The Rugrats Movie Around The World

(Left: Graphic from the international Rugrats Movie site; ©1999 Viacom.)

Will You Be The Last To See "The Rugrats Movie"?

Most likely, if you live outside the US & Canada, you will. It's standard practice to delay the release of an American film to foreign markets for several months (the exception is Canada, which normally releases US films at the same time as the US). If you're outside the US & Canada, and the movie's not playing at your local theater yet, please be patient; it'll play eventually.
United International Pictures will be releasing The Rugrats Movie world-wide (except the US, Canada & Puerto Rico, where Paramount distributes it). In some countries, other distributors will be distributing the film on UIP's behalf.

Videos of the film outside the US & Canada are released by CIC Video, or a local company representing CIC.

These are the release dates already known; all are theatrical release dates unless specified:
Date: Country:
11/20/1998 US / Canada Theatrical (except Puerto Rico)
11/25/1998 Puerto Rico
3/11/1999 Singapore
3/22/1999 Mexico Theatrical (originally 3/26/1999)
3/26/1999 Denmark
Great Britain / Ireland Theatrical (British premiere 3/14/1999; see below)
3/30/1999 US / Canada Video (English & French)
3/31/1999 Belgium
Switzerland (French version)
United Arab Emirates
4/1/1999 Australia Theatrical
Italy (national premiere 3/19/1999 at Cinema Moderno in Lucca, Italy)
New Zealand
Panama (previously 7/16/1999)
Trinidad & Tobago
4/2/1999 Turkey
4/9/1999 Switzerland (German version)(previously 5/14/1999)
4/20/1999 US / Canada Laser Disc
4/22/1999 Hungary Theatrical (distributed by DunaFilm)(previously 6/22/1999)
5/5/1999 Philippines
5/13/1999 Germany Theatrical (national premiere 3/21/1999 at the
    Deutsches Kinder-Film & Fernseh-Festival in Gera, Germany)
5/14/1999 Austria (previously 7/2/1999)
5/29/1999 US / Canada Pay-Per-View
6/4/1999 Colombia (previously 7/11/1999)
6/8/1999 US / Canada Video (Spanish)
6/18/1999 Bolivia (previously 7/18/1999)
6/24/1999 Lebanon
6/25/1999 Gibraltar
Portugal (previously 7/1999)(distributed by Lusomundo)
Spain (in Spanish & Catalan)
7/??/1999 Paraguay
7/1/1999 Dominican Republic
Holland (previously 7/8/1999)
7/2/1999 Costa Rica
7/3/1999 El Salvador
7/8/1999 Bulgaria (previously 6/11/1999) (Distributed by Sunny Films)
7/9/1999 Brazil
7/15/1999 Argentina
7/16/1999 Peru (previously 7/23/1999)
7/23/1999 Venezuela (previously 7/21/1999)
7/30/1999 Mexico Video Rental
8/1/1999 Mexico Video Sales
8/30/1999 Russia & CIS (direct-to-video)  (previously 8/16/1999) (distributed by Premier Video Film)
(Some CIS countries outside of Russia presented the film at theaters before video release.)
9/23/1999 South Africa (previously 6/25/1999 & 9/24/1999)
10/4/1999 Great Britain / Ireland Video (previously 9/6/1999)
10/8/1999 Australia Video
11/??/1999 Germany Video
11/23/1999 Hungary Video (distributed by DunaFilm)
12/1999 Italy video
12/3/1999 US Premium Channel Debut (on Showtime)
Early 12/1999 Thailand (direct-to-video; previously a theatrical release for 4/9/1999)
12/23/1999 Japan Theatrical (previously 7/31/1999)
3/12/2000 Canada English Premium Channel Debut (on TMN; Ontario eastward only)
US HDTV Debut (on Showtime)
4/25/2000 Canada French Premium Channel Debut (on Super Ecran)
5/26/2000 Japan Video
6/1/2000 Western Canada English Premium Channel Debut (on Super Channel; Manitoba westward only)
Country Announced,
but Date Unknown
Hong Kong (previously 4/1/1999)
Poland (distributed by ITI)(previously 9/1999)
Taiwan (previously 4/3/1999)
5/21/2001 World TV Premiere (on YTV, in Canada)
11/10/2001 Australian TV Premiere (on Ten Network)
11/23/2001 US TV Premiere (on CBS; includes extra scenes)
6/1/2002 Canadian Broadcast TV Premiere (on TQS; in French)
12/31/2002 France Broadcast TV Premiere (on France 3; seen in overseas territories around 1/5/2003 on RFO)

Foreign Names Of The Rugrats Characters:

These are the known names of the Rugrats characters in other languages:
English: French ("Les Razmoket"):
Last names are for the movie
only; last names for TV series
in brackets
Spanish: German: Portuguese: Italian: Finnish:
Tommy Pickles Tommy (Casse-Bonbon) Cornichon
[De La Tranche]
Tommy Pickles Tommy Pickles Tommy Pickles Tommy Pickles Tommi Pikkola
(Grandpa's nickname for Tommy)
"Microbe" "Retoño" "Sprößling" "nanico" "rampollo"
Dylan (Dil) Pickles Jules (Julien) Cornichon
[De La Tranche]
Dilan (Dil) Pickles Dylan (Dil) Pickles Dylan (Dil) Pickles Dylan (Dil) Pickles Dill Pikkola
Chuckie Finster Charles-Edouard (La Binocle) Carlitos Baldosa Chuckie Finster Chuckie Finster Chuckie Finster Jaska
Phil & Lil DeVille Alphonse et Sophie De La Tranche
[De Ville]
Fili y Lili Phil & Lil DeVille Phil & Lil (Liw) DeVille Phil & Lil DeVille Vili, Lili
Angelica Pickles Angélica (Couette-Couette) Cornichon [De La Tranche] Angélica Pickles Angelica (Angelika) Pickles Angelica Pickles Angelica Pickles Annukka Pikkola
Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia Cynthia
Spike Hubert Firualis Spike Spike Spike
Susie Susie Susie Susie Susie Susie
Didi Pickles Lucie Cornichon [De La Tranche] Didi (Diddy) Pickles Didi Pickles Didi Pickles Didi Pickles
Stu Pickles Jean-Roger Cornichon [De La Tranche] Hugo Pickles Stu Pickles Stu Pickles Stu Pickles
Lou (Grandpa) Pickles Grand-Père Cornichon [De La Tranche] Lou (El Abuelo) Pickles Lou (Opa) Pickles Lou (Vovô) Pickles Lou (nono) Pickles
Reptar Wagon l'Autoreptile / Reptar Géant El coche de Reptar Das Reptar-Mobil Reptar Carrinho
Shirley-Lock Holmes Shirlockette Holmes Shirley-Lock Holmes Shirley-Lock Holmes Shirley-Lock Holmes Shirley-Lock Holmes

The Rugrats Movie logos:

These logos, used for international releases of the film, were previously used on the film's international websites.

"The Rugrats Movie" "Nickelodeon Presents The Rugrats Movie" "Nickelodeon Presenta Rugrats: La Película -- Aventuras En Pañales"
US / Canada
Great Britain / Ireland
Australia / New Zealand
Spain / Mexico
Latin America
"Nickelodeon Présente Les Razmoket: Le Film" (in Quebec, just "Les Razmoket: Le Film") "Nickelodeon opresenta Rugrats: O Filme -- Os Anjinhos" "Rugrats: Der Film"
France / Switzerland
Belgium (French) / Quebec
Portugal / Brazil
Germany / Switzerland

Note: The slogans for all foreign versions are the same as the US version (in the local language or lingo, of course), except for the French version: "Pour tous ceux qui ont d'abord été des enfants" means in English, "for anyone who was a child".

Odds & Ends:

To see some foreign Rugrats Movie items, click here.


Here's who does the voices for the foreign versions of The Rugrats Movie (unless identified as "TV series"); the roles they play, however, are not given unless specified.
Swedish (Special thanks to Annica Smedius) Norwegian Danish ("Rollingerne"):
Tommy / Angelica:
Annica Smedius
Chuckie: Hasse Jonsson
Grandpa: Johan Hedenberg
Betty: Vicki Benckert
Dil: Pernilla Wahlgren
Ranger Frank: Peter Harrysson
Rex Pester: Micael Bindefeldt
Ranger Margaret: Claire Wikholm
Lil: Maria Rydberg
Phil: Dick Eriksson
Stu: Per Sandborgh
Didi: Susanne Barklund
Chazz: Jan Simonsson
Lucy: Irene Lindh
Susie: Mia Hansson
Also Featuring:
Hans Wahlgren

Dubbing produced by:
MediaDubb International

Unn Vibeke Hol
Mari Maurstad
Guri Schanke
Lena Meieran
Helge Winther-Larsen
Hallvard Lydvo
Lene Bragli
Bernhard Ramstad
Lasse Kolsrud
Silje Stang
Lars Sørbø
Mille Milt
Simon Stenspil
Stine Bjerregård
Marlene Tabert
Betty Glosted
Bente Eskesen
Susanne Breuning
Thomas Kirk
Amin Jensen
Niels Anders Thorn
Thomas Mørk
Hudith Rothenborg
Finnish ("Ipanat"):
Spanish (Mexican;
"Aventuras en Pañales")
Portuguese (Brazil; "Os Anjinhos"):
(TV series)
Tommy: Petteri Halmela
Chuckie: Dimitri Qvintus
Angelica (?): Anna-Liisa Vihko
Phil: Tuomas Oksanen
Lil: Heljä Heikkinen
Dubbing produced by:

Audiomaster 3000
(for voices, click here)

Angelica: Marli Bortoletto
Chuckie: Wagner (I); Fábio Lucindo (II)
Lil: Letícia Quinto
Tommy: Fátima Noya
Didi: Zaíra Zordan
Stu: Élcio Sodré
Betty: Nair Silva
Howard: Marcelo Pissardini

Dubbing produced by:
Estúdios da Álamo,
São Paulo Brazil

German: Dutch ("Ratjetoe"): Japanese
(TV Series)
Angela Quast
Eva Michaelis
Monika Barth
Micaela Kreißler
Reinhilt Schneider
Katja Brügger
Klaus Peter Kähler
Tanja Schumann

Dubbing produced by:
Studio Hamburg Synchron GmbH

Christa Lips
Marni Blok
Maike Meijer
Angelique de Boer
Danny Koopmans
Mariëlle Maaswinkel
Lies Visschedijk
Erik van Muiswinkel
Gerda Havertong
Jochem van Gelder

Tommy: Matsumoto Miwa
Chuckie: Maekawa Yuuko
Phil: Yuasa Kaori
Lil: Takagi Eriko
Angelica: Suzuki Sumiko
Susie: Namiki Noriko
Stu: Kaneko Yoshinobu
Didi: Okada Mikiko
Grandpa: Mori Norihisa
Drew: Nagano Yoshikazu
Charlotte: Koyama Hiroko
Chazz / Boris: Ishikawa Masaaki
Minka: Horio Sachiko
Betty: Kurita Kaori
Howard: Naitou Ryou
Lucy: Nakao Yuki

(Note: The Rugrats Movie will feature voice
actors different from the TV series.)

No CatDog on the Big Screen  -- and other cuts

In foreign releases of The Rugrats Movie, only the movie itself is shown; they're no shorts preceeding the film. However, a CatDog short will apparently be included in most, if not all, international video releases.

Also, portions of the film may not be seen in some countries, for one reason or another. For example, the multi-artist This World Is Something New To Me has been omitted from the film's release in Spain.

(Special thanks to Sarah Wakefield)

Rugrats Swings Like A Pendulum Do

In Great Britain, one retailer is prepared for the merchandising frenzy of The Rugrats Movie. Marks & Spencer, Britain's leading retailler with 240 stores Britain-wide, has signed an agreement with Nick to be the exclusive seller of most merchandise related to the movie. Marks & Spencer offers film-related products like underwear, pajamas, shoes, jackets, rugs and candy to Rugrats fans, many of these products exclusive to Britain.

Meanwhile, the European premiere of The Rugrats Movie took place on Sunday 3/14/1999 at the Empire Cinemas in Leicester Square, London. The event was open to the public. This was a charity event, benefitting the Greater Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. Various British celebrities were there, including the Spice Girls.

"Of all the Rugrats I would be Angelica because she is a little bit naughty." -- Emma Bunton, a.k.a. "Baby Spice"

Also, The Family Tree made its British debut on Saturday morning, 3/20/1999, during Live & Kicking on BBC1.

(Special thanks to Sarah Wakefield)

Se Habla Español

Besides Puerto Rico (see below), the Spanish-language version of The Rugrats Movie is slated for release in Mexico on 3/22/1999 (originally 3/26/1999) by United International Pictures, which distributes Paramount, Universal, Dreamworks and newer MGM films worldwide, outside the US & Canada. Mexico City-based Audiomaster 3000 (a Televisa subsidiary) has been scheduled to handle the dubbing. And yes, the film will be released in Mexico, despite the new anti-dubbing law (click here for details).

In Puerto Rico, the movie opened there on 11/25/1998, 5 days after the opening in the continental US. Paramount distributes their own films in Puerto Rico, as it's part of the US. Both versions are available there, some theaters show only one version, while others show both.

On 3/20/1999 at 6AM CT, Nick Latino held the largest marathon in the history of Nick worldwide with the Rugrats "Bebetón" ("Babython"), featuring every single Rugrats episode ever made, from Tommy's First Birthday to the film's prequel, The Family Tree. The episodes in this marathon ran back-to-back for 2 days straight until it has reached The Family Tree, with many of the newer episodes being seen for the first time in Latin America. To my recollection, no Nick channel anywhere in the world has presented such a lengthy marathon. The marathon began 2 days before the film's theatrical release in Mexico.

On 6/5 & 6/6/1999, the Brasilian version of Nick foloowed suit with a similar marathon, a month before the film's 7/9/1999 release in Brasil.

(Special thanks to Carolina Hernandez T.)

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