Rugrats Dolls & Action Figures

The complete set of 1993 Rugrats dolls, without boxes.
(From eBay; ©1993 Viacom.)
Cheryl Chase, the voice of
Angelica, holds a doll version of the
character, made by Mattel around 1993.
(From The Ultimate Rugrats Fan Book;
©1998 Viacom.)
A Spike doll from Mattel, also from 1993.
(From eBay; ©1993 Viacom.)

Left: Chuckie doll from Dakin, ca.1993, sold in Australia.
(From eBay; ©1993 Viacom.)

Right: Soft plush Reptar & Chuckie dolls.
(Photo courtesy of Conrad LeFleur.)

Left: "Will the real Angelica Pickles please stand up?" On the left is the 1997 Applause Angelica doll, who looks like, of course, Angelica. The doll on the right is the 1996 Applause Angelica, who looks more like Tommy in drag.

(From eBay; ©1996, 1997 Viacom.)

Above: Make-Up Pretty Angelica,
Snooze & Surprise Dil
& Read & Play Tommy.
Right: Banner ads for these dolls.
(All from Nick.Com; ©1999 Viacom.)

In the fall of 1999, 4 new Rugrats dolls were released by Mattel:

Make-Up Pretty Angelica & Susie: You apply fake make-up on Angelica or Susie,
along with matching accessories.

Snooze & Surprise Dil: You play the babysitter when Dil sleeps, cries and wakes up.

Read & Play Tommy: With a special book & crayon, you can read along & play
games with Tommy.

Left: Make-Up Pretty Susie.

("Make-Up Pretty Susie From eBay; ©1999 Viacom.)

In 2000, Angelica got a toy line of her own, under the "Totally Angelica" banner. There are a lot of merchandise released that feature her and her exclusively, and of course, this includes dolls. At right is Angelica's movie star doll, part of the new line. complete with feather boa, miniature glasses, and a Cynthia "Oscar ®". Many Angelica purists, howver, hate the dolls, as it makes her thin as a Barbie-doll, and "dollied-up" in a way unbecoming of the usual style.

From Wal-Mart; ©2000 Viacom.

Keys To Fun

There are also 7 key rings available featuring the Rugrats, though these aren't any ordinary key rings. They are also full-operating 2 1/2" action figures, as well. Each character has some articulation, and each has special features:
Character(s): Features:
Tommy detachable milk bottle that squirts
Chuckie removable glasses; Chuckie's eyes turn when tilted side-to-side
Phil & Lil Sold in sets of 2; each has magnetic attraction to each other
Angelica detachable Cynthia doll
Spike bends
Reptar jointless, but races forward when pulled back

Look for these at selected toy and gift shops nearest you. Also check out the web site of its manufacturer, Basic Fun.

Action League Wow!

For those who want real action figure fun, you can also get Rugrats action figure packs, featuring 4-inch action figures of Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and Reptar. These special gift packs are sold in sets of four, and are available only at Blockbuster Videos for $9.99 per set, while supplies last.

There are also playsets which feature Tommy and his family, Tommy in his high chair, and Angelica and her family. All of these generally retail $10 to $15.

Left: A collection of Rugrats items, mostly action figures. Action figures include the regular line (lower left), summertime line (above "regular"), The Rugrats Movie (near center) and the keychains (right).

(From the collection of Chris Painter; all toys ©1998-2000 Viacom.)

The Fake Rugrats

When a TV show gets popular, there's bound to be merchandise. And when the merchandise gets popular, most likely, bootlegs and knockoffs will follow. Of course, in the case of Rugrats, it's no different than any other hot property. According to the Undiscovered Playthings website, there are at least 2 unauthorised Rugrats action figure lines on the world market:

Smart Kids -- These are practically the Rugrats, except with different names and costumes; there are 6 available. In the Smart Kids line, twins Phil & Lil become "Jack & May"; Tommy changes genders and becomes "Jan"; Angelica swaps pigtails for curly hair and becomes "Rose"; and Chuckie, now "Roy", gets a sister, though now it's a twin named "Ruby". Of course, this is a knock-off line, as only the faces are familiar.

Aventuras N Panales (sic) -- In this bootleg Rugrats line sold in Mexico and Latin America, these are playsets that consist of a large doll, a small figurine of the same character, and either 2 guitars or a guitar and a purse. Sets are available with Chuckie, Angelica, Phil, Lil, Spike or Dil. Spike and Dil is especially intersting, as neither of them are capable of playing guitars. Such mismatches are common in the world of bootlegs.

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