The Untold Secrets of The

You think you know alot about Rugrats? Think again, for this section features special information on your favorite episodes that didn't quite make it past the early drafts of the scripts -- alternate titles, special scenarios, different pairings, and things like that. Also here are information on Rugrats episodes that were not ready for prime-time -- or any time, for they were rejected outright in the early stages.

Most of this information deals with episodes broadcast, or were to have been broadcast, in the 1992-93 TV season; the source of all this is a book of notes and faxes that I won on eBay. This book was originally owned by a Klasky-Csupo staffer.

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Secret Episode Facts

The Lost Episodes

The Original Episode Orders

By the way, if you worked on the Rugrats project currently, or in the past, and you are willing (and allowed, of course) to share any secrets that you have; let me know -- I would love to hear about it.

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