Rugrats At Burger King -- January 2001

The Rugrats In Paris promotion is still in many people's minds; as a matter of fact, some restaurants are still selling watches. But even though that promotion ended only one month earlier, Burger King is rolling out another promotion featuring the Rugrats. This time, the Rugrats are building a treehouse. Eight toys, 2 per week, will be available in kids' meals, January 15 to February 11, while supplies last, at participating Burger Kings in the US, Canada, and parts of the Carribbean. Like the earlier promotion, the toys can either be enjoyed by themselves, or assembled together to form a tree, which, when fully-built, is 17 inches in height, the tallest premium for a kid's meal.

(Left: Burger King's Rugrats treehouse ad, from the January 2001 Nickelodeon Magazine; ©2000 Viacom. For a larger image, click here.)

Here's what toys are available (descriptions from a PRNewswire press release; pictures from Burger King's Rugrats treehouse ad, from the January 2001 Nickelodeon Magazine; ©2000 Viacom.):
Flees Bees Chuckie -- Wind up Chuckie's part of the tree house and watch this panicky Rugrat get chased by a swarm of angry bees. Phil & Lil's SeeSaw -- Press down on a branch and Phil and Lil seesaw in their part of the tree house.
Race Around Susie -- Wind up Susie's car and she drives rings around the tree house. Baby Dil's Reptar Ride -- Press down on the leaves to see Baby Dil swing around the branch in his Reptar swing.
Angelica's Castle -- Press down on Angelica's head and you'll hear what she has to say to the other Rugrats. Her comments include the following phrases: "Keep out", "No babies allowed" and "Scram!" Go For Gophers Spike -- Wind the knob of the trunk and Spike chases the gophers who pop in and out of their holes.
Bird Catching Tommy -- Press down on the leaves attached to Tommy's part of the tree house and watch Tommy crawl out along a branch and scare an owl away. Round-n-Round Kimi -- Press down on the leaves and Kimi performs tricks on the rings attached to her part of the tree house.

In addition, there will also be a special contest featuring this promotion, where the winner gets their own treehouse built in their own backyard. Entry forms are available at Burger Kings, and one will be included with each toy.

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