Rugrats In Paris -- The Movie
Release Dates
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Release Dates

When is Rugrats In Paris coming to your country? Here's the known release dates, along with their sources:
11/17/2000 US / Canada / Puerto Rico / Virgin Islands / Bahamas / Jamaica / St. Maarten / Aruba / Curaçao / Cayman Islands
2/1/2001 US College / Institutional / Non-Profit (distributed in 16mm & 35mm by Swank Motion Pictures)
(Right: French Rugrats In Paris logo)

2/14/2001 Switzerland -- French Version
2/21/2001 Belgium
3/8/2001 Singapore
3/27/2001 US / Canada video release, in English & French
4/5/2001 Australia
Australian Grand Premiere -- 3/25/2001 at 11AM Sydney Time at the Village / Greater Union / Hoyts Centre theatre
in Sydney, benefitting the Sydney Children's Hospital. Open to the public at A$24 for adults, A$18 for children; limited
advance sales only.

Costa Rica
Great Britain
South Africa
(Right: Spanish Rugrats In Paris logo, from; ©2000 Viacom.)

(Right: Dutch Rugrats In Paris logo.)
Ratjetoe in Parijs -- De Film
4/14/2001 Philippines
5/11/2001 US / Canada Pay-Per-View
5/26/2001 Malaysia
(Right: German Rugrats In Paris logo.)
6/1/2001 Colombia
Thailand (Direct-To-Video)
6/28/2001 Chile
6/29/2001 Spain
7/4/2001 Venezuela
7/5/2001 Peru
7/12/2001 Argentina
7/13/2001 Brazil

(Left & Center: Portuguese Rugrats In Paris logo; Right: Poster of the Portuguese version, featuring the local voices.)

7/31/2001 US / Canada video release, in Spanish
10/6/2001 World Premium Channel Debut (in Canada on Movie Central; Manitoba westward only)
10/7/2001 World French Premium Channel Debut (in Canada on Super Ecran)
10/8/2001 British video release
10/10/2001 Video release in France
10/13/2001 Eastern Canada English Premium Channel Debut (on TMN; Ontario eastward only)
1/1/2002 US Premium Channel Debut (on Showtime)
(Right: Japanese Rugrats In Paris logo.)

7/6/2003 World TV Premiere (on YTV, in Canada; click here to see TV Guide ad)

The Distributors

In the US, Canada, and some Caribbean islands, the film is distributed by Paramount Pictures.

Rugrats In Paris is distributed to US military bases worldwide by AAFES, the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which operates on-base movie theaters as part of special shopping benefits available to American servicepeople and their families. The film is released to all US bases, stateside and overseas, at the same time as the US & Canada; however, not all theaters may show it at the same time, depending on the schedule. For example, the base theater at an Army base at Fort Belvoir, VA did not show the film there until early 2001.

Swank Motion Pictures has this film available for rental to educational and other non-commercial establishments, in 16mm and 35mm formats. Family-run Swank, based in St. Louis, is America's leading distrubutor of films for colleges, civic groups, clubs and other organisations. Swank also has the original Rugrats Movie available for rental.

And internationally, United International Pictures, and their local distributors, release Rugrats In Paris worldwide, outside of the US, Canada and some Caribbean islands (see above).

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