The Rugrats Movie On Video -- Foreign Versions

British Version:

Left: A picture of a video case for the British Rugrats Movie video. The British version of the video will be the same as the US version, including the CatDog short and the US blurbs. The only differences is its PAL format and the BBFC's "U" (all ages) classification (close-up on right).

The British version of the video had a retail of UK£16.99 (US$27.52), and was released on 10/4/1999.

(Video case from W.H. Smith; ©1999 Viacom.)

Mexican version:

Left:  Some items from the Mexican release of The Rugrats Movie video, from Blockbuster Video Mexico's website:

Top: Spanish title.

Middle: Offer from Blockbuster Video, where you get a free Chuckie soap dish when you pre-order the video and make a down payment of N$50 (US$5).

Bottom: Another Blockbuster offer, where you get a free Rugrats Movie binder when you rent 7 videos.

(©1999 Blockbuster Entertainment & Viacom.)

Left & Right:  From  Video Centro's website:

Left: The Rugrats with The Rugrats Movie video.

Right: Special offer.

(©1999 Video Centro & Viacom.)

Russian Version:

Left: Front cover of the legal Russian version of The Rugrats Movie, which is entitled Karapuzi ("Tots"), while the original TV series is titled Okh, uzh eti detki! ("Oh, what the kids!"). This is unusual for a foreign TV series to go by 2 different names; in most countries, they use the same name for TV series, videos & movies. Note that there's a stamp of Premier's logo on the cover (right), as a mark of genuinity. The quotes are translated from the US version.

To see the front cover, click here.
To see the back cover, click here.
(From Premier Video Film; ©1999 Viacom.)

Far Right: Front cover of the bootleg Russian version of The Rugrats Movie, which hit the streets months before the official version; note that the bootleg also has the Karapuzi title. On the back cover, it lists the copyrights of Paramount Pictures & Supervideo (the bootlegger), but still, it's a bootleg.

Here's the translation of the description on the back:

In a new full-lengh cartoon awaits an interesting story about the adventures of Arnold (sic) and his friends -- tots, who you can see on the TV show...

That is correct -- the bootleggers named Tommy as Arnold, probably confusing Rugrats with Hey Arnold. In the legal Russian version, the names are the same as the English version, and that goes for Tommy, too. As they say, you get what you pay for.

To see the front cover, click here.
To see the back cover, click here.
(Art is still ©1998 Viacom.)

...And The Rest

                (Source: DunaFilm)
             (Source: Videomania)
(Source: Hyrvideofilm)
 (Source: Finnkino)
(Source: Blockbuster Denmark)

    (Source: RB Video)
                                           France            Australia
    (Source: Civic Video)
  VHS (Source: A La Page)

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   DVD (Special thanks to Super Yo)

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                                                      Germany (Source: Amazon)


Foreign DVDs

In most countries, the DVD version of the film is released simultaneously with the video, or shortly after the video release. The DVD's region depends on where it was sold (excluding international, region-to-region mail order).

For example, in the Southern European (region 2) DVD, the same features as the US version is included, except that it has stereo soundtracks in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese & Hebrew, and subtitling in English & French. Also included is the trailer and the CatDog short. Unlike the US version, however, the widescreen and standard versions are sold separately.

For an explanation of the DVD regions, see the US video page.

Also, this website has a comparison between the region 1 & region 2 editions (the R2 version on that site is for the version sold in Britain and Scandinavia).

(Left: Specifications for the Southern European version of The Rugrats Movie DVD, from a package sold in France, © 1998 Viacom. Special thanks to Super Yo.)

Here are some dates for the coming video releases of the film:
Date: Country:
7/30/1999 Mexico Rental
8/1/1999 Mexico Sales
8/30/1999 Russia (direct-to-video by Premier Video Film)
10/4/1999 Great Britain / Ireland
10/8/1999 Australia
11/??/1999 Germany
11/23/1999 Hungary Video (distributed by DunaFilm)
12/1999 Italy
Thailand (direct-to-video)
5/26/2000 Japan

In most countries, the video will also include a CatDog short, unlike the theatrical version, where there was no shorts preceeding the foreign release.
The video is released worldwide (except US & Canada) by CIC Video.

(Special thanks to Carolina Hernandez T., Sarah Wakefield & Super Yo)

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