The People Of
Rugrats -- A Live Adventure (First Tour)

(Picture is from the CD booklet in the CD version of "Music Of 'Rugrats -- A Live Adventure'", Photo by Joan Marcus and is (c) 1998 Viacom.)
The First Tour cast of the "Live Experience". From left-to-right:

Foreground: Angelica, Tommy, Chuckie, Susie, Phil, Lil

Background: Steve, Larry, 2 Bees, Opera Diva, Mr. Flashlight, one of the tools (?)

In Crib: Stu, Didi

These are some of the credits of people associated with the show, many of these can be found in the insert of "Music Of 'Rugrats -- A Live Adventure'" and can be found in greater detail in the official program book:

Writers: Jon Cooksey, Ali Marie Matheson

Director & Choreographer: Danny Herman

Assistant Director & Assistant Choreographer: Rocker Versatique

Music: Mark Mothersbaugh

Lyrics: Cooksey / Matheson / Mothersbaugh

Artistic Consultants: Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo

Scenic & Puppet Design: G.W. Mercier

Costume & Walk-Around Puppet Design: Gregg Barnes

Production Design: Bo G. Eriksson, Wendall K. Harrington

Lighting Design: John McLain

Sound Design: Lewis Mead

Executive Musical Supervisor: Jonathan Brielle

Production Stage Supervisor: David Foster

Executive Producer: Johnathan Hochwald

General Manager: Beth Williams

Production Superversion: Technical Theater Services, Ltd.

US Tour Manager: Erik Brikeland

Soundtrack Producers For Interscope Records: Karyn Rachtman, Carol Dunn, Bobby Lavelle

The Cast:

The following is the list of people who played the characters in the show.

Note: The voices of the Rugrats, Stu & Didi are the same as the ones in the TV series; these voices were pre-recorded in advance.

Astoria - Cari Daly

Larry - Angel Feliciano

Steve - John Paolillo

Mr. Flashlight & Space Alien Puppeteer - Layton Campbell

Hammer & Baby Mobile Dancer - R. Nation Boothe

40's singer & Baby Mobile Dancer - Samantha DeCerce

Opera Diva & Tin Snips - Jason Michael Swauger

Didi - Maggie Da Silva

Stu - Michael A. O' Guin

Grandpa Lou & Baby Mobile Dancer - Todd Bowers

Lil* - Nanette Michelle

Lil* & Baby Mobile Dancer - Jaimie Hollmer

Phil* - Di Ana Pisarri

Phil* & Queen Bee & Baby Mobile Dancer - Tamara Paulino

Tommy* & Baby Mobile Dancer - Thea Rachel Schoenberg (credited as "Thea Rachel" in the program & soundtrack credits)

Tommy* - Jenine Galante

Angelica* - Melissa Muniz

Angelica*, Bee, Nuts & Bolts -Kara McKee

Chuckie* & Baby Mobile Dancer - Staci LaRue

Chuckie* - Diannè Aldrich

Susie & Walking Kitty Toy - Tammy Samuels

Space Alien Puppeteer & Baby Mobile Dancer - Jennifer Rapp

Female lead understudies - Alayna Deckelbaum, Jennifer Rapp, Katie Carpenter

Male lead understudies - Michael Dykes, R. Nation Boothe

* : The roles of Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil & Angelica are "double-casted"; 2 people play the same part -- one in one scene, the other in another scene. These actors wear oversized costumes of the characters (larger than the Rugrats on TV), which tend to get hot inside. Also, the actors see out of the mouths of the head, so the peripheral vision is non-existant.

On the first printing of the soundtrack, only performers that had solo numbers are listed in the credits; the second printing will feature all the cast members in the credits. The soundtrack also features voice actors from the TV series.

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