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Broadcast History

Currently, Rugrats is seen once a week, Saturdays at 8:45AM on SAT1, a general-entertainment cable and satellite channel serving Germany & Switzerland. Rugrats was seen weekly during their children's block, SAT1 Junior, Saturdays from 8AM to 1PM.

Previously, Rugrats appeared daily on Pro Sieben, another general entertainment cable channel. Before that, it originally appeared on the German version of Nickelodeon. As of Monday, 6/1/98, Nickelodeon Germany has ceased to exist in Germany; it left the air due to decreasing ad revenue, decreasing viewership (some German states replaced Nick with ARD & ZDF's commercial-free Kinderkanal on their cable systems when that channel started in 1997) and increasing competition from the Kinderkanal (some states permitted cable-ops to carry both Kinderkanal & Nick; both were also available Europe-wide via satellite).

In 1998, Nick started a series of mini-magazines, called Pick-Nick,  to promote their shows. The first (and probably, only) issue featured the Rugrats. To see this mini-mag, click here.

Pro Sieben first aired Rugrats in the summer of 1997, when the series was on hiatus on Nick Germany.

In Switzerland, SF2 shows most Nicktoons in a seven-hour weekday Nick block, except Rugrats.

The following is a list of Rugrats episode titles in German, provided here for your information.


Black Text -- German Title

Bold Text in Parentheses -- English Title

Italics -- Literal English Translation (if different from U.S. Title)


1. The Greek letter "ß" (beta) is used in most German words to represent "ss".

2. As for character's names, they're the same except:
Character Name In English Character Name In German
Grandpa Opa (German for Grandpa)
Spike Bello (Tommy's First Birthday only, called "Spike" for remainder of run)
Angelica Angelika (note the "k")
Dummi Bears Die dummen Baeren / Die froehlochen Baerchen ("The Happy Bears")

(Some episodes may use one name, while others uses the other.)

The Episodes:


Tommies erster Geburtstag (Tommy's First Birthday)

Die Grillparty (Barbecue Story) The Grill Party

Abenteuer im Restaurant (Waiter, There's A Baby In My Soup) Restaurant Adventure

Der Kinobesuch (At The Movies) The Visit to the Cinema

Schlummerparty (Slumber Party)

Der Windel Werbespot (Baby Commercial) The Diaper Commercial

Tommy in der Schule (Little Dude) Tommy in School

Der Schönheitswettbewerb (Beauty Contest)

Baseball (Baseball)

Tommys Entführung (Ruthless Tommy) Tommy's Kidnapping

Im Land der Elche (Moose Country) In the Land of the Moose

Opa's neue Zahne (Grandpa's Teeth) Grandpa's New Teeth

Der Seelendoktor (Momma Trauma) The Psychiatrist

Mensch oder Roboter (Real Or Robots) Human or Robot

Die sprechende Puppe (Special Delivery) The Speaking Doll

Halloween (Candy Bar Creep Show) Halloween

Die Monsterjäger (Monster In The Garage) The Monster Hunter

Tommys Babyflasche (Weaning Tommy) Tommy's Baby Bottle

Im Supermarkt (Incident In Aisle Seven) In The Supermarket

Die Milchschlacht (Touchdown Tommy) The Milk Battle

Die Gerichtsverhandlung (The Trial)

Fluffy gegen Spike (Fluffy Vs. Spike)

Auf dem Jahrmarkt (Reptar's Revenge) At The Fair

Der Familienausflug (Graham Canyon) The Family Trip

Die Erfinderwerkstatt (Stu-Maker's Elves) The Inventor's Workshop


Im Spielzeugpalast (Toy Palace) In the Toy Palace

Der Piratenschatz (Sand Ho) The Pirate's Treasure

Das Töpfchen-Monster (Chuckie vs. The Potty) The Potty Monster

Die getrennten Zwillinge (Together at Last) The Separated Twins

Einbrecher-Tommy (The Big House) Housebreaker Tommy

Die Spritze (The Shot)

Kaugummi-Kid (Showdown At Teeter-Totter Gulch) Chewing-Gum Kid

Im Spiegel-Land (Mirrorland) In Mirrorland

Erste Liebe (Angelica's In Love) First Love

Ein Rieseneis (Ice Cream Mountain) A Big Ice Cream

Das Riesenbaby (Regarding Stuie) The Giant Baby

Der Flohmarkt (Garage Sale) The Flea Market

Es werde Licht (Let There Be Light)

Der Bankräubertrick (The Bank Trick) The Bank Robber Trick

Das Familientreffen (Family Reunion)

Eine alte Liebe (Grandpa's Date) An Old Love

Ein Knochen für Spike (No Bones About It) A Bone For Spike

Am Strand (Beach Blanket Babies) At the Beach

Reptar auf dem Eis (Reptar On Ice)

Familienfehde (Family Feud)

Superheld Chuckie (Superhero Chuckie)

Hundewaschtag (The Dog Broomer) Dog Wash Day

Tante Miriam (Aunt Miriam)

Operation Melonenkern (The Inside Story) Operation Melon Seed

Ein Abend mit Lipschitz (A Visit From Lipschitz) An Evening With Lipschitz

Endlich erwachsen sein (What The Big People Do) Finally Being Grown Up

Weihnachten in den Bergen (The Santa Experience) Christmas In The Mountains

Besuch aus dem All (Visitors From Outer Space)

Ein Fall für Lou Pickles (The Case of The Missing Rugrat) A Case for Lou Pickles

Chuckies Brille (Chuckie Loses His Glasses) Chuckie's Glasses

Chuckie und das Stinktier (Chuckie Gets Skunked) Chuckie and the Skunk

Denn er wusste nicht was er tat (Rebel Without A Teddy Bear) Because He Didn't Know What He Did

Verzauberte Lil (Angelica The Magnificent) Transformed Lil

 Die neuen Nachbarn (Meet The Carmichaels) The New Neighbors

Eine Spielstadt aus Karton (The Box) A Toy City Made from Cardboard

Badestreß (Down The Drain) Bath Stress

Hochzeit mit Hindernissen (Let Them Eat Cake) Wedding With Obstacles

Kapitän Cynthia (The Seven Voyages of Cynthia) Captain Cynthia

Mein Freund Barney (My Friend Barney)

Hubert hat Hunger (Feeding Hubert) Hubert Is Hungry

Spike der Wunderhund (Spike The Wonder Dog)

Großer, tapferer Chuckie (The Slide) Great, Brave Chuckie

Badespaß (The Big Flush) Bath Fun

Alte Rivalen (King Ten Pin) Old Rivals

Die Ausreisserin (Runaway Angelica) The Runaway

Didis große Stunde(Game Show Didi) Didi's Great Hour

Spuk auf dem Dachboden (Toys In The Attic) Spook In The Attic

Der Diener (Driving Miss Angelica) The Servant

Der Wettkampf (Susie Vs. Angelica) The Contest

Zahn um Zahn (Tooth Or Dare) Tooth For Tooth

Aladins Wunderlampe (Party Animals) Aladdin's Wonder Lamp


Nette Nachbarn (Dummi Bear Dinner Disaster) Nice Neighbors

Zwilling sein ist schwer (Twins Pique) To Be a Twin Isn't Easy

Ein haariges Problem (Chuckie's First Haircut) A Hairy Problem

Das Pfadfinderlager (Cool Hand Angelica) The Scout Camp

Unter Verdacht (The Tricycle Thief) Under Suspicion

Doktor Angelika (Rhinoceritis!) Dr. Angelica

Opa geht ins Altersheim (Grandpa Moves Out) Grandpa Moves into the Retirement Home

Das Monster im Garten (The Legend of Satchmo) The Monster in the Garden

Der Babyzirkus (Circus Angelicus) The Baby Circus

Woher kommen die Babies (The Stork) Where Do Babies Come From?

Unsichtbar ist wunderbar (The Baby Vanishes) Invisible Is Wonderful

Freundschaft fürs Leben (Farewell , My Friend) Friendship For A Lifetime

Die verhexte Angelika (When Wishes Come True) The Jinxed Angelica

Die kleine Tyrannin (Angelica Breaks A Leg) The Little Tyrant

Die Monsterjäger (The Last Babysitter) The Monster Hunter

Die Streithähne (Sour Pickles) The Squabblers

Abenteuer mit Reptar (Reptar 2010) Adventures With Reptar

Einen Job für Stu (Stu Gets A Job) A Job For Stu

Geschenkt ist geschenkt (Give and Take) A Gift is a Gift

Die Schatzsuche (The Gold Rush) The Treasure Hunt

Das Heimkino (Home Movies)

Der Kinderschreck (The Mysterious Mr. Friend) The Boogeyman

In Handschellen(Cuffed) In Handcuffs

Die Reise zum Nordpol (The Blizzard) The Trip to the North Pole

Reiseziel Mond (Destination: Moon)

Angelikas Geburtstag (Angelica's Birthday)

Prinzessin Angelika (Princess Angelica)

Freundschaft auf dem Prüfstand (The Odd Couple) Friendship on a Test Bench

Nackt sein macht Spass (Naked Tommy) Nudity is Fun

Der Geheimclub (Tommy and the Secret Club) The Secret Club

Ein Monster unter Chuckies Bett (Under Chuckie's Bed) A Monster Under Chuckie's Bed

Der Millionengewinn (Chuckie Is Rich) The Million Dollar Prize

Die Spielstadt (Mommy's Little Assets) The Play City

Chuckie und der Engel (Chuckie's Wonderful Life) Chuckie and the Angel

Chuckies Traum (In The Dreamtime) Chuckie's Dream

Das Lieblingskind (The Unfair Pair) The Favorite Child

Rote Haare sind schön (Chuckie's Red Hair) Red Hair Is Beautiful

Spike reisst aus (Spike Runs Away) Spike Tears Out

Chuckie, der Weltraumpilot (The Alien) Chuckie the Space Pilot

Angst vor Bakterien (Mr. Clean) Fear of Germs

Angelikas Alptraum (Angelica's Worst Nightmare)

Die Mega-Super-Helden (The Mega Diaper Babies) The Mega Super Heroes

Fair ist fair (New Kid In Town) Fair is Fair

Pickles gegen Pickles (Pickles Vs. Pickles)

Kinder TV (Kid TV)

Das Ende der Welt (The Sky Is Falling) The End of the World

Melville, der Käfer (I Remember Melville) Melville, the Bug

Ein Keks zuviel (No More Cookies) One Cookie Too Much

Was sich liebt das neckt sich (Cradle Attraction) Lovers Tease Each Other

Angelika zieht um (Moving Away) Angelica Moves Away

Ein ungewöhnlicher Feiertag (Passover) An Unusual Holiday


Chanukah (Chanukah)

Muttertag (Mother's Day)

Viva Las Vegas! (Vacation)

Spikes Babies (Spike's Babies)

Windpocken (Chicken Pops) Chicken Pox

Familienkrimi (Radio Daze) Family Crime Thriller

Übersinnliche Angelika (Psycho Angelica) Psychic Angelica

Filmreif (America's Wackiest Home Movies) Mature Film (?)

Dabeisein ist alles (The 'Lympics) There To The Finish

In der Waschanlage (The Carwash) In The Washing Machine

Der große Durst (Heatwave) The Big Thirst

Faires Spiel (Faire Play)

Der Naserator (The Smell Of Success) The Noserator

Invasion der Staubhäschen (Dust Bunnies) Invasion Of The Dust Bunnies

Mein liebstes Spielzeug  (Educating Angelica) My Favorite Plaything

Angelikas Saftbar (Angelica's Last Stand) Angelica's Juice Bar

Kleidertausch (Clan Of The Duck) A Change Of Clothes

Töpfchen ade! (Potty Training Spike) ???

Wahre Kunst (The Art Fair) True Artist

Über den Wolken (Send In The Clouds) Over The Clouds

Auf hoher See (In The Navel) On The High Seas

Der Truthahn, der zum Essen kam (The Turkey Who Came To Dinner)

Opas Matratze (The Mattress) Grandpa's Mattress

Jack verzweifelt gesucht (Looking For Jack) What Jack Desperately Wants (?)

Lösegeld für Cynthia (Ransom Of Cynthia)

Verlorener Vater (Turtle Recall) ???

* Falsche Bestellung (Angelica Orders Out)

* Frühe Weihnacht (Let It Snow)

Ehrlich währt am längsten (Angelica Nose Best) ???

Das Piratenlicht (Pirate Light)


Opas Bazillus (Grandpa's Bad Bug) Grandpa's Germ

Die Glücksfee (Lady Luck) The Luck Fairy

Schluckauf (Hiccups)

Herbstkrankheit (Autumn Leaves) Autumn Disease

Recht und Ordnung  (Crime & Punishment) Law And Order

Eltern auf Probe (Baby Maybe) Experimental Parents

Das Wort des Tages (The Word Of The Day)

Jonathan als Babysitter (Jonathan Babysits) Jonathan The Babysitter

Chuckies große Liebe (He Saw, She Saw) Chuckie's Greatest Love

Piggys Pizza-Palast (Piggy's Pizza Palace)

Die McNultie-Brüder (Fugitive Tommy) The McNulty Brother

Falsches Spiel (Visiting Aunt Miriam) False Play

Der erste Wunde (The First Cut)

Der Weg nach oben (Chuckie Grows) The Way To The Top

Chuckies erstes Fahrrad (Uneasy Rider) Chuckie's First Bicycle

Wo ist Opa? (Where's Grandpa?)

Der wilde, wilde Westen (The Wild Wild West)

Schuhe machen Leute (Angelica For A Day) Shoes Make The Man

Katzensitter (Babysitting Fluffy) The Cat Sitter

Das Sandmännchen (Sleep Trouble) The Sandman

Die Höhlenforscher (Journey To The Center Of The Basement) The Cave Explorer

Kleiderläuse (A Very McNulty Birthday) The Coat Louse

Der Familienstammbaum (The Family Tree)


Der Entenbruder (Chuckie's Duckling) The Duck Brother

Ein Hundeleben (A Dog's Life)

Chuckie, der Schmetterling (Chuckerfly) Chuckie the Butterfly

Angelikas Schwester (Angelica's Twin) Angelica's Sister

??? (Raising Dil)

??? (No Naps)

Herr des Hauses (Man Of The House)

Im Fitnesszentrum (A Whole New Stu) In the Fitness Center

U-Boot-Babies (Submarine) U-Boat Babies

Das Linkshänder-Problem (Chuckie's A Lefty) The Left-Handed Problem

In der Bäckerei (Baking Dil) In The Bakery

Eine haarige Sache (Hair!) A Hairy Thing

Menschentiere (Zoo Story) Animal People

Kinderhochzeit (I Do) Kiddie Wedding

Das Zauberbaby (The Magic Baby)

Dil als Melone (Dil We Meet Again) Dil The Melon

Der Spielzeug-Erbe (Hand Me Downs) The Inherited Toy

Angelika Ballett (Angelica's Ballet)

Tommy gegen Chuckie (Opposites Attract) Tommy vs. Chuckie

Große Kunst für kleine Leute (The Art Museum) Big Art For Small People

Im Dschungel (The Jungle) In The Jungle

Wochenende im Wald (The Old Country) Weekend In The Forest

Das Spukhaus (Ghost Story) The Haunted House

Der Beschwerdebrief (Chuckie's Complaint) The Complaint Letter

Das Tretauto (Pedal Pusher) The Pedal Car

Opas Musikbox (Music) Grandpa's Music Box

Chuckies Junggesellenbude (Chuckie's Bachelor Pad)

Die Ballkönigin (Junior Prom) The Prom Queen

Angelika schweigt (Silent Angelica)

Wer bindet meine Schuhe zu? (Tie My Shoes)

Berufswahl (What's Your Line?) Job Selection

Die Arche Noah (Two By Two) Noah's Ark

So ein Zirkus! (All's Well That Pretends Well) What A Circus!

Super-Baby (Big Babies)

Auf in den Ring (Wrestling Grandpa) In The Ring

Chuckie, der Sammler (Chuckie Collects) Chuckie The Collector

Runaway Reptar (Runaway Reptar)

??? (No Place Like Home)

Brüderlich teilen (Share and Share a Spike) Divide Like Brothers

Tommy als Bürgermeister (Tommy For Mayor)

Brüder sind Monster (Brothers Are Monsters)

Susies Kochkünste (Cooking With Susie) Susie's Cooking

Die Dill-Plage (Planting Dil) The Dil Plant

Böse Streiche (The Joke's On You) Bad Jokes

Sicherheit geht vor (Officer Chuckie) Security Goes Forward

Opa zu versteigern (Auctioning Grandpa)

Auf Diebestour (Partners In Crime) The Trail Of A Thief

Daumenlutscher (Thumbs Up) Thumbsucker

Die Stoffratte (The Big Showdown) ???

Doktor Susie (Doctor Susie)

Das Töpfchen-Problem (Accidents Happen) ???

Baby-Pfadfinder (Pee Wee Scouts) Baby Pathfinder

Die Schrumpf-Babies (The Incredible Shrinking Babies) The Tiny Babies

Gute Manieren (Miss Manners) Good Manners

Ein neuer Mensch (Chuckie's New Shirt) The New Person

Die Höhlenbabies (Cavebabies)

Der traurige Tommy (A Dose of Dil) Sad Tommy

Die Baby-Band (Famous Babies) The Baby Band


Valentinstag (Be My Valentine) Valentine's Day

Die Weltenbummler (Discover America) ???

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Literal Translations using Cassell's German Dictionary (New York, Macmillan Publishing Company, 1978), Langenscheidts Taschenwörterbuch English-Deutch (Berlin & Munich, Langenscheidt KG, 1983) and Systran

Source for classic episode titles (1991-93): Peter Boeckmann

Source for 1997 & 1998 titles: Pro Sieben

Source for 1999 & 2000 titles: Trickfilmwelt

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