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What is your favorite Rugrats story?  From 1/1/2001 to 3/31/2001, Rugrats fans had an opportunity to choose their favorite episodes online at Nick.Com, for Nick's official episodes. A total of 263 stories were polled. Viewers rated the Rugrats episodes from one to four Reptar Bars (left). The top 10 stories that rank 4 bars were featured in Nick's Rugrats 10th Anniversary marathon on Saturday, April 21, from 4:30PM ET to 8PM ET; these episodes are also be featured in a special 2-video box set.

(Left: from Nick.Com; ©2001 Viacom.)

And now, from Nick's home office in New York City (via Yahoo's TV listings), the top 10 favorite Rugrats episodes, in order of broadcast on 4/21/2001. The "Favorite _____ Episode" names are given on the videos.

10 -- "No Bones About It" (Favorite All Out Adventure Episode)
(In the repeat of this marathon as part of the 2001 Nonstop Nicktoon Weekend on 11/23/2001, "Down The Drain", which ranked # 62, was seen instead.)

9 -- "The First Cut" (Favorite Brave Baby Episode)
("The Wild, Wild West", which is actually #89, was originally announced)

8 -- "Be My Valentine" (Favorite Dog Day Episode)
7 --  "Bigger Than Life" (Favorite Amazing Imagination Episode)
6 --  "Reptar on Ice" (Favorite Reprar-Rageous episode)
5 -- "Angelica Orders Out" (Favorite Bossiest Episode)
4 -- "Vacation" (Favorite Out Of This World Fantasy)
3 -- "Doctor Susie" (Favorite No-Nonsense Neighbor Episode)
2 -- "Chuckie vs. the Potty" (Favorite Fraidy Cat Episode)

And the number one best Rugrats episode...

1 -- "Finsterella" (Favorite Spunky Sister Episode)

By the way, here's the episode order on the videos. Both videos retail for US$12.95 each; there's no special discounts for the box set (except as determined by the retaillers), though thepocket version of the All Growed Up book will be included as a bonus.

(Below: Both Decades In Diapers videos, from Amazon.Com. ©2001 Viacom.)

Volume 1
(78 minutes)

Volume 2
(83 minutes)

VHS Box Set / DVD
"Angelica Orders Out"
"The First Cut"
"Reptar on Ice"
"No Bones About It"
"Be My Valentine"
"Chuckie vs. the Potty"
"Doctor Susie"
"Bigger Than Life"
Contains both videos;
VHS box set also features
the All Growed Up book.

It should be noted that the timing of the actual stories is about 66 minutes for volume 1, 75 minutes for volume 2. The extra times will be used for special extras -- Volume 1 will include the original pilot that started it all, Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing; Volume 2 will feature "The Pickles Family Album", a special featurette that has Angelica narrating clips from the TV series and the films, in a "photo album" fashion.

Both videos are released in the SP format, which uses more tape, but lasts longer than videos recorded in the slower EP / SLP formats.

It should also be noted that a press release mentioned that these videos will also be released on DVD -- right now, only the VHS tapes were released, at first; the DVD release, featuring the same items as the VHS versions, was originally slated for release in November 2001, but was delayed for almost a year, until 9/24/2002. The DVD doesn't have much exclusive extras -- they are the 2 Rugrats music videos (originally featured in the Chuckie the Brave and Harriet The Spy videos), plus some still pictures of the Rugrats characters. Get the DVD version, only if you either don't have the VHS version yet, or if you like the best in picture quality.

In Britain, volume 1, which contains the same contents as the US version, was released on 6/10/2002. There's no word on when, or if, volume 2 will be released.

In Australia, both volumes 1 & 2 were released simultaneously in September 2002.

America's Worst Rugrats Episodes

For those who care, here are the least-popular, bottom 10 Rugrats stories. Please keep in mind that these episodes are the worst not for their quality, but they were voted the least number of Reptar Bars in the poll.

263 (Worst) -- The 'Lympics
262 -- The Way Things Work
261 -- Chuckie's Duckling
260 -- Rhinoceritis
259 -- Heatwave
258 -- The Smell of Success
257 -- The War Room
256 -- Pirate Light
255 -- Driving Miss Angelica
254 -- Dil's Binkie

The Complete List

From Nick.Com, here is the complete list and rankings of all polled Rugrats stories.

It should be noted that each part of Acorn Nuts and Diapey Butts is ranked separately, rather than all together -- part 1 (Diaper Change) is #189, part 2 (Fall Stinks) is #207, and part 3 (Don't Poop On My Parade) is #192. If it was ranked as a single episode, it would be #196, which is the average ranking for all 3 parts.

Count Them Out

The following episodes were not counted in Nick's poll:

1. Runaway Reptar -- most schedule services, and Nick, has this episode listed outside of Rugrats, rather than part of the series.

2. The movies

3. These episodes that were not seen within the polling period (January 1 to March 31):

The Magic Baby / Dil We Meet Again

All's Well That Pretends Well / Big Babies

The Incredible Shrinking Babies / Miss Manners

A Dose of Dil / Famous Babies

Dil Saver / Cooking With Phil & Lil / Piece of Cake

Bad Shoes / The World According To Dil & Spike / Wash-Dry Story

Day Of The Potty / Tell-Tale Cell Phone / The Time Of Their Lives

Adventure Squad / The Way More Things Work / Talk Of The Town

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