Capri Sun Nickelodeon Cards (1991) & Nicktoon Stickers (1992)

Capri Sun Nickelodeon Trading Cards (1991)
Left: The 4 Rugrats cards featured in the 1991 Capri Sun Nickelodeon card set.
(©1991 Viacom.)

Rugrats was part of a set of 22 trading cards, with one card available with purchase of a 10-pack of Capri Sun fruit drinks. In addition to the 4 Rugrats cards, the following cards were also available with the set:

Nick Dinosaurs: 5

"Nick Is Kids" (various Nick logos): 1

Eureeka's Castle: 3

Inspector Gadget (the only non-Nick property featured on these cards): 3

Ren & Stimpy: 2

Doug: 4

Capri Sun Nicktoons Trading Sticker Cards (1992)


Above: The 8 Rugrats sticker cards featured in the 1992 Capri Sun Nicktoons card set.
(©1992 Viacom.)

The following year, Capri Sun followed up with a set of Nicktoon sticker cards, where each card has a sticker that you can peel off. As with the 1991 cards, each card was available in specially-marked Capri Sun 10-packs. Here's what was featured in the 22-card set:

Rugrats: 7 (Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Stu, Didi, Angelica)

Ren & Stimpy: 8

Doug: 7

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