The Answers To

Rugrats 10th Anniversary

Quiz, From Nickelodeon

And now, here are the answers to the quiz, along with some of my explanations, where appropriate.

1. What are the names of Tommy's dog and Angelica's cat?

a. Spot and Whiskers

b. Dil and Sam

*c. Spike and Fluffy

d. Morty and Tom.

2. What is Betty DeVille's favorite sport?

a. Golf

*b. Bowling

c. Softball

d. Basketball
See "Monster In The Garage", where Boris & Minka babysits, while the other grown-ups go bowling.

3. How old are Angelica and Susie?

*a. Three

b. Two

c. Five

d. Six

4. What is Tommy's motto?

*a. " A baby's got to do what a baby's got to do."

b. "Always jump in the mud."

c. "A grown-up's snore is a baby's signal."

d. "Carpe diem."

5. What does Stu Pickles do for a living?

a. He's a painter.

*b. He's an inventor.

c. He's a plumber.

d. He owns Stu's Pickle Factory.

6. How are Tommy and Angelica Pickles related?

a. They're brother and sister.

*b. They're cousins.

c. They're twins.

d. They're neighbors who aren't related.

7. Who is Chuckie's new adopted sister?

*a. Kimi

b. Kathy

c. Kira

d. Katie

8. What is Angelica's doll's name?

a. Stephanie

b. Jennifer

*c. Cynthia

d. Clarissa

9. Who are Boris and Minka?

*a. Tommy's grandparents

b. Chuckie's grandparents

c. Angelica's grandparents

d. Phil and Lil's grandparents
Remember, Boris & Minka are Didi's parents, which is why they're Tommy's grandparents, not Angelica's.

10. What animal do the twins have on their clothes?

a. A dog

b. A cat

c. A pig

*d. A duck

11. Who was the first baby to get chicken pox?

a. Angelica

*b. Chuckie

c. Tommy

d. Susie
In "Chicken Pops", Chuckie got it first, then Tommy, then Angelica. However, Susie already had them before that episode.

12. Who is Tommy's baby brother?

a. Phil

*b. Dil

c. Ronnie

d. Donnie

13. Who did Grandpa Lou recently marry?

*a. Lulu

b. Margaret

c. Matilda

d. Sophie

14. What does Kimi always wear on her feet?

a. Patent leather shoes

*b. Cowboy boots

c. Sneakers

d. Ballet slippers

15. What does Tommy use to escape from the playpen for the Rugrats' adventures?

a. His toes

*b. A screwdriver he stores in his diapers

c. A hammer

d. Chuckie's glasses

16. Which Rugrat wanted to be a butterfly?

a. Lil

b. Tommy

*c. Chuckie

d. Angelica
See "Chuckerfly". Angelica also wanted to be a butterfly in that episode, but it was Chuckie who wished for it first.

17. Name the Rugrat who turned into a watermelon.

a. Tommy

b. Kimi

*c. Dil

d. Phil
See "Dil We Meet Again".

18. Which is TRUE about Chuckie?

a. He has a dog named Spike.

b. His sister is Lil.

c. He loves Fluffy.

*d. His shoes are always untied.

19. Which Rugrat loves chocolate chip cookies?

a. Dil

*b. Angelica

c. Kimi

d. Tommy
All of them love chocolate chip cookies, but it's Angelica who loves them more. See "No More Cookies".

20. How many brothers does Susie have?

*a. 2

b. 1

c. 4

d. 0
Edwin & Buster.  See "Meet The Carmichaels", "Tooth or Dare" and "The Last Babysitter".

21. What is Kimi and Chuckie's dog's name?

a. Spike

b. Fluffy

*c. Fifi

d. Spot

22. Where are Boris and Minka from?

a. Chicago

b. Los Angeles

*c. The Old Country

d. Poland

To be precise, Poland should also be correct -- here's an explanation from a fan:

As you know in one of the Season One episodes Boris is said by the captioning to be 
speaking Polish yet in the "Chanukah" episode, he is said to be from Russia. How can
these two facts be reconciled? Well, by a little detective work they can. In one of the "classic 65" (I forget the episode title) Boris says he is from Vilnius
(now the capital of Lithuania)
. Vilnius was part of Poland from 1921 (ceded by Russia
to Poland under the Treaty of Riga)
until Russia and Germany invaded the country in 1939.
As Boris appears to be in his late sixties or early seventies this would mean he was born
in the period when Vilnius was part of Poland which makes him Polish by birth. Boris saying
he is from Russia could simply refer to the fact that when he left the area it was under
Russian rule.
What do you think of this?

(Special thanks to Paul Melville)

23. What is the name of Angelica's mother Charlotte's assistant?

*a. Jonathan

b. Morgan

c. Jeeves

d. Tommy

24. Who is the babies' favorite TV star / superhero?

a. Megaman

*b. Reptar

c. Godzilla

d. Plastica

25. What religion is Tommy Pickles?

a. Buddhist

b. Hindu

c. Catholic

*d. Half Jewish / Half Christian
Even though Tommy's family celebrates both Jewish and Christian holidays, the part of him being half-Christian was never proven in a "Rugrats" episode, especially since Stu and Drew occasionally uses Zen on some activities, and Zen, of course, has its Buddhist roots.

26. What nationality are Kimi and Kira?

*a. Japanese

b. Mexican

c. African

d. French
While they are definitely of Japanese descent, their nationality was never brought up in the movie, or the series. It is very likely that Kimi could be a French citizen (or a dual, French / Japanese citizen), as she might have been born in France, but as for Kira, she is probably still a Japanese citizen, or a French citizen who used to be a citizen of Japan.

27. What does Susie Carmichael's dad do for a living?

*a. He is a writer for the cartoon "The Dummi Bears."

b. He is a teacher.

c. He is a truck driver.

d. He is a policeman.

28. What does Susie's mom do?

a. She is a nurse.

b. She is a waitress.

c. She is a mail carrier.

*d. She is a doctor.
She's a lot of other things, too -- for details, see "Meet The Carmichaels".

29. What is Phil and Lil's daddy's name?

a. Charlie

*b. Howard

c. Henry

d. Nick

30. What is Phil and Lil's favorite food?

*a. Worms

b. Chocolate

c. Pigs' feet

d. Bananas

How Did You Do?

Here are the levels of scoring. Once again, I did not write these.
25-30 A milk toast to you! You are one baby buff who's never caught napping (at least not during Rugrats).
15-24 The world is your playpen. Take one step over the rail.
8-14 Don't cry. You gave it the old nursery school try.
0-7 Bone up by watching the next Rugrats marathon, and try again.

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