The RugratsBalloon:
Later Appearances


Left: Ad from Macy's in the 6/15/1999 issue of The Hollywood Reporter, thanking Nickelodeon for its 20th birthday. Also, Macy's announced that another Nick balloon, featuring Blue's Clues, will make its first appearance in the parade this Thanksgiving (11/25/1999).

(©1999 R.H. Macy Co., a Federated Stores company. Rugrats, of course, is © Viacom.)


In the 2000 edition on 11/23/2000, there was a special alteration, in which Tommy wears a beret, to publicise Rugrats In Paris, which was released in theaters around that time.

(Left: From the USA Today website; © 2000 Gannett Co.)


On 11/22/2001, the balloon flew again in its fifth straight parade, this time, with no beret. This is also the year that a Jimmy Neutron ballon was first flown, in celebration of that upcoming movie, which was released the following month.

(Left: From the Long Island Newsday website; © 2001 Newsday.)

After the above appearance, the balloon was apparently retired -- according to a NYC tourism site (via Don Del Grande), the balloon did not make the following roster for the 2002 parade:

Names in green are Nickelodeon characters.

Names with an " * " are making its debut in the 2002 parade.

Barney The Dinosaur
Big Bird
Blue (from Blue's Clues)
* Charlie Brown
Cheesasaurus Rex (mascot for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese)
Clifford The Big Red Dog
* Jeeves (mascot for
Jimmy Neutron
* Kermit The Frog
* Little Bill
Pikachu (from Pokemon)
* Rich Uncle Pennybags (mascot for Monopoly; listed as "Mr. Monopoly")
Ronald McDonald
Wild Thing (from the book Where the Wild Things Are)

Apparently, Nick has felt that three balloons of Nick characters in the parade is enough, so when "Little Bill" became a balloon, they have to, shall I say, let the balloon go. With Jimmy Neutron and Blue's Clues still very hot properties, they decided to keep Rugrats out of the 2002 parade.

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