Special Facts From "The Rugrats Movie"

1. Here's the airport-style birth board at the Lipschitz hospital, reproduced here (0:21:16):
Hill James Ono
Jones Ericson
Lopez Arnold
Smith Luce
Schwartz Lee Kim
Kant McCay
Oates Hellmich
Selby Klein Hooter
Horn Austin Kling
Sanchez Marlowe Gratt
Doe Joseph
Schultz Nabe Milton

Here it is a second later, after the names flipped:
Schultz Yaz Hill
Nelson Arnold Cosby
Doe Horn
Oates Lopez Jones
Ebner Smith Austin
Hellmich Lee James
Selby Klein Nabe
McCay Foote
Li Thomas
Hooter McDuff Gratt
Ono Ki
Ericson Guess Joseph
Sanchez Mill
Kim Kant Kay
Luce Kling
Marlowe Schwartz

2. The things we see inside Didi's body as she gives birth, in order (0:24:46):

a. A blast of blue light
b. A group of planets
c. A school of fish mingling in aquatic plantlife
d. Dinosaurs
e. Dolphins
f. Monkeys, one of them waving a bone
g. Stonehenge
h. The Sphinx
i. Atoms
j. Bright light (symbolising where the baby gets out of Didi's body)

3. Dil is named after Didi's cousin, Dylan Prescott. (0:25:10)

4. Animation error: In the scene where Spike was fighting with the wolf, his dog collar was ripped off. In the next shot, it reappeared on his neck, then disappeared again, then reappeared again.

(Special thanks to Paul Rudoff)

5. There are also some items that were seen in the trailer for the movie, but not in the film itself.

a. Quote heard in the trailer, but didn't make it into the film:
In one scene, a "Big Action News" reporter (not Rex Pester) says, "Do you know where your children are?" It was heard in the trailer when Stu and Didi are surrounded by people after they found out their kids were missing.

b. Scene changes between the film and the trailer:
In the trailer, Tommy and Dil begin fighting over the teddie in a game of tug-of-war. But in this particular scene, Phil and Lil are sitting on the couch as the fight starts. Tommy and Dil's eyes are closed because of the strain. The teddy bear doesn't rip. In the background, we see a playpen that looks a lot like the one we see in Moose Country. That playpen was never seen in The Rugrats Movie.
In the part where people are asking Stu and Didi questions, the people and arrangements that they are in differ in both trailer and movie.
In the trailer, when Angelica and Spike fall towards the forest, Angelica pulls Spike with her and we see Angelica (back-side view, not front view) with the leash and falling backwards. Spike is pulled literally forward. In the movie, however, we don't see this.
In the trailer, when Tommy uses his jump rope to pull Chuckie through the Angelica-like stone mouth, he whips to his left and had his eyes open and his mouth closed. But in the movie, though, he closes his eyes for a second or two and does open his mouth as he whips.

When Tommy says, "No! You can't do that!" to the twins, the scene is slightly different in the movie trailer. In the trailer, the background is darker. Tommy's motions are a little different and he's further away than in the movie.

When Tommy and Dil start the tug-of-war, Tommy starts it. But the way they react is much different. Tommy bares his gums, reaches with 1 hand, and grabs the leg. They begin pulling. The way their faces are are different from the movie.
The scene during Dil being pushed out by Didi is different. The trailer included a leaves-and-forest-like scene background at the start of the trailer, but this wasn't used in the film.

c. Sound changes:
In the movie, the moment of Dil's birth, we hear him cry the moment he was born, though in the film itself, we don't hear him cry for the first time until he tweaks Tommy's nose (see below). And after Dil's birth, Stu clearly says, "Oh, Deed. She's so beautiful," before going on to say, "She's .. she's a boy." But in the trailer, he clearly says, "Oh, Deed. He's so beautiful."

When Tommy & Dil are introduced, Dil grabs Tommy's nose. In the trailer, there's some kind of "plop" sound effect when Dil grabs Tommy's nose, and Tommy cries instantly. In the film, there's no sound effect, and Tommy doesn't cry until a couple of seconds after Dil grabbed Tommy's nose.

In a scene where Grandpa & Stu realise that the kids are gone, after Grandpa said, "They were here a minute ago," Stu screams immediately in the trailer, but he never screamed in the film.

d. Other unseen scenes:
In one scene in the trailer, we see a cameraman running with a camera into a yellow van. This scene wasn't used in the movie.
In this scene, Tommy is smiling and lifting his right hand up and saying, "We're just having an adventure, that's all." In the background we see Chuckie & Lil. However, we never ever see this in the film.
In the trailer as Phil says, "I've seen feetprints like that in our story book. A woof made 'em! And then he ate that little red riding girl." Also, the camera quickly zooms the wolf's footprint, unlike in the film itself.
Angelica is walking up a hill. Just as she disappears, the gray wolf appears! His mouth is open and he runs up the hill after her.

(Images from The Rugrats Movie trailer, from Nick.Com; ©1999 Viacom. Special thanks to Kacie Boskey.)

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