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Rugrats: The Search For Reptar

Above: Ads for the "Rugrats: Search For Reptar" video game for Playstation, from Nick.Com. ©1998 Viacom. "Playstation" name and logo are ® of Sony Corporation.

Above: Cover to "Rugrats: Search For Reptar"
video game, from the Playstation site, ©1998 Viacom."Playstation" name and logo are
® of Sony Corporation.
Also available will be new Rugrats video games, developed by THQ, Inc. and n-Space, Inc. These games are available for Playstation, Game Boy (regular & color), and Nintendo 64.

Above: Cover to "The Rugrats Movie" video game for Game Boy Color, from Yahoo Auctions; ©1998 Viacom. "Game Boy Color" logo is ® of Nintendo.

Rugrats Scavenger Hunt for Nintendo 64

(Above: Banner ad from Nick.Com; ©1999 Viacom.)
The Rugrats are featured in their 2nd video game exclusively for Nintendo 64, "Rugrats Scavenger Hunt". This game features 3 different games for you to play:

Reptar Rally: A game-board-type game where you collect treats.

Angelica's Temple Of Gloom:The Rugrats explore an ancient temple.

Pirate Treasure Hunt: The Rugrats roam around a sunken pirate ship in search for hidden trasure.

"Rugrats Scavenger Hunt" is a THQ production; THQ also produced the Search For Reptar game (see above).

(Left & Below: From an ad for Rugrats Scavenger Hunt, in the June / July 1999 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine; ©1999 Viacom.)

Rugrats Studio Tour (Playstation):

The Rugrats go on a Hollywood studio tour. Bored with it, the Rugrats leave the tour and "make" their own movies. And you're their co-star, as they produce these timeless classics:

"Lazy Saddles" -- A wild-west adventure
"Diapers of Thunder" -- Racing excitement
"Captain Cookies" -- Play pirates and find the hidden cookie treasure
"Outside Space" -- Close encounters of the funniest kind

To see the ad for this game from the November 1999 Nickelodeon Magazine, click here.
To see another ad, from issues of Rugrats Comic Adventures released in December 1999, click here.
(Both ads ©1999, Viacom.)

Rugrats Time Travelers (GameBoy):

The Rugrats go back in time in a time machine, going through 10 historical periods in time.

(Left: from eBay;  ©1999, Viacom.)

Totally Angelica

Totally Angelica, for GameBoy Color (only), is where you, as Angelica, collect various accessories. It is with these items that she performs in a fashion show. In addition, you can also play these games with the other Rugrats:

Chuckie's Color Challenge
Tommy's Match-the-Card Game
Phil and Lil's Bug Hunt

(Left: from an ad in the April 2000 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine; Above: From THQ's website; both ©2000, Viacom.)

Rugrats In Paris

A video game based on this hit movie is now out, and is available for N64, GameBoy Color and PlayStation. As for plans for the video game, read this press release.

(Left: THQ's Rugrats In Paris game ad, from that film's "Sneak Peek" booklet; Above: Box for the Playstation version of the game. Both ©2000 Viacom.)

Castle Capers / Royal Ransom

In this game, the Reptar Pizza chain hires Stu to make a playground set, designed to look like a castle, for their chain of restaurants. When Angelica notices a prototype in Tommy & Dil's backyard, she becomes queen. Her first act -- confiscate the Rugrats' most prized possessions. The object of this game is for the Rugrats to get them back from Angelica.

This game is available now for Game Boy Advance as "Castle Capers". It'll be available in October for Nintendo Game Cube and Playstation 2 as "Royal Ransom".

(Top Left: Box for Castle Capers, from; ©2001, Viacom. Top Middle: Boxes for Royal Ransom, from Wal-Mart; ©2001, Viacom. Top Right: Screengrab for the Playstation 2 version of Royal Ransom, from the October 2002 Nickrelodeon Magazine. ©2002, Viacom.)

Nickelodeon Party Blast (coming 10/18, from Infogrames)

A game that features characters from Rugrats, plus Invader Zim, Jimmy Neutron, Thornberrys, SpongeBob and Rocket Power.

From the press release at Infograme's web site:

"Kids play as their favorite star as they slam dunk wearing in-line skates, race through Nick-themed environments, squirt Goooze and have an all-out food fight - all while trying to get the highest score against up to three of their friends."

The game will be available on the Game Cube and Xbox consoles. A Windows version will also be available, starting 10/8.

I Gotta Go Party (coming in October 2002)

Coming in October for Game Boy Advance, this is a "hide-and-seek" game, where you, as Tommy, find the other Rugrats. As you find them, you get to play special games that go along with each Rugrat, such as "Angelica's Cookies", "Phil's Mud Pies" and "Sandbox Blues".

(Left: Box for I Gotta Go Party, from Wal-Mart; ©2002, Viacom.)

Portable Game Power

If you're not going to be home to play the above video games, or if you can't afford either the games or the equipment, you can try 2 video games now from Tiger Toys: one is called "Toy Tag", which is a Simon-like game, but you use mallets to catch toys (retails for $14.99). Another is an LED game (Based on Reptar's Revenge; $12.99). Also from Tiger is the Rugrats GigaPets Plus ("Giga Pets Plus" is Tiger's version of the popular Japanese "Tamagotchi" electronic toys), where you can have the Rugrats in the palm of your hand.

(Left: Rugrats GigaPets Plus from Pelic Toys' Rugrats Toys Site; ©1998 Viacom.)

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