Rugrats In Paris -- The Movie

Newspaper Ads

These are the newspaper ads that graced the movie sections of many newspapers everywhere.


(I) -- Denotes Rugrats, Spike & Fifi gathered around Rugrats In Paris logo (left).

(II) -- Denotes poster design, where Rugrats, Spike & Fifi are on top of the Arc de Triomphe, and a small Coco Labouche is in the center of the arch.

(III) -- Special design.

All ads are in original black-and-white, unless specified.

(Graphic at left and all ads are © 2000 Paramount & Viacom.)

11/5/2000 (II) -- The New York Times -- The first newspaper ad for the film, with "France Never Had A Chance" tagline. (Color)

11/12/2000 (II) -- The New York Times -- a huge double-wide ad, including the first blurbs from the film; features tagline, "Take your family, but treat YOURSELF to the unespected surprise of the holiday season!" (Color)

11/16/2000 (II) -- Weekly Planet (Tampa) -- day before release; mentions a 11/17 date and "France" tagline.

11/16/2000 (I) -- Tallahassee Democrat -- day before release; with "Treat Yourself" tagline and Film Advisory Board award.

11/16/2000 (I) -- Sarasota Herald-Tribune -- "France" tagline; no date.

11/16/2000 (II) -- El Nuevo Herald (Miami) -- day before release; mentions a 11/17 date and "France" tagline; ad is in English, while start date and theater information is in Spanish.

11/17/2000 (II) -- The Edmonton Sun -- day of release; with "France" tagline and an Alberta "G" rating.

11/17/2000 (I) -- Tampa Tribune -- day of release, with "Treat Yourself" tagline and blurbs.

11/17/2000 (I) -- New York Post -- day of release, with "Treat Yourself", some diffrerent blurbs and credits.

11/17/2000 (II) -- The Washington Times -- Moviefone ad featuring Rugrats In Paris.

11/19/2000 (I) -- El Nuevo Dia (San Juan, PR) -- Spanish version; almost fully in Spanish, with Spanish tagline.

11/20/2000 (I) -- Tampa Tribune -- with "Treat Yourself" tagline.

11/21/2000 (I) -- The Hollywood Reporter -- 2-page spread announcing a first-week opening of US$22.7million. Variety also carried a similar ad that week. (Color)

11/23/2000 (I) -- Orlando Weekly -- with "Treat Yourself" tagline; take a close look at the theater list and you'll be surprised at where this film's being shown, considering the subject matter.

11/24/2000 (I) -- St. Petersburg Times -- no tagline; with more blurbs.

11/26/2000 (I) -- The New York Times -- full-page ad; no tagline, just blurbs.

12/1/2000 (I) -- The Toronto Star -- no tagline; contains mostly Canadian blurbs, and an Ontario "Family" rating.

12/22/2000 (III) -- St. Petersburg Times -- special holiday ad, with the Rugrats building a snowman and tagline, "This holiday season, give the gift your family will love -- see it again!"

12/24/2000 (III) -- New York Times -- Same ad as above, but with blurbs and in Color.

12/31/2000 (I) -- New York Times -- New Year's version, with blurbs and tagline, "Celebrate The New Year In Paris!" (originally in Color)

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