Topps Nicktoon Trading Cards (1993)

These cards feature the characters from the first 3 Nicktoons, and feature trading cards, stickers, tattoos & activity cards in each pack.

Left: Display box for the Topps Nicktoons cards.
(Box & all cards ©1993 Viacom.)

Back of card #30 (a Ren & Stimpy card), which features a checklist of the entire set. Here's where the Rugrats are involved:

Main set / Picture Cards: 29 cards (#s 60 to 88)

Activity Cards: 3 cards (#s 9-11)

Stickers: 4 stickers (#s 8-11)

Tattoos: 4 tattoos (#s 9-12)

Examples of the fronts of the Rugrats picture cards. The pictures all come from the cels of the show's first season (1991), and are selected at random; they do not tell a story if placed in any order.

The backs of the picture cards; on the backs of cards 60 to 81, little comic features are presented, in the same style as the examples shown here. These cards also feature a "Triplex", which are flip movies when you put all the cards together.

The backs of cards 82 to 87 is a puzzle you put together. The back of card 88 (left) is what the card will look like when completed.

Examples of Rugrats stickers -- the front has the sticker itself, and the back features information on the character.

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