Rugrats Go Wild

Print Advertising


For this film, Paramount and Nick are using outdoor billboards to plug the film in selected markets. Four were made in all.

(All from Club Cooltoons Newsletter.)

Newspaper Ads

Here are a selection of ads that appeared in newspapers during the first couple of weeks of the film's release.

6/8/2003: Atlanta Journal-Constitution (rare ad with tagline; no blurbs.)

6/8/2003: Chicago Tribune (color)

6/8/2003: Los Angeles Times (color)

6/12/2003: El Nuevo Herald (Miami) (tag line is in Spanish -- everything else is in English, including the cast listing and the fact that Bruce Willis is Spike.)

6/13/2003: New York Times (2-page ad.)(color)

6/13/2003: Tampa Tribune

6/13/2003: St. Petersburg Times

6/13/2003: New York Post

6/14/2003: St. Petersburg Times

6/14/2003: Tampa Tribune (ad for Fun Lan Drive In, where RGW is a double feature with "Dumb and Dumberer".)

6/16/2003: Tampa Tribune (ad with Spike only.)

6/19/2003: El Nuevo Herald (Miami) (blurbs in Spanish, but they're translated versions of the blurbs given from the Anglophone media.)

6/20/2003: New York Times (full page ad.)

6/21/2003: St. Petersburg Times (Tommy & Spike only.)

6/22/2003: Tallahassee Democrat (Angelica only.)

6/25/2003: Tampa Tribune (Donnie only.)

6/28/2003: Tampa Tribune (Tommy & Spike only.)

7/1/2003: New York Post (Logo only.)

7/3/2003: New York Post (Debbie only.)

7/3/2003: Tampa Tribune (Tommy only.)

7/3/2003: The Ledger (Lakeland, FL) (Logo only.)

(Right, Left and Above: From Tribute's web site; © 2003 Viacom.)

Trading Cards

In Canada, Tribute and En Primeur magazines published a set of 18 trading cards for kids to collect.

These cards are bilingual, in English and French. Interestingly, the last name of the Pickles family was given as "De La Tranche", from the TV series, instead of "Cornichon", from the first 2 films. Also, in these cards, the identities of Chuckie and Donnie are switched.

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First 9 Front

First 9 Back

Last 9 Front

Last 9 Back

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