Preschool Daze

(Left & Right: Two pictures from Preschool Daze,
from the Cooltoons Newsletter; © 2001-2002 Viacom.)

Preschool Daze is a new 4-episode miniseries that feature Angelica and Susie, with her new friends at preschool. Eventually, I'll feature details on the series as it becomes available. But for now, here's some information on the pilot, which was seen as an episode of Rugrats.

155 (02-11) [N143] -- Pre-School Daze

World TV Premiere Date: 9/4/2002 at 7:25AM CET on France 3 (in French: "Chouette, La Maternelle")

North American TV Premiere Date: 9/8/2002 at 8AM ET on YTV in Canada

Australian TV Premiere Date: 10/15/2002 at 5PM Sydney time on Nick Australia

British TV Premiere Date: 10/28/2002 at 5PM GMT on Nicktoons TV (UK)

US TV Premiere Date: 11/2/2002 at 6PM ET / 11PM GMT on AFN (US Forces television, Pacific & Korean feeds -- seen 8 hours later on the Atlantic feed)

Latin American TV Premiere Date: 11/20/2002 at 8PM Buenos Aires Time on Nick Latino (may have also been seen throughout all of Latin America)

This special will serve as a lead-in for a Rugrats spinoff, "Preschool Daze", which will feature Angelica and Susie in pre-school.

In this episode, Angelica and Susie go to their first day at preschool at the local community center. However, their first day ended up being a competition on who can be the best preschooler, as Angelica always tries to outshine Susie. But the big challenge comes when Angelica and Susie accidentally breaks Miss Weemer's favorite coffee cup; it's not just any coffee cup -- it reminded her of her old boyfriend, who has broken up with her awhile ago. Joining them on the mission to fix her broken cup is Harold, who becomes a pain in Angelica's side.


1. There were plans to show this episode in the fall of 2000, as a back-to-school special (which may or may not be related to the Back To School episode below), but those plans were shelved.

2. Also, this episode was also to have launched Rugrats' 2002 season on 1/21/2002, but that was also scrubbed. This episode was supposed to have aired before Hello Dilly (which takes place at the preschool), but in the US, Hello Dilly aired on Nick before Pre-School Daze, which remains to be seen in the US (not including US military personnel watching AFN, which did air this episode). Because of this, the continuity of this episode has been ruined, at least, for American viewers. As this episode was produced before Hello Dilly, and was the first episode in the 11th season list,  Hello Dilly was seen after Pre-School Daze outside the US.

(Top Left: Angelica steals a little girl's perfect drawing and claims it as her own. Bottom Left: Angelica, Susie & Harold try to replace Miss Weemer's mug. Both pictures from the France 3 telecast of Preschool Daze, from Super Yo; © 2001-2002 Viacom.)

3. Here's a list of the characters, other than Angelica & Susie, that appear in this episode, and may appear in the spinoff itself. As for voices, the voice of Timmy will be played by Tara Strong, as in the main series; all other voices are in parentheses (however, I have not verified the authhenticity of the voice info yet, so don't take them as gospel):

(All pictures below from the Nick Latino telecast of either "Preschool Daze" or "Hello Dilly", and are courtesy of Javier Vicuña; © 2002 Viacom.)

Harold (Pat Musick) -- While Angelica is considered to be the Rugrats' enemy, the red-haired Harold is Angelica's enemy, as he annoys her all the time with his goofiness. His father is a travel agent (though in the pilot, he's a fireman), while his mother is a realtor.

(from Hello Dilly)

Miss Weemer (Vicki Lewis) -- Their long-suffering teacher.

(from Hello Dilly)

(Another picture of Miss Weemer, from Preschool Daze.)

Clark (Becky Thyre (may be voiced by Lauren Wood in the series)) -- Brave on the outside; a fraidy-cat on the inside. He comes to daycare, wearing a cape, and tends to show his "superpower" strength, every chance he gets. He has become a butt of Angelica's jokes, as she thinks that he's much more a fraidy cat than Chuckie. His father is scared of leaving him alone at preschool.

(from Hello Dilly)

Dulce (Greg DeLisle) -- Spanish for "candy" or "sweet", she's a Latin-American girl who loves candy so much, she's practically in a permanent sugar rush. (The mark on her cheek is a smudge of chocolate.)

(from Preschool Daze)

Johnny (Tress MacNeille) -- Apparently, he has trouble keeping his clothes on.

(from Preschool Daze)

Lloyd (Greg DeLisle) -- Very little is known about him.

(from Preschool Daze)

Not appearing in the pilot, but may appear in the series:

Timmy McNulty -- Another regular carryover from the main series, besides Angelica and Susie; he's called "Jake" in class (apparently, that's his middle name). He has a love-hate relationship with Angelica.

Willy (Jane Wiedlin) -- A 3 year old who's still not potty trained.

4. The "Preschool Daze" series is slated to debut on Nick sometime in 2003. That new series will feature Angelica & Susie sporting new looks. However, in all pre-school episodes in the main Rugrats series (such as Hello Dilly), they wear their usual clothes.

5. Of course, this isn't the first time Angelica attends preschool -- she attended preschool at The Woodbury School in Educating Angelica, while in Angelica The Magnificent, she implied going to preschool when she said: "Wait till I show this to the kids at preschool!", referring to her magic wand.

(Special thanks to Javier Vicuña)

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