Rugrats -- A Live Adventure:
Tour Schedule (12/22/98 to 8/1/99)

The first tour ended with the Minneapolis show, 12/9-13/98. The second tour, originally scheduled to tour smaller markets, picked up the first tour's run beginning with St. Louis (12/22-27/98). Because of this, some changes were made to the tour schedule.

The reason for this change is that the staff working on the first tour has suffered various injuries, especially in the end of that tour, due to the weight of the cosutmes and the set. As a result, many cast members and back stage staff sought professional medical help to cure their aches, pains and sprains. Also, portions of the first tour's set has been altered, including the removal of the window, the door and the famous "Hollywood Squares". Some of the original cast have also transferred to the second tour, where the set is less complicated.

Cities That Already Hosted the "Live Experience":
Above: Based on "Live Adventure" newspaper ad; (c) 1998 Viacom.

12/22-27/98: St. Louis: Fox Theatre (return)(no shows 12/24-25/98)

11/29/98-1/3/99: Kansas City, MO: Midland Theatre (no shows 12/31)

1/5-10/99: Baltimore, MD: Lyric Opera House (Originally scheduled for the Lyne Theater)

1/13-18/99: New York City: Radio City Music Hall  (The Rugrats return to the big apple)

January 21-24 1999: Louisville, KY: Kentucky Center For The Performing Arts / Palace Theater

January 27-28 1999: Erie, PA: Civic Center Arena

1/29-31/99: Worcester, MA (Boston Area): Centrum Centre

2/2-7/99: Pittsburgh, PA: Bennedum Center

February 9-11 1999: Roanoke, VA: Roanoke Center (Cancelled)

February 16-17 1999: Huntsville, AL: Von Brown Civic Center Arena (Cancelled)

3/11-21/99: Mexico City, Mexico: Auditorio Nacional (the first foreign stop)(Originally scheduled to end 3/14)

March 25-30 1999: Los Angeles, CA: Universal Amphitheater (Originally scheduled to end 3/28)

April 1-3 1999: Tucson, AZ: Convention Center Arena (Originally scheduled to run 4/2-4)

April 5-6 1999: El Paso, TX: El Paso County Coliseum (Originally scheduled to end 4/7)(Cancelled)

April 4-6 1999: Amarillo, TX: Civic Center Coliseum

April 8-11 1999: Denver, CO: McNichols Sports Arena (Originally scheduled to begin 4/9)

April 13-14 1999: Owensboro, KY: (Nearest stop to Evansville) Sportscenter Arena (Cancelled)

April 13-14 1999: Little Rock, AR: Barron Coliseum

April 16-18 1999: Indianapolis, IN: Market Square Arena (Originally scheduled to end 4/20)

April 20-22 1999: Knoxville, TN: Civic Coliseum

April 23-25 1999: Columbus, OH: Schottenstein Center (Originally scheduled to run 4/21-22)

April 27-28 1999: Winston-Salem, NC: Lawrence Joel Auditorium (Originally scheduled to run 2/12-14; then end 4/29)

April 27-29 1999: Kitchener, ON: Memorial Auditorium (Cancelled)

April 30-May 9: Detroit, MI: Fox Theater (Nearest show to Windsor, Toledo & Flint)(return)(Originally scheduled to begin 4/30, then run 5/4-9, then 4/30-5/10)(no shows 5/3)

May 11-12 1999: Nashville: Nashville Arena (Originally scheduled to run 5/29-31/98 & end 5/13/99)

May 11-13 1999: Cedar Rapids, IA: Five Seasons Center (rescheduled from 12/8-9/98)(Cancelled)

May 14-23 1999: Rosemont, IL (Chicago area): Rosemont Theater

May 26-30 1999: Boston, MA: Wang Center (return, though at a different venue)(Originally scheduled to run 3/2-7, then start 5/25)

June 1-6 1999: Toronto, ON: Hummingbird Centre (Originally scheduled to run 4/23-25 at the Air Canada Centre)(Cancelled)

June 1-2 1999: Syracuse, NY: War Memorial (return)(Originally scheduled to run 6/15-16)

June 4-6 1999: Wallingford, CT: (Hartford-New Haven area) Oakdale Theater (return; rescheduled from 1/27-29/99, then 6/11-13, then 6/5-6)

June 8-9 1999: Norfolk, VA: Scope Arena (Originally scheduled to run 5/28-30, then 4/30-5/2)

June 11-13 1999: Uniondale, NY: (New York City area) Nassau Coliseum (return)(Originally scheduled to run 6/18-20)

June 15-16 1999: Huntington, WV: Huntington Civic Center

June 18-20 1999: Greenville, SC: Bi-Lo Center (Originally scheduled to end 6/16 & run 6-15-17)

June 18-20 1999: Raleigh, NC: Memorial Auditorium (Originally scheduled to run 2/25-28)(Cancelled)

June 22-24 1999: Hershey, PA: (Harrisburg / York area) Hershey Park Arena (Cancelled)

June 22-23 1999: Mobile, AL: Civic Center (Cancelled)

June 25-27 1999: Birmingham, AL: Civic Center Coliseum (Originally scheduled to run 6/22-23) (Cancelled)

June 25-27 1999: East Rutherford, NJ: (New York City area) Continental Airlines Arena (return)(Cancelled)

July 5-6 1999: Orlando: Orlando Arena (return)(Cancelled)

July 6-7 1999: Ft. Myers, FL: Everblades Arena (Originally scheduled to run 2/19-21, then 6/25-27) (Cancelled)

July 8-10 1999: Miami: Miami Arena (Cancelled)

July 13- August 1 1999: Branson, MO: (nearest stop to Springfield / Joplin / Fayetteville) Lawrence Welk Resort Center-Champagne Theatre (no shows 7/19 and 7/26) (final North American stop)

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