Eat The Rugrats

No, I'm not advocating cannibalism here. I'm saying that you can eat foods shaped like your favorite Rugrats, or with pictures of the Rugrats on them. Here's some examples:

Fruit Snacks (from Farley)

Macaroni & Cheese (by Kraft)

Ice Cream Sandwich (Peanut Butter & Jelly-flavored, by Good Humor)(bottom left)

Bubble Gum (with comics printed on the gum itself (view & chew), plus a cutout (9 in all), by Amurol)

Fruit Rolls (with a Rugrats stamper to make your own impressed fruit rolls (8 in all); from Farley)

Campbell's Rugrats Pasta with Chicken and Broth  (featuring pasta shaped like the Rugrats (similar to the Kraft Macaroni & Cheese), by Campbell's (obviously))(top left)

Watermelon & Fruit Punch-flavired applesuce from Mott's (above)

(Top Left: Store display for Campbell's Rugrats Pasta with Chicken and Broth; from eBay; ©1998 Campbell Soup Company & Viacom.)

(Bottom Left: Sign for Rugrats Peanut Butter & Jelly-Flavored Ice Cream Sandwich; from eBay; ©1997 Good Humor & Viacom.)

(Above: Banner ad for Mott's Rugrats applesauce, from Nick.Com; © 1999 Mott's & Viacom.)

Left: Can of Rugrats Pasta Shapes in Tomato Sauce, made by Heinz (the ketchup people) for the British market.
(From eBay; ©1999 H.J. Heinz UK & Viacom.)

Right: A small bag of Rugrats Potato Crisps (potato chips), from Benson's Crisps in Britain.
(From Benson's Crisps; ©1999 Benson's Crisps & Viacom.)

Left: Cans of Anchor Real Dairy Cream Swirls from New Zealand, with each can including a Rugrats figurine on top. Picture comes from Viscose Closures, a British company that manufactures special closures and attachments for consumer and industrial use; Viscose is publicising The Rugrats Movie closure that attaches the bubble and figurine to the can, rather than publicising Rugrats or the figurines.
(©1999 New Zealand Milk & Viacom.)


Tommy Loves Cookies, Too

If you think Angelica is the only one that loves cookies, then you haven't seen the cookie jar featuring Tommy Pickles (center). This glazed ceramic jar is in the shape and colors of Tommy, and feaatures a hat, which serves as a lid, to keep those cookies fresh.

If you can't afford the Tommy cookie jar, then let Reptar guard the cookies for you in his plastic cookie jar (right).

And if you don't have any cookies, ask your parents to pick up a box of Rugrats cookies from Nabisco (right).

(Left: From eBay; Center: From an article at The Mining Company's collectibles page; Right: Rugrats Cookies box; all © Viacom.)

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