Rugrats Shirts

Here are some examples of shirts that you may find where fine clothes are sold.

The following pictures came from the E! Online Shop:
A giant picture of Chuckie's head.
Tommy & Chuckie looking at the sky.
The Rugrats at the beach.
Chuckie gets some cookies.

This shirt, available only in Britain, features Angelica, and a list of her qualities in the background.

(Left: The shirt; Right: close-up of design; from eBay; © Viacom.)

These 2 shirts, also from the E! Online Shop, are special shirts where you actually do the coloring. The images on the shirts are black and white, and each shirt comes with an 8-pack of crayons.
The Rugrats look at a flower.
The Rugrats color (?).

The following pictures are from the webmaster (Steve Mindykowski):
Front Back
This girl's shirt has Chuckie, Angelica & Tommy on front, and their backsides on the back.

This girl's shirt has the Rugrats gang on top of the "Rugrats" logo.

This boy's sweatshirt has Reptar going after Chuckie & Tommy.

This boy's shirt has Tommy, Chuckie & Spike going around in a "whirlpool" fashion with the slogan around this: "This is my world and welcome to it."

Front Back
This girl's shirt has Angelica on front and her "Rugrats" backpack, with Cynthia, on the back. A similar shirt for boys has Chuckie on front and Reptar on back.

In this boy's sweatshirt, Tommy & Chuckie climb over each other on a stool, with this slogan: "It's a tough life but someone's gotta do it!

In this girl's shirt, Angelica, Tommy, Chuckie & Spike burst out of the shirt.

In this long-sleeved boy's shirt, Tommy, Chuckie & Spike are on front, while the word "Rugrats" are on the sleeve.

Front Back
This boy's shirt has Chuckie pulling kite string on front, and Tommy with a Reptar kite on back.

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