury" cruise heading towards uncertainty.

(© 2003 Viacom.)

From Bellaonline, here's a picture of Dil licking Phil's feet, one of many scenes to be featured in "Odorama".

(© 2003 Viacom.)

"Rugrats Go Wild" -- Rated "PG"

This is's second splash page for the film's site, which, of course, I appropriated for my site. This was used at Nick.Com until May 2003.

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