Viacom Goes All Out For The Video

Tuesday, March 30, is R-day. That's when The Rugrats Movie will be released on video. To celebrate the video release of this US$100 million blockbuster, Viacom has big plans.

March 27 & 28, at the Live Adventure stop in Los Angeles, "Berry Blue" Jelly Belly jelly beans will be given away, with each packet saying "It's A Boy" and plugging the video. During April & May, copies of the video will be given away by radio stations in cities hosting the live show.

March 30, Tommy (rather, a person in a Tommy costume) will be making rounds at the Cedars Sinai (Los Angeles) and Mt. Sinai (New York City) hospitals, delivering free gifts to families of newborns.

Also on that day, Rosie O'Donnell will give away free copies of the video to audience members on her show.

April 2 to 11, 3 of Paramount's theme parks, Great America (San Francisco), Carowinds (Charlotte) and King's Dominion (Richmond) will hold radio promotions and video giveaways, with Saturday, April 10th being Rugrats Movie Day -- free admission to the park will be granted to anyone donating a baby item for charity; also, free videos and posters will be given away.

Finally, video giveaway plans are being arranged for radio stations with high mother demographics in the top 110 US markets and the top 2 Canadian markets (Toronto & Montreal?). Selected newspapers in these markets will also feature special activity pages and contests.

Be prepared for the biggest media blitz in Rugrats history.

(Source: Viacom's web site)

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