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Above: Clips from the very first Rugrats Movie commercial, including an early version of The Rugrats Movie logo (left). (c) 1998 Paramount Pictures / Viacom.

"The following PREVIEW has been approved for ALL AUDIENCES by the Motion Picture Association of America."

The following is a list of trailers and ads that have been seen since Fall 1997, all promoting The Rugrats Movie.

1. Nickelodeon began advertising for the movie more than a year in advance (probably a first for any film). This first ad was seen on A Rugrats Thanksgiving video (as well as Dr. Tommy Pickles), interspersed with clips and dialogue from the TV series (series dialog not mentioned here) (Transcript (c) 1997 Paramount Pictures Corporation).

Announcer: "After years as America's hottest TV stars, the Rugrats have gone Hollywood. Paramount Pictures presents, in association with Nickelodeon movies, the most gigundus, goopiest, mind-boggling adventure of the the best loved little babies on TV take over the big screen. The Rugrats Movie. Coming Thanksgivng 1998."

2. Second is a transcript from the TV commercial, which debuted during the Nonstop Nicktoon Weekend during Thanksgiving weekend 1997 (11/26/97 to 11/30/97), (a slightly-different version was also seen in the Diapered Duo video):(Transcript (c) 1997 Paramount Pictures Corporation):

(The Rugrats are riding a Reptar car in warp speed)

Tommy: Hold on! We're getting big!

Phil & Lil: Real big!

Chuckie: I don't think this is such a good idea!

(As we look in the back of the car, we see "Coming Soon" on Chuckie's sneaker treads.)

Announcer: Paramount Pictures in association with Nickelodeon Pictures presents A Rugrats Movie.

Angelica: It's about time they made ME into a movie star.

Announcer: Coming Thanksgiving 1998.

(c) 1997 Paramount Pictures Corporation
"This Film Is Not Yet Rated"

3. This next ad (transcript not available, sorry), first seen during a Nicktoons marathon on 3/8/98, has various Nicktoon characters on the phones talking to each other about the upcoming movie. The end of the commercial, however, is the same as the first commercial.

4. Another commercial that's starting to make its rounds on Nick takes place at a public school:

(Schoolkids eat lunch as announcer talks)

Announcer: Get ready for something big!

(Shadow falls on school & Reptar's head is seen from a window. Kids run out of school screaming while we look at a gigantic Tommy holding a Reptar doll)

Tommy: Hey! Where's everybody going?

Announcer: It's the biggest event in Rugrats history! The Rugrats Movie! Coming Thanksgiving 1998.

(c) 1998 Paramount Pictures Corporation
"This Film Is Not Yet Rated"

5. In this ad (transcript not available, sorry), we see Dil for the first time, along with actual clips from the movie.

If you would like to see the trailer to the film, visit the Blue Thunder Movies site and at the official site, but be warned -- at 2.5MB to 9MB (depending on length & platform), it'll take quite a while to download, and you need a zip-drive or other bulk storage device to save it.

This trailer can also be found on the following Nicktoons videos, usually at the start of the tape:
Rugrats A Rugrats Thanksgiving
Diapered Duo
Dr. Tommy Pickles
Mommy Mania
Angelica Knows Best
Hey Arnold Love Stinks

The trailer is now playing at movie theaters, mainly before G & PG-rated movies.

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