Breakfast With Rugrats: The Kids On The Cereal Box

Recently, the Rugrats had their own cereal made by Post called Reptar Crunch Cereal. The Rugrats and Reptar were predominantly featured on the front, there's a board game on the back, and a special $3 rebate for Runaway Reptar on the side. This cereal was released for a limited time only, sold at US supermarkets 8/1/99 to 9/15/99 only, and not all supermarkets carry the cereal (even some supermarkets that are part of the same chain didn't offer it); the boxes are likely to become collector's items among the cereal box set. As for the cereal itself, the rice flakes are sugar-coated and reddish-purple-colored (similar to Post Pebbles cereals, made popular by another group of cartoon characters -- The Flintstones), with little green Reptars.

In October 2000, the Rugrats returned to the breakfast table in commemoration of their new movie, Rugrats In Paris. Called Rugrats In Paris Cereal, it's a sweetened, multi-grain cereal with small-round bits in plain, red, purple and green, not unlike Trix. Also in the cereal are small Eiffel Towers. This cereal was sold through December 2000.

Before then, Rugrats characters were featured on cereal boxes, but mainly as a special Nickelodeon-related promotion. Their most-recent cereal box promotion was on Post cereals, promoting The Rugrats Movie, and offering free children's tickets.

But when was the first time Rugrats was featured on a cereal box? It was 1991, when they first appeared on Nick. Kellogg's had a series of special Nicktoons boxes of Kellogg's cereals. According to Carolina Hernandez T.:

The first time I heard about the Rugrats wasn´t on T.V.; it was on a cereal named "Apple Jacks" of Kelloggs (more or less). This box had a quiz that you answer yes or no, and if you answer to at least 1 yes that means you are a Rugrat. I remember the questions were "Do you have no hair?" or "Are your teeth begining to fall?" or "Do you wear diapers?" or "Do you like adventure?" or (this is my favorite) "Do the adults look at you with a stupid face when you make a funny thing?". This box also had in a lateral side the description of every Rugrat (age, relationship with the other babies, and general characteristics) and a general description of  the show: rugrats is the new Nickelodeon show that you can see everyday in this Network, something like that...

Above: The Reptar Crunch Cereal box;
to see a larger image, click here. ©1999 Viacom.
Above: An ad for Reptar Crunch Cereal,
from the September 1999 issue of Nickelodeon
; to see a larger image, click here.
©1999 Viacom.
Left: Rugrats In Paris Cereal, from;  to see a larger image, click here.
©1999 Viacom.

Left: "He like's them! Hey Mikey!" In late 1993,
the 4 Nicktoons at the time appeared in a promotion
for Life Cereal. (Shopping cart sign from eBay; ©1993 Viacom.)

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