The Rugrats Movie In Japan

(Left: Japanese Rugrats Movie logo; from an unknown source; ©1999 Viacom & UIP Japan.)

"Japanese Little Monsters are in America at last -- and American Baby Monsters coming to Japan all the more!"

So says the tag line for the Japanese version of The Rugrats Movie, release in Japan by UIP on 12/23/99. While the tag lines for most other releases say "An adventure for anyone who was in diapers", the Japanese are giving the Rugrats the same attitude as Pokemon by tying the Pokemon's invasion of North America with the Rugrats' invasion of Japan, to whet the appetites of prosepective Rugrats fans in the land of the Rising Sun.

Below are the fronts and backs of the Japanese Rugrats movie posters, and their translations. Posters and translations contributed by Acco-ya and are ©1999 Viacom & UIP Japan (posters) and Acco-ya (translation).

Right:  Front side of poster. Click here for a larger picture. Tag line is on the top and right side of poster (see above for translation).
The movie logo is actually the words "Rugrats Movie", spelled out in Romanji, a popular form of Japanese handwriting. At left, courtesy of Acco-ya, is how it's spelled out using Katakana.

Please note the movie credits at the bottom, also written in Japanese.

Left: Back of poster (click here for larger picture), which introduces the Rugrats in the usual Japanese manner. The colors represent where the text is located on this poster.

Dark Purple (above Tommy): "'I'm responsible for them!' -- Leader of baby Monsters, Tommy"

Pink: "We're going on our adventure!"

Light Purple: "Swear on the name of Okie Dokey Jones."

Light Blue: "Look for Cynthia! I'll get you! Get You! Get You"
(point out: "Pretty Cynthia")

Dark Purple (to right of Chuckie):  "'Super safety first.' -- Tommy's best friend, Chuckie"

Dark Purple (above Spike): "To be a detective dog 'Konan'! -- Spike"

Dark Purple (below Dil): "Tommy's little brother, Super crybaby monster, Dil"

Dark Purple (southeast of Angelica): "'I punish, substituted for star!' -- Super!Extreme Angelica"

Dark Purple (to left of Lil & above Phil): "Oh God! Which is which? Phil & Lil"

Yellow: "Ride on a dinosaur-wagon invented by Dad, Baby-Monsters 'Rugrats' go on an adventurous trip!"

Bottom: See you at New Years!

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