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The following is the list of actual mistakes that you would find in various Rugrats episodes. While many errors end up on the cutting room floor, many end up in the finished product. Some of these are mistakes that are as plain as the nose on your face, while others are minor mistakes that require a trained eye, repeat viewings or a VCR to catch.

If you see an error that's not listed here, let me know about it.

Tommy's First Birthday

1. Captioning Error: In the "Little Red Riding Hood" puppet show, Stu played the title role, while Drew played the Big Bad Wolf. However, the captions credited the wolf to Stu.

2. Animation Error: In this episode, Angelica was wearing the special party dress. But near the end, while the Rugrats act like dogs, Angelica was wearing her normal dress, not originally introduced until the next episode.

At The Movies

1. Before the film started, keep an eye on Tommy's head when he talks to the other Rugrats. Notice that the spots on the head disappear, then reappear, then disappear again.

2. 2 anination errors, both regarding the intro to "Land Without Smiles":

   a. When an arrow is shot down for a "sad little boy in Texas", it ended up in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

   b. Also note the shape of the United States; when the bears are shooting arrows at it, the map included Baja California, which is part of Mexico, not the U.S. When we return to the map after the princess announced that the list was stolen (when the film title is announced), Baja is gone.

3. Captioning Error: Near the beginning of this episode, there are 2 instances where Tommy says "Reptar", but his parents translate it as something different (Stu translated it as "Rip-roar"; Didi as something else). Here, the captions for Tommy's "Reptar" is given as "[Garbled]", while his parents' translations are captioned word-for-word, destroying the joke value of this scene for those that need captions to enjoy Rugrats.

Slumber Party

1. Animation Error: Near the start of this episode, take a close look at the clock on the wall in Tommy's room; notice that it has no hands.

2. Another animation error: look at Tommy's mouth when he yawns after his hallucination. Note that he has a full set of teeth. Keep in mind that he only has ONE tooth.

Baby Commercial

Animation Error: When Mr. Witt enters the studio, after his joke (Whatever you do, don't sell that poodle!), please note that Phil and Lil are wearing their normal clothes. Prior to this, and for the remainder of their studio appearance, they were wearing pajamas.

Beauty Contest

1. Animation error: The morning of the contest, Didi stops Grandpa, Tommy and Stu before they leave, to ask them where they're going (they told her that they're going fishing). As Didi sees them, she was wearing her earrings. However, as we see her, she wasn't wearing those.

2. More Animation errors: After Grandpa applies makeup on Tommy, we see him backstage with another contestant. However, the picture was kind of jittery. This is not the network or cable system; it's probably a post-production error.

Moose Country

1.  Animation Error: First, look at Chuckie's shirt. To begin with, the planet on his shirt is usually yellow with red rings around it. During most of this episode, the planet was red with yellow rings. However, the planet turned yellow with red rings when Tommy, Phil, and Lil find Chuckie in a mud hole (they unwittingly abandoned him when they continue to look for the moose). After they got him out, it turned back to red with yellow rings. Then, after they broke the spigot on the water hose, the planet was "blinking" red and yellow, then yellow and red, then red and yellow again, before sticking with a red planet with yellow rings.

2. Another animation error involves Tommy and the fertilizer. Tommy's face was covered with fertilizer after the bag was dumped on him. Then, later, not only Tommy, but Phil and Lil have fertilizer on their faces as well, though we never seen those two get it on themselves. When Chuckie called for help, the three ran to the hole. While they were running, their faces were clean; when they got back to the hole, their faces were dirty again.

3. Yet another animatiion error involved the timer used to control the water (which we see when the spigot hit it). Please note that timer is spelled "timor" instead of "timer".

4. Closed Captioning Error: When the water hose is turned on Boris (after the timer in the Pickles' yard is turned off), he tells Minka to turn the water off. The closed-captions spelled Minka as "Menka".

Grandpa's Teeth

Animation error: More errors regarding the planet on Chuckie's shirt (normally yellow with red rings). During most of this episode, the planet was red with yellow rings. While Tommy and Chuckie were looking for Spike, the planet changed from red with yellow rings to yellow with red rings after Chuckie passes a tree. Later, when Tommy and Chuckie were riding Spike back to the picnic, the planet was red wit yellow rings again. But, when the national anthem ("The Star-Spangled Banner") started, it was yellow with red rings again.

The Trial

1. Animation Error: When Tommy said the last lines of this episode (I guess the persecutor's the poopetrator this time), look closely. When he says those words, he was wearing his "Judge's Robe". When we do a panoramic shot of the room, note that he wasn't wearing a robe.

2. Captioning error: When Angelica confesses to the Rugrats that she broke the lamp, Didi caught Angelica, but according to the captions, it was credited instead to Betty, who was visiting Didi at the time.

Fluffy vs. Spike

Captioning error: during Angelica's performance of It's Raining, It's Pouring, while the Rugrats are chatting, she sung "...and couldn't get up in the morning". However, that line was captioned as "7:00 in the morning".

Graham Canyon

Possible Distance Error: When the Pickles' "car trouble" developed, they were already "close" to the Grand Canyon, as they already passed "Mt. Footstool" & "The Devil's Armchair", which, according to the map, is very close to the Grand Canyon. The final distance displayed to the Grand Canyon (where they turned off onto the wrong road) was 395 miles. The first distance we see is 500 miles, which is the approximate distance between Los Angeles and the Grand Canyon. If they were following Route 66 (assuming that they started in L.A.), they should actually be in the vicinity of Barstow, CA, which is still nowhere near the Grand Canyon.

Stu-Maker's Elves

1. Animation error: Near the beginning (shortly after the opening credits), and later (when Chuckie got stuck in the folding bed), you'll see some white specks floating by on the screen. This isn't your TV or the network; for some reason, the film was not properly cleaned during post-production of this episode. Keep in mind that film tends to get dirty during shipping, especially when it has to cross the Pacific (the animation for the first season was done in Hong Kong).

2. Animation Error: When Tommy and Chuckie was on the doll machine, they were fitted with doll clothes, including white socks and blue shoes. How the machine got socks and shoes on Chuckie is beyond knowledge, since Chuckie was already wearing yellow socks and red sneakers. It's probably impossible to wear 2 shoes on the same foot, unless the shoe on the outside is somewhat larger than the one on the inside; the shoes used for the dolls were the same size as Chuckie's shoes, if not, smaller.

3. Animation Error: Near the end, we see Tommy and Chuckie in doll clothes (and Chuckie in doll makeup) in the box where the dolls were kept. After Stu and Didi left the room, Tommy and Chuckie climbed out of the box, wearing their normal clothes, probably without pausing to take off the doll clothes that they were wearing.

The Big House

Animation error: as Tommy and Justin (the fat kid) are fighting over the ball, look closely at the background. They are fighting in front of some counter. In one shot, we see their entire bodies as they fight. In the next shot, we go to a close-up, but the background remained the same size as in the previous shot.

The Shot

Animation error: immediately after Tommy left the doctor's office, so did Hector, then Angelica. It's impossible for Dr. Schachter to have examined, and gave shots to, Hector, seconds after Tommy. same goes for Angelica, who has gotten hers immediately after Hector.

Let There Be Light

1. Animation error: There was a scene where the Rugrats try to open the refrigerator door, to let the light out. Here, Spike pulled so hard, the "trap door" in Chuckie's pajamas tore off, exposing his butt. However, When Didi picked him up, the trap door was still intact, good as new.

2. Continuity Error: In a flashback, Tommy recalls a time (probably when he was only a few weeks old) when Didi carried him to the refridgerator in the middle of the night, so he can have milk. Before she turns to open the fridge, we see her cat clock on the wall. However, she did not get that clock until the Mirrorland episode, which at the time, Tommy is already one. (Special thanks to Brian Carlson)

3. Closed-captioning error: in a scene where the Rugrats climb on each other to open the fridge, Lil pulls Tommy up. She makes a little sound while helping him up. However, the closed-captions interpreted this sound as a hiccup, which clearly wasn't.

The Bank Trick

Dialogue error: The pair of phony bank inspectors consist of a man and a woman, but they were both addressed as "Mister" and "Gentlemen".

Beach Blanket Babies

1. Animation Error: Up until Chuckie empties the sea monkeys into the cooler, just before the trip,  he was wearing shoes & socks. After emptying the fish bowl, Chuckie appeared barefoot, without pausing to take his shoes & socks off.

2. Animation Error: During one of the times Tommy & Chuckie took the cooler with the sea monkeys to the ocean, Stu stopped them. When he found him, he was wearing flip-flops. When he took the kids away from the water, he was barefoot. When they arrived at the sand castle Stu was building, Stu was wearing flip-flops again.

3. Animation Error: When Chazz woke up from his nap out of the sand (Angelica buried him), the cooler was right next to him (courtesy of Tommy & Chuckie). Notice that Chazz took the can out of the cooler and started drinking the soda, without pausing to open the can (unless it was empty and full of dirty ice water). As a matter of fact, everyone who has taken a can out of the cooler drank their sodas without opening the cans first.

4. Animation Error: . When the card game argument between Boris & Grandpa reached its peak, The other adults go and stop them to avoid injury. During the course of the game, Boris was wearing slippers. When the others got there to stop the fight, Boris was barefoot. After Boris' "52 pick-up", he was wearing slippers again.

5. Dialogue Error: Near the beginning of the beach scene, Boris asks Minka for his deck of playing cards. However, near the end, when Boris scatters his cards around in his "52 Pick-Up" revolt, Grandpa yelled "My cards!"

6. Closed-Captioning Error: When the gang arrived at the beach (and the mostly-filled parking lot), Drew said "Great; not too crowded." The captioning, however, credited his line to Stu.

Family Feud

Animation Error: Throughout this episode, Betty wears sweatpants, as she usually does. However, when Stu and Didi found her and Howard sitting on a bench at the park, she was wearing shorts. From when she stands up to continue arguing to the end of the episode, Betty was wearing sweatpants again.

Superhero Chuckie

Animation error: After Captain Blasto steps out of his "spaceship", note the cue cards. When the cue card man changes from one card to another, note that the second cue card has exactly the same writing as the first card.

The Santa Experience

Animation Error: When Angelica gets Phil's Reptar helmet, Phil is next to a cabinet. When Angelica says, "Maybe it does," you see Phil again, but he's next to the window. When you see the shot again the character has a bow, meaning Lil is in the same place as Plil was.

Feeding Hubert

Animation Error: Look for blue shoes on Lil briefly in this episode.

(special thanks to Dwayne Anderson)

The Big Flush

Animation Error: Throughout most of this episode, Phil & Lil were wearing sandals. However, during the scene where the Rugrats were crawling underneath the crowd while Stu is on the high diving board, their sandals went missing.

(special thanks to Dwayne Anderson)

Game Show Didi

Animation Error: For "Super Stumpers", Didi did her hair differently; it was put together in one, big, round clump. However, when she selected her Gold Dalmation statuary and held onto it at the end of this episode, her hair is back in  the normal, 3-pointed fashion. By the way, this episode was the first time we see Didi's hair in anything but the "3-points".

Tooth Or Dare

Animation Error: Angelica used Tommy's star ball to explain how she'll pry Chuckie's teeth out. In demonstrating, The ball explodes. However, when Angelica is being dragged around by Spike, she passes by the play area (the one with the fence). Please note that an intact star ball is there.

Tricycle Thief

Closed-Captioning error: In the flashback where Chuckie described what happened, Angelica was laughing & riding the trike while Susie was crying. However, the caption said "[Susie cackling]".

The Legend of Satchmo

Credit error: In the WMD credits, the last name of writer Matt Vitz was spelled "Uitz".

Angelica Breaks A Leg

Animation error: When Angelica was in her wheelchair, in her first visit to Dr. Doozer's office, Angelica's right leg was in the cast, but later in the show, the cast was on her left leg.

Stu Gets A Job

Closed-captioning error: When Stu and Tommy were watching the Dummi Bears at the start of this episode, "Dummi Bears" was spelled as "Cubby Bears" instead.


Closed-captioning error: while Chuckie & Angelica are handcuffed, Angelica tries removing the handcuffs with her toy welding outfit, which didn't work when the toy flame fell off. Chuckie picked up the flame and said, "It isn't even hot." However, the captions said "hard" instead of "hot".

Tommy And The Secret Club

Closed-captioning error: in the final line in Tommy's poem, he said: "Waah! I want my mommy!", but in the captions, it said: "when I wan't my mommy."

Spike Runs Away

Possible animation error: when Cuddles grabbed the Star Ball from Tommy and Chuckie, Cuddles had it for awhile and kept Tommy and Chuckie from having it, before its teeth popped the ball open. Later in the day (I can tell since it gets darker everytime Stu and Did return with a new pet), Tommy and Chuckie try to get the Tarantula to play with the Star Ball, the one that was supposed to be destroyed by Cuddles. This happened before, in Tooth Or Dare.

The Mega Diaper Babies

Animation error : When Tommy, the Changing Baby, changes into an Octopus and fights the "Robo-Buster", we can see Tommy's gums, as usual. But when the "Robo-Buster" tries to pull Changing Baby off, Tommy has a full set of teeth, something he doesn't have yet (he only has one tooth).

Pickles vs. Pickles

Animation error: Near the start of the episode, we see Charlotte sleeping on the left side of the bed and Drew on the right. However, near the end, after the dream sequence in court, we see Charlotte on the right and Drew on the left. Alos, notice that Charlotte sleeps with her lipstick and earrings on.

Moving Away

Continuity Error: In the flashback, Angelica asks Phil & Lil if she seen them before at the park, and then asks if they were eating worms at the time. In this flashback, Phil & Lil hasn't met Tommy or Chuckie yet, and calls worms "worms". However, all 4 babies were together when they were first introduced to worms in Moose Country, and even then they used "chocolate spaghetti" instead of "worms". (Special thanks to Anthony N.)


1. Possible Captioning Error #1: When the director's credits are displayed, a quote attributed to Charlotte says "Almost as good as Valium." At the time, she was chatting with the Sultan of Brunei. This is another episode where you have to tape it and listen close, as she did not mention the above quote. By the way, Brunei is an independent city-state located on the northern coast of the Indonesian island of Borneo, north of Australia.

2. Captioning Error #2: In the second half, to demonstrate Moses' power, he threw a stick on a ground, which magically turns into a cobra. The captions said "[rattling]". Cobras do not rattle; only rattlesnakes do that.

Mother's Day

1. Animation error #1: Something that started in the Chanukah episode -- Phil has ear lobes (which he never had in the original run).

2. Animation error #2: When Chuckie was standing on the wastebasket "hugging" the dresser's dummy, the smiley face was frowning (if the wastebasket was turned right-side up). Later, when he was running from Lil, he tripped and got his head into the wastebasket, but it had a smiley face with a smile on it, instead.


1. Closed-captioning error: Reptar's name was spelled Reptaur.

2. Animation error #1: while Tommy is speaking in the RV in Vegas, we are outside the RV as the neon lights reflect off the glass. However, the "Bingo" sign (displayed repeatedly due to animation looping) is reflected with the letters in a "correct" fachion, rather than backwards.

3. Animation error #2: during this episode, Stu wore a T-shirt & shorts, and Tommy wore pajamas when the gang arrived in Vegas. But when they reached the reservation clerk at the hotel, Stu & Tommy wore their usual clothes. Afterwards, Tommy was back in his pajamas through the pool scene, while Stu was back in T-shirt & shorts. (special thanks to Kyle Stanley)

4. Another example of animation looping: while Tommy & Chuckie are crawling on the floor between the buffet and the viking ship, we see the bottom half of a man in a red t-shirt, blue shorts and sandals walk from right to left past Tommy and Chuckie 3 times.

Radio Daze

Closed-Captioning Error: On the radio, "The Masked Detective" describe the action, but halfway into the description, his voice is changed into Tommy's, who's play-acting the detective. However, Tommy's role was credited to Chuckie instead.

Psycho Angelica

Animation Error: Shortly after Tommy got his bottle and when he was talking to Chuckie (That's amazing! Nope; it's apple.), Tommy had 4 toes on his foot, instead of 5.

Clan Of The Duck

In this episode, Chuckie & Phil put on Lil's dresses. While doing so, they still wear their own pants underneath. However, at the food fair, when their "boyfriends" found out that Chuckie & Phil were boys, Chuckie & Phil was wearing only underwear or diapers underneath their dresses. This error stuck in the rest of this episode, when Chuckie & Phil took part in a salute of the Clan of the Duck.

Grandpa's Bad Bug

1. Animation error: When Grandpa returned from his Pinochle tournament, the Rugrats, all clad in pajamas, see what's going on. A couple of seconds later, they're still there, but in their normal clothes.

2. Factual error: In this episode, Grandpa mentions that he was an "Ensign in the Corps". Keep in mind that Ensigns exists only in the Navy and the Coast Guard; in the Army, Air Force and the Marine Corps, the equivalent to Ensign is Second Lieutenant.

(special thanks to Don Del Grande)

Lady Luck

During the bingo match, listen closely to the numbers; they aren't the same as the actual bingo formation, which is 1 to 15 under the B, 16 to 30 under O, etc. The announcer drew the numbers as "N-2", "O-2", etc. At first, I though this was one of the center's techniques to keep the patrons "quiet and relaxed" by not winning and yelling out "Bingo!", but I later found out that Grandpa later won with the erroneous numbers.

The Word Of The Day

Animation Error: On the "Happy House" set, the letters "U" and "W" are switched in the alphabet. Also, while Miss Carol gets the postcards, the "Y" was missing, but reappears when Angelica is auditioned. And you think Mr. Garrison's alphabet on South Park is goofy?

Piggy's Pizza Palace

Closed-captioning error: there was a scene where the Rugrats look at the costumes hanging in a closet. When Lil looks at the pig costume, she says "Oinkity, oinkity", but according to the closed-captions, she said "Oh, kitty, oh kitty", even though there were no cat costumes hung up.

The Wild Wild West

Animation error: In one scene where the Rugrats were crawling through a "cave" (a box), Chuckie was barefoot when he crawled out of the box, but in the "reality" scenes before and after it, he was wearing hsi shes and socks.

(special thanks to Dwayne Anderson)

No Naps

Storyline error: When Tommy and Chuckie went to the kitchen to find out why Phil went asleep, they found many baby food bottles open and empty. Tommy said: "I knew it, 2 of these bottles are enough to make the strongest baby sleep," and then Chuckie says "And ONLY Angelica could open this kind of bottle." However, in The Rugrats Movie, Tommy opened those kinds of bottles to feed Dil, at least twice.

(Special thanks to Carolina Hernandez T.)

Chuckie's Complaint

1. Animation error: in the Reptar Cereal ad, after Reptar crashes in, there was a spoon next to the cereal bowl on the kitchen table. When Reptar picked up the bowl, the spoon disappears.

2. In another animation error, all the Rugrats cry at the mall, and are taken by Didi & Betty to the bathroom to have their diapers changed. In the bathroom, Phil, Lil, Tommy & Chuckie are on the table, and Didi & Betty hold up 4 diapers, one in each hand. Isn't Chuckie already potty-trained and wearing briefs by now?

Chuckie's Bachelor Pad

Animation error: In a scene following Chuckie's "bachelor party", Tommy was wearing his diaper on his head. However, when we look at Tommy from behind him, his shirt is long enough to cover his naked butt. Normally, Tommy's shirt is a little too small, as his belly button was always seen. Apparently, this was a "Standards & Practices" issue, with naked hineys now taboo on Nick (along with barfing and the word "dead").

Share And Share A Spike

Closed-captioning error: while Phil & Lil copy Spike, they mimic their eating habits, going "num num num" (yum, yum, yum). However, the closed-captions picked this up as "N-n-n-no".

The Big Showdown

Animation error: For a split second near the end of this episode, Phil's shoes were pink.

(special thanks to Dwayne Anderson)

Rugrats In Paris

1. Animation error: During the scene where pictures for the Rugrats' passports were taken, Angelica holds Spike's head for the camera, After the picture was taken, Angelica's sleeves in the picture were blue, not the usual orange.

2. Animation error: Before the Rugrats were locked up with Robo Reptar, Coco took Wawa away from Chuckie. And when the Rugrats were reunited with their parents at Notre Dame, Kira returned Wawa to Chuckie. However, between these two instances, Chuckie was seen holding Wawa.

(special thanks to Dwayne Anderson)


1. Animation Error: When Kira is reading her script for the play, note that she's turning the pages from left to right; this is how the Japanese read their books, magazines and newspapers -- their publications are designed to be turned from left to right. However, unless you're watching the Japanese, Chinese, Hebrew or Arabic version of this episode, this action is an error, as the play is in English (or French, or Spanish, or Italian, etc.), and the publications usually have pages that turn from right to left.

2. Continuity Error (outside the US only): For viewers in countries that play the episodes in production order (such as Canada), you may find that the treehouse, built in Angelicon, is missing. This is due to the fact that Finsterella is designed to be seen as the first new episode after Rugrats In Paris, even though it was the fourth episode in production order.

A Lulu Of A Time

Animation error: In the bingo hall scene, the call board (where the called numbers are displayed), only has single digit random numbers, instead of the usual bingo fashion. Also, on the wall, the ace of spades is red, instead of black.

Talk Of The Town

Animation Error: Near the start of this episode, Kimi's boots, normally purple, were white.

(special thanks to Dwayne Anderson)

A Rugrats Kwanzaa

1. Anachronism error: It is this episode where Alisa gets her first cell phone, for emergencies only; but in the No Place Like Home episode, she already had a cell phone, yakking away, of course.

2. Closed Caption Error: Alisa's name was spelled "Elisa".

3. Credits error (Video only): Rodger Bumpass was credited as "Uncle Freddy", though neither he nor his character appeared on this video, which also featured And The Winner Is... and Cooking With Susie. (Freddy is seen in the "Brothers Are Monsters" episode.) Also, Tara Strong is listed twice in her role as Dil -- once under her current name, and again under her maiden name, Charendoff.

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