The Rugrats Movie -- Banners

Paramount has also released sets of 6 banners to promote the film. Each banner is 46in. x 72in. Only 300 sets were made, with one set going to Klasky-Csupo (page 20 of the K-C book has the K-C offices adorned with these banners), some sets going to Nickelodeon (for the main & Hollywood offices, for Nick studios & other Nick attractions), and the rest going to selected theaters. In the collectibles market, these banners up to $40 each.

Here are the pictures of the banners (all banners are (c) 1998 Viacom & Paramount; pictures came from an anonymous source):
Stu, Didi & Dil: "Quality Time"
(Note: British versions of this banner have the following
instead: "He needs a change -- let's go to the movies.")
Angelica & Cynthia: "The Queen Of Mean"
Chuckie: "Scaredy Cat" Spike: "Scratch & Sniff"
Tommy: "Do or Diaper" Phil & Lil: "Potty On"

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