What The Stars Said About


Hollywood is abuzz about the Rugrats on their 10th anniversary. Here's what some of the stars had to say about it, from the 10th anniversary press kit.

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Ray Romano (star of "Everybody Loves Raymond"): "My favorite Rugrat is Tommy, but I'm more like the neurotic one, Chuckie. Actually, I really like Grandpa Pickles too. He reminds me of my own father, always muttering stuff and saying things like "Back in my day. .." Sadly, as a kid I was most like Grandpa. Yeah, I used talcum powder when I was eight. My twin sons, Greg and Matt, are obviously like Phil and Lil, but they're also like Tommy, because he's a good guy and a cool dude."

Amanda Bynes (Nick personality): "I'm kind of a mixture of Tommy and Chuckie. Sometimes I'm adventurous and daring like Tommy, and sometimes I'm a little more cautious, like Chuckie. My favorite Rugrats are Phil and Lil because they're carefree and eat worms and have good times in garbage cans. When I was younger, I'd have to say I was like Angelica, always scheming and spying on my sister ."

Lil' Bow Wow (rap star): "I'm like Tommy. He has a lot of courage and isn't scared of anything. I have a message to Rugrats on their 10th anniversary: Keep making those cartoons. I love them."

Dave Aizer (Nick personality): "I'm most like Tommy now, because all my friends are older than I am, and I try to get them to do stuff for me, like, 'Chuckie, why don't you swim in that shark tank?' When I was a kid I was a little shy and hesitant, like Chuckie, but not anymore."

Aaron Carter (pop star): "Rugrats, I've always loved you guys. You're my favorite show. I used to look like Tommy, and I act like him now, only older. He's my favorite. We're both very curious."

Nivea (Who's she? -- SM): "I'm most like Tommy. He's brave, and he'll do things just to prove he can. I just love Phil and Lil. They have great voices, and they're so cute!"

Alexa Vega and Daryl Sahara (stars of "Spy Kids"):
Alexa --"I think Chuckie is just adorable. He's my favorite."
Daryl -- "He's scared a lot, but he always ends up doing the deed and saving everyone."

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