Rugrats -- A Live Adventure:
The Complete Rundown

Spoiler Warning:

If you have not seen the show yet, and are planning to do so in the future, I advise you not to go any further in this page. Doing so may dampen the experience of watching the show when the time comes.

But First, Some Pictures:

(These pictures were taken from the official program book, photographed by Joan Marcus and (c) 1998 Viacom. Same goes for their captions, except the one for the movers.)
Tommy Pickles
"Fearless Leader"
Chuckie Finster
"Cautious, Just In Case"
Phil & Lil DeVille
"If It's Gross, It's Cool"
Angelica Pickles
"Bossy To Babies, Adorable To Adults"
Susie Carmichael
"Neighborhood Protector Of The Babies"
& Larry

"The Movers ... And Shakers"

The Rundown:

(If you haven't turned back by now, you have been warned; you're on your own.)

Before The Show

When you walk into the theater (or arena, or stadium, or whatever), a large TV screen shows commercials and Nick promos (but where's Angry Beavers? and Oh Yeah!?). During that time, Angelica reminds the audience that they have 5 minutes, then 2, before the show starts, reminding the audience not to take flash photography, as it hurts their eyes (signs outside the venues remind people of this illegality, but many people took pictures anyway).

Act I

The movers, Astoria, Larry & Steve, ask the audience if this is Tampa and the Ice Palace (or New York and Radio City, or Detroit and the Fox Theater, etc.); the audience says yes. Grandpa then arrives to order the movers around. When Grandpa sits down to tell his story, he, obviously, never finishes it, as he falls asleep. While he sleeps, the movers sing The Movers Rap, which explains who the Rugrats are and what they do; while they sing, the audience chants and claps along.

After their spiel ended, the "flying diaper" rises on the string for the Rugrats introduction, the same one used to open each TV show, but it's live and includes an upbeat version of the Rugrats Theme.

Afterwards, while Grandpa sleeps, Angelica likes more toys, as usual. Stu and Didi arrive back home, out of the rain, with Stu blaming it on El Niño. Chuckie gets scared by the storm, but Angelica gets Chuckie evem more scared by telling him that it's the sound of Reptar coming to get him. With song, Tommy, Phil & Lil remind Chuckie that there's Nothing To Be Escared Of.

The scene then shifts to Stu's workshop, where he invents the "Parentalator 9000", designed to supervise children while mom and dad are away. Meanwhile, Tommy uses a ball and a paper towel tube to invent the "People-ator", which Chuckie can use to animate objects so he won't feel scared. Both Stu & Tommy prove that A Great Idea Can Change The World. (Golden Throats alert: Jack Riley sings.)

Unfortunately, Stu's Parentalator blows a fuse, calling a power outage and scarring Chuckie again. With the help of the People-ator, he turns his trusty Mr. Flashlight into an actual person; he reminds Chuckie to Shine Your Light when he's scared of anything. Power was eventually restored, thanks to Didi's ample supply of fuses. Then, Phil & Lil fight over cookies that Didi gave to Stu. Then, when Chuckie got scared again, a gospel choir walked in, reminding him to Shine Your Light, with Tommy changing tools into animated objects.

Scene then shifts back to the living room, where Angelica steals the People-ator from Tommy, while a '40s singer sings "I've Been A Bad Little Girl" (this song not on soundtrack). The Rugrats try to get it back, but to no avail. Angelica becomes Princess Of The World, and makes the Rugrats play "Princess Angelica Says..." (also excluded from soundtrack). Her high point of her dictatorship comes as she brings Reptar to life.

As we enter intermission, the video screen comes down, showing a picture of Reptar towering over Tommy's house.


The voice of Angelica announces the 20-minute intermission, and reminds the audience to go potty. Then Didi announces that some theater goers win a gift pack from L'Oreal, if they have a Rugrats sticker under their seat. The balance of intermission is used for ads and promos on the video screen.

Act II

We return to the living room, where our movers try to say "Reptar", who later scares the movers and the Rugrats while they exclaim "He's Reptar!". During that song, Phil & Lil crack jokes:

Phil: "Why did Reptar cross the road?"

Lil: "I don't know. Why did Reptar cross the road?"

Phil: "I don't know either, but he's here now, and he's gonna squish us!"


Lil: "Why did Reptar wear red suspenders?"

Phil: "I don't know. Why did Reptar wear red suspenders?"

Lil: "'Cause he eated a fireman, and now he's gonna eat us!"


Phil: "What do you get when you cross Reptar and your house?"

Lil: "I don't know. What do you get when you cross Reptar and your house?"

Phil: "Splinters!"

Later, our Rugrats go out in the rain, where Susie comes to visit in her red wagon, which was "converted" into a pirate ship. To help get the People-ator from Angelica, Susie invites the Rugrats on board with her Reggae number, Everybody Say. Susie and Tommy eventually confronts Angelica, who used her People-ator to turn regular bees to large talking, dancing bees, dancing to the Bee Samba. Meanwhile, Didi was back in the house talking to Chazz on the phone; he's attending the "Asthmatic Singles" weekend (remember, Chazz is widowed and has breathing problems).

Then, Tommy decides to climb earth's highest point, the "Entire State Building" (actually, it's just a box). Chuckie was hesitant at first, but was enticed to join the climb anyway. When they reach the top, they were in space, and Chuckie is no longer scared. Tommy and Chuckie sing about their friendship in their song, If I Could Count To Two, while the barbecue aliens (from Destination: Moon) fly by. Eventually, Reptar climbs up, toppling Tommy & Chuckie to the ground.

We return back inside where Tommy & Chuckie climb the stairs while Grandpa sleeps and Stu continues to work on his invention. We then go into Tommy's room, where Angelica, the Princess Of The World, thinks she has taken over the Toy Palace. Tommy eventually enters the scene, but Angelica retalliates by turning him into a talking Tommy doll (you know, like the ones they sell for $40 at Toys R Us), as well as "railroading" Chuckie by making him ride on the toy train.

Susie enters back into the picture by telling Angelica to turn Tommy back into a real person, but Angelica wouldn't budge. Then, Mr. Flashlight comes back, encouraging Chuckie to be brave, with a little help from the audience. Chuckie becomes brave, riding Reptar to get back at Angelica, forcing her to give the People-ator to Chuckie. Chuckie uses it to turn Tommy back to real; once again, they sing If I Could Count To Two.

With People-ator in hand, Chuckie forces an apology from Angelica. Stu and Didi return. While Stu explains his Parentator, Didi tells him to clean up the play area. Chuckie, to Angelica's disgust, kisses her. Everyone plays again, and everyone lived happily ever after.

Cast then returns to stage to take final bows, while the movers sing the Movers' Rap one last time. After the cast leaves the stage, the video screen comes down one last time, showing Reptar smiling and winking; this remains as the audience leaves the theater.

The End

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