The Simpsons / Hey Arnold Connection:

There are several connections between Rugrats and 2 other shows, The Simpsons and Hey Arnold. For details, click here.

The Real Monsters Connection:

Besides the fact that Real Monsters is a K-C production, David Eccles, the voice of Krumm, did some behind-the-scenes work for Rugrats. Also, some of the people who used to work on Rugrats moved on to Real Monsters after Rugrats' original run ended. These people included Peter Gaffney, who helped create Monsters, and Jim Duffy, who directed many episodes of Monsters. Last, but not least, Christine Cavanaugh, the voice of Chuckie, played Oblina on Real Monsters.

Special Note: The connection will become more solid when the monsterly trio makes an appearance in the Ghost Story episode of Rugrats.

The Merv Griffin Connection

Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak, both who have appeared on Rugrats, host game shows created by Merv Griffin -- Jeopardy! and Wheel Of Fortune, respectively.

The Star Trek Connection

1. The famous "beam up noise" was used in Visitors From Outer Space and The Odd Couple.

2. Also in The Odd Couple, Chuckie's favorite TV program is a Star Trek-like cartoon, with babies in charge of the "Enterprise".

3. Rene Auberjonois, who played Jonathan in Mommy's Little Assets, is a regular on Deep Space Nine.

4. Michael Bell, the voice of Drew & Chazz, appeared as Zorn in "Encounter to Farpoint", the pilot film for Star Trek -- The Next Generation.

5. Viacom, the owners of Nickelodeon, also owns Paramount Pictures, producers of Star Trek. (Note: These Rugrats episodes were produced before Viacom's acquisition of Paramount.)

The "Aeon Flux" Connection:

Peter Chung, Aeon's creator, also directed the unseen Rugrats pilot, produced and animated its opening titles you see at the start of every show, and helped out in the creation of its characters (he is listed in credits under "Characters Designed By..."). He also directed one of the scenes in The Rugrats Movie.

"Beavis & Butthead" Do "Rugrats", Sort Of

Beavis & Butthead writers Glenn Eichler, Guy Maxtone-Graham, and Larry Doyle each written at least one episode of Rugrats. Eichler is also the co-creator of the new B&B spinoff, Daria. Also, in the Piggy's Pizza Palace episode, one of the rules state "No Cow Tipping", something Beavis & Butthead did once in their first season as a series. In the words of MTV's dastardly duo, "Rugrats rule! Heh-heh, heh-heh, heh-heh-heh-heh!"

The Sony Connection

1. Sony's Columbia-Tri-Star Television produces Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy!, whose two hosts, Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek (respectively), appeared on Rugrats (see above).

2. Sony Wonder, Sony's children's audio and video tape label, used to manufacture and distribute Nickelodeon's line of videos, which included four Rugrats videos and three mixed videos featuring Rugrats.


Sony no longer makes and distributes Nickelodeon videos, including videos featuring Rugrats. These videos are now made and marketed by Paramount. Paramount reissued all Rugrats videos made by Sony, this time adding an extra Rugrats story on each tape for a total of 4 stories per tape (Sony had 3). Click here for list.

The "Bridget Loves Bernie" Connection

As you know, on Rugrats, Didi is Jewish while Stu is of another religion (unknown). In 1972, CBS presented a sitcom titled Bridget Loves Bernie, about the Catholic Bridget (Meredith Baxter) married to the Jewish Bernie (David Birney). Despite its popularity, the show was pulled off the air due to complaints by religious groups. The connection (besides the scenario): David Boyle is a regular on both series (on Bridget, he played Walt Fitzgerald).

The Mike Nichols Connection:

For those who may not know, Mike Nichols is a renowned film director and writer. Two of his films, Regarding Henry (1991) and The Graduate (1967) provided a basis for Rugrats' episodes Regarding Stuie and Let Them Eat Cake, respectively.

Very Unusual TV Connections

1. On April 1, 1987, CBS debuted 2 Wednesday-night comedies -- Roxie & Take Five. Roxie, a spinoff of Kate & Allie, starred SCTV-alum Andrea Martin as a program director at a struggling New York City TV station. This is followed by Take Five, which starred famous movie celebrity George Segal as a PR-man who relaxes by playing in a Dixieland jazz band.

Due to disastrous ratings, both shows only lasted 2 weeks, and were pulled off the air after their 4/8/87 telecasts.

The connection between the two of these? On Roxie, Jack Riley (Stu) played a station manager / kiddie show host; on Take Five, Melanie Chartoff (Didi) played George's nemesis, as he has stolen her job from under her nose. 4 years later, both got together for Rugrats, and the rest is history.

In a side-connection, Martin & Riley reunited in the Aunt Miriam episode, where she played the title character.

2. Chartoff & Riley also have a Bob Newhart connection -- Jack Riley played regular patient Elliot Carlin on The Bob Newhart Show, while Melanie Chartoff played Dr, Kaiser on Bob's other TV series, Newhart.

3. In what's sort-of another Bob Newhart connection, The Bob Newhart Show also starred Bill Daily, who played airline pilot Howard Borden. On Rugrats, E.G. Daily is the voice of Tommy. Also on Rugrats is the character of Howard DeVille, played by Phil Proctor. The connection is Jack Riley, as he starred on both programs, with both of these programs having main actors with the last name of Daily, and both programs having main characters named Howard.

4. In The Rugrats Movie, the role of Dr. Lucy Carmichael is played by Hattie Winston. This wasn't the first time Hattie played someone in the medical profession -- she also played Nurse Toni Gilette in the short-lived CBS drama Nurse (1981-82), which starred Michael Learned (The Waltons) and Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch).

(Source: The Complete Directory To Prime-Time Network TV Shows, 1946-Present, 4th Edition, by Tim Brooks & Earle Marsh, Ballantine, 1988)

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