Rugrats Merchandise Licensees

How To Sell The Rugrats

The following is from the 1992 edition of the Rugrats Style Guide, which is sent to prospective licensees who are willing to sell products based on the show.

© 1992 Viacom.


Welcome to the world of NICKTOONSTM RugratsTM, an animated series about life from a baby's point of view. The Rugrats are Tommy PicklesTM, our one-year-old hero, and his friends, Chuckie, Phil & Lil and his cousin Angelica. Whenever adults are around, the Rugrats act like real babies, but when they're alone they drop their witless pose and talk to each other with the vocabulary of five-year-olds. As Tommy and his pals wobble through life, supported by legs not yet used to walking, they show us the world as a baby views and understands it. The Rugrats' world is one that exists below our knees - where mundane things and events turn into grand, comic adventures. We hope that you'll have as much fun designing products featuring these unique characters in their unique world as we have had bringing them to life.

Rugrats aims to be a sophisticated show for today's sophisticated children. Instead of talking down to its audience, it assumes children are intelligent and discriminating viewers. And, though children 6 to 12 are the primary target audience, Rugrats appeals to the 2-5 age group as well as to adults.

Rugrats was created by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain. The series is written and produced by Klasky Csupo, Inc., in conjunction with Nickelodeon®.

Rugrats is a show based upon exacting standards. The quality that goes into its creation and production is key to licensing and marketing as well. We've produced this guide to provide you with the resources you'll need to make the most of the extraordinary world of the Rugrats. Consistent usage of the NICKTOONS Rugrats logo, character names, likenesses and lettering will help build an identifiable presence in retail and more firmly establish the NICKTOONS Rugrats brand as a recognized and trusted member of the Nickelodeon family.


Any usage of RUGRATS characters' names or likenesses must be approved in writing in advance. Approval is based upon character design that follows models and colors, follows correct relationships between characters, is appropriately integrated with products and advertisements, uses NICKTOONS RUGRATS typeface for lettering, and uses correct copyrights and trademarks.


The names and likenesses of all NICKTOONS RUGRATS characters, artwork and distinctive lettering are protected under the copyright and trademark laws of the United States and all foreign countries.


A copyright and trademark notice in the following form must appear on all licensed merchandise and in all advertising for any licensed merchandise:
© 19[year] Nickelodeon. All Rights Reserved.

Nicktoons, Rugrats and all related characters are trademarks owned and licensed by Nickelodeon, a cable channel owned and operated for use by Viacom International Inc.

The year to be included in this notice should be the year the design of the product is first distributed to the public. In addition, the letters "TM" should appear next to the first or most prominent use of the name NICKTOONS RUGRATS and the character names when it appears on a piece of licensed merchandise or in any advertising copy.

On products and in print advertising the required notices must be applied in a legible and permanent format utilizing the Rugrats typeface.

The proper wording and placement of all notices must be cleared and approved by Nickelodeon.

Please note that the above notices are appropriate for use in the United States and Canada ONLY. Because of variations in the laws in some countries, notices and legal procedures must be cleared with MTV Networks before advertising or marketing of products in other countries.

(Note: The "Rugrats lettering" and "Rugrats typeface" the style guide was referring to is the lettering found in the Rugrats logo, and in the title card and opening credits. -- SM)

Licensee List (as of 1999)

The following is a list of licensees permitted to produce and market Rugrats merchandise.


1. Source: Nickelodeon's 20th Birthday merchandising booklet, distributed at the 1999 Licensing Show in New York City.

2. "(CP)" indicates that a contract is still pending.

Apparel & Accessories

Art Watch (CP)
BBC International
Berkshire Fashions (CP)
Briefly Stated (CP)
Designs By Skaffles (CP)
East End Accessories
Haddad (CP)
Happy Kids
Hanes / Sara Lee Knit Products
Headstart (CP)
Heyman Corp.
Highpoint (CP)
Holiday Fair (CP)
Innovative Time
Kids Headquarters (CP)
LV Myles
Mamiye Brothers
Riviera (CP)
Strategic Partners
Wiesner Products, Inc. (CP)
Wormser (CP)

Home Furnishings / Housewares

AE Nathan (CP)
Baby Boom (CP)
Biederlack of America
Couristan, Inc.
Franco Manufacturing (CP)
General Industries
Imperial Home Decor Group
Joy Franco & Sons (CP)
Northwest Company (CP)
Spring Industries
Town & Country
Uncle Howie Products (CP)
Wilton Industries (CP)
Zak Designs (CP)

Toys, Electronics, Gifts, Novelties

Arco Toys
Berk, a division of Jakks Pacific, Inc. (CP)
Basic Fun
Empire Industries, Inc.
Fisher Price / Viewmaster
Fotoball Sports
Hedstrom / Ero Industries
Micro Games (CP)
Syratech / Rauch
Thinkway Toys, Inc. (CP)
Tiger Electronics
Toy Biz / Spectra Star (CP)
University Games / Colorforms (CP)

Publishing, Video / Audio, Software

Curtis Computer Products
Fun Designs
Mattel Media / The Learning Company
Micro Innovation (CP)
Paramount Home Video
Publications International
Rhino Records / Kid Rhino
Simon & Schuster
THQ, Inc.

Packaged Goods (Food, Candy, Health & Beauty Aids)

Amurol Confections (CP)
Belae Brands
Consumer Licensing Corp. (CP)
Favorite Brands / Farley's
Frankford Candy & Chocolate Company
Good Humor / Breyers
Oral B

Stationery, Crafts, Party

American Greetings
At-A-Glance / Day Dream / Western Publishing
CSS Industries / Paper Magic Group, Inc. (CP)
Flying Colors / Colorbok
In The Bag
M&D Industries
Pen-Tab / Stuart Hall
PopShots, Inc.
Tara Toy Corp.

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