Rugrats 10th Anniversary

Quiz, From Nickelodeon

Here is a quiz that Nickelodeon has included in the 10th Anniversary press kits, designed for newspapers and magazines to publish, to let their readers test their knowledge about America's favorite babies.

Yes, some of the wrong answers aren't too bright, but keep in mind that the people in Nick's press department wrote these questions, not me.
"A perfect score won't win you a million, though it's a sure sign you'll always be young at heart. So don't let the toughies rattle you, and even if you find yourself in a pickle -- excuse the expression -- remember that crib notes are strictly for babies!" -- from the original quiz intro

©2001 Viacom.

1. What are the names of Tommy's dog and Angelica's cat?

a. Spot and Whiskers

b. Dil and Sam

c. Spike and Fluffy

d. Morty and Tom.

2. What is Betty DeVille's favorite sport?

a. Golf

b. Bowling

c. Softball

d. Basketball

3. How old are Angelica and Susie?

a. Three

b. Two

c. Five

d. Six

4. What is Tommy's motto?

a. " A baby's got to do what a baby's got to do."

b. "Always jump in the mud."

c. "A grown-up's snore is a baby's signal."

d. "Carpe diem."

5. What does Stu Pickles do for a living?

a. He's a painter.

b. He's an inventor.

c. He's a plumber.

d. He owns Stu's Pickle Factory.

6. How are Tommy and Angelica Pickles related?

a. They're brother and sister.

b. They're cousins.

c. They're twins.

d. They're neighbors who aren't related.

7. Who is Chuckie's new adopted sister?

a. Kimi

b. Kathy

c. Kira

d. Katie

8. What is Angelica's doll's name?

a. Stephanie

b. Jennifer

c. Cynthia

d. Clarissa

9. Who are Boris and Minka?

a. Tommy's grandparents

b. Chuckie's grandparents

c. Angelica's grandparents

d. Phil and Lil's grandparents

10. What animal do the twins have on their clothes?

a. A dog

b. A cat

c. A pig

d. A duck

11. Who was the first baby to get chicken pox?

a. Angelica

b. Chuckie

c. Tommy

d. Susie

12. Who is Tommy's baby brother?

a. Phil

b. Dil

c. Ronnie

d. Donnie

13. Who did Grandpa Lou recently marry?

a. Lulu

b. Margaret

c. Matilda

d. Sophie

14. What does Kimi always wear on her feet?

a. Patent leather shoes

b. Cowboy boots

c. Sneakers

d. Ballet slippers

15. What does Tommy use to escape from the playpen for the Rugrats' adventures?

a. His toes

b. A screwdriver he stores in his diapers

c. A hammer

d. Chuckie's glasses

16. Which Rugrat wanted to be a butterfly?

a. Lil

b. Tommy

c. Chuckie

d. Angelica

17. Name the Rugrat who turned into a watermelon.

a. Tommy

b. Kimi

c. Dil

d. Phil

18. Which is TRUE about Chuckie?

a. He has a dog named Spike.

b. His sister is Lil.

c. He loves Fluffy.

d. His shoes are always untied.

19. Which Rugrat loves chocolate chip cookies?

a. Dil

b. Angelica

c. Kimi

d. Tommy

20. How many brothers does Susie have?

a. 2

b. 1

c. 4

d. 0

21. What is Kimi and Chuckie's dog's name?

a. Spike

b. Fluffy

c. Fifi

d. Spot

22. Where are Boris and Minka from?

a. Chicago

b. Los Angeles

c. The Old Country

d. Poland

23. What is the name of Angelica's mother Charlotte's assistant?

a. Jonathan

b. Morgan

c. Jeeves

d. Tommy

24. Who is the babies' favorite TV star / superhero?

a. Megaman

b. Reptar

c. Godzilla

d. Plastica

25. What religion is Tommy Pickles?

a. Buddhist

b. Hindu

c. Catholic

d. Half Jewish / Half Christian

26. What nationality are Kimi and Kira?

a. Japanese

b. Mexican

c. African

d. French

27. What does Susie Carmichael's dad do for a living?

a. He is a writer for the cartoon "The Dummi Bears."

b. He is a teacher.

c. He is a truck driver.

d. He is a policeman.

28. What does Susie's mom do?

a. She is a nurse.

b. She is a waitress.

c. She is a mail carrier.

d. She is a doctor.

29. What is Phil and Lil's daddy's name?

a. Charlie

b. Howard

c. Henry

d. Nick

30. What is Phil and Lil's favorite food?

a. Worms

b. Chocolate

c. Pigs' feet

d. Bananas

For the answers to the quiz, plus some explanations, click here.

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