Around The World

(Left: Front cover of the second issue of "Rugrats Around The World".)

The third Rugrats magazine series, entitled "Rugrats Around The World", features the Rugrats exploring various countries of the world, with a speciic country featured in each weekly issue. Unlike previous series, this magazine is more an educational magazine than a comic book. Each issue retails for £1.75. The series last 8 issues.

Here's what will be featured in that series. All titles will be called, "Let's Explore [blank]", with the "[blank]" being that issue's featured country.

1: France -- includes a play passport (below).

2: Egypt -- includes a special binder for the magazines, plus a map of the world's animals (below).

3: Australia

4: Kenya

5: USA

6: Brazil

7: Great Britain

8: Italy

Apparently, the magazine is produced in Britain and sold in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand & Malta. No word on  when, of if, they'll be available in the US.

(Above Left: Front cover of the passport that came with the first issue of "Rugrats Around The World". Above Right: The passport stickers that you use in your passport. Each issue has stickers pertaining to the featured country.)

(Above: Sample pages from the second issue of "Rugrats Around The World".)

(Above: The map of the world's animals from the second issue of "Rugrats Around The World".)

(Left: Card used to subsribe to the magazine; subscribers get a selection of special gifts with a paid subscription.)


Here are the people who have put this magazine together:


Simon Clare

Artful Doodlers

Kelly Dooley

Kourtney Harper

Andy Peters

Alan Rowe


Editor: Catherine Ard

Art Editor: Roisin Galvin

Deputy Editor: Jean Marris

Designer: Michaela Mills

Editorial Assistant: William Petty

Picture Editor: Ellen Root

Pre-Press Production: Jeremy Mundy

Story and Text Consultancy: Debra Krassner

Managing Director: Hilary Newstead

published by GR Fabbri Ltd

Created by act-two

(All items from of the second issue of "Rugrats Around The World"; ©2002 Viacom..Courtesy of the Nickdisk forum.)

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