Rugrats Go Wild


Rated "PG" for "Mild Crude Humor" by the Motion Picture Association of America

Rated "PG" For Crude Humor

On the week of 5/16/2003, the MPAA has given this film a "PG" rating, due to "Mild Crude Humor". The previous 2 Rugrats films were given "G" ratings, despite the fact that they had their share of potty humor as well.

Before this film, the previous 2 Nicktoon films also had "PG" ratings -- The Wild Thornberrys Movie (due to "adventure peril") and Hey Arnold, The Movie (for the even more vague "thematic elements").

Whether or not a PG rating can make or break a film remains to be seen, though the odds are against Nick -- Thornberrys and Arnold both barely broke even by the time they came to video, while the G-rated Rugrats films (as well as Jimmy Neutron, also rated "G") were huge successes.

How It Rates In The Great White North

For Canadian movie-goers, ratings will vary from province-to-province, as each province or region has a different ratings system. However, it appears that all provinces across Canada are bucking the MPAA's "PG" rating by issuing a "G" rating, which, since Ontario's change of ratings system in early 2003, is now universal throughout Canada.

Here's how Rugrats Go Wild rated in each province:

Province By Authority Of: Rated:
Nova Scotia
New Brunswick
Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland & Labrador
Maritime Film Classification Board,
led by the Alcohol and Gaming Authority
of Nova Scotia
Quebec Régie du Cinéma
G "Pour enfants"
Ontario Ontario Film Review Board
Manitoba Manitoba Film Classification Board
Northwest Territories
Alberta Film Classification Services
British Columbia

British Columbia
Film Classification Office
Nationwide Videos Canadian Motion Picture Distributor Assocation
(system patterned after BC's movie ratings)

(Some ratings information from Grading The Movies)

Ratings Elsewhere

It seems that the world is bucking the "PG" trend with this film, by giving their equivalent of a "G" rating, instead of "PG".

One example is in Britain, where the BBFC has rated Rugrats Go Wild as "U" ("Universal"), which is their eqiuvalent to the MPAA's "G". While the film was certified "U" with no cuts made, a "mild peril" advisory was given in adjunct to the "U".

What's in this film, really?

According to Movieguide, a Christian movie magazine, expect the following in Rugrats Go Wild:

And according to ChildCare Action Project (CAP): Christian Analysis of American Culture, an even grimmer picture is painted of the film, rebuking the reviews given by other Christian and religious groups, in, what I call, a "GGG" language:

Wanton Violence / Crime (W):

Impudence / Hate (I):

Sex / Homosexuality (S):
Drugs/Alcohol (D):

Offense to God (O):

Murder/Suicide (M):

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