British The Rugrats Movie Posters

British consumer versions of The Rugrats Movie posters. These posters do not include film credits or film certificate (rating).

(Contributed by Sarah Wakefield; ©1998 Viacom.)

Left: Theater poster from the British version (?) of The Rugrats Movie.

(From ebay; ©1998 Viacom.)

Right: Another theater poster from the British version of The Rugrats Movie; this one is a rare double-wide version, with an unobscured picture of the Pickles family; border is similar to the regular-sized version, but also includes pictures of Grandpa, Susie, Chazz & Reptar.

(From ebay; ©1998 Viacom.)

Left: Another double-wide British Rugrats Movie poster; this "Reptar Wagon" poster has the logo on the left, and more scenery.

(From ebay; ©1998 Viacom.)

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