Variety Salutes
Klasky-Csupo's 20th Anniversary

(Left: Cover of the 9/30/2002 issue of national Variety, featuring the Thornberry-esque picture of the studio's founders, Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo. The captions adjacent to Klasky & Csupo says, "Inspiring visions of cool animation... for two decades and many more to come." © 2002 Variety & Klasky-Csupo.)

(All ads on this page are © by the people who place them. All characters © Viacom, Paramount or Klasky-Csupo.)

This first ad didn't come from the 9/30/2002 issue, but rather the 8/26/2002 issue, which invited people to place ads in this special issue as a salute to Klasky-Csupo. To see a bigger picture, click here.

Ad by Julia Kato, the voice of Kira on Rugrats.

Ad by Paramount Pictures.

Ad by Melanie Chartoff and Jack Riley, the voices of Didi & Stu, respectively, on Rugrats.

Ad by Nickelodeon.

Ad from Toltec Artists, an agency that represents businesses in the animation industry.

Ad from Hansen, Jacobson, Teller, Hoberman, Newman, Warren & Sloane, which is either a talent agency or a law firm.

Ad by Cheryl Chase, the voice of Angelica on Rugrats.

Ads from Mark Mothersbaugh's music company, Mutato Muzika. In this issue, Mark has actually placed three ads -- two of the ad at left, and one of the ad at right.

Ad from the cast of The Wild Thornberrys -- Lacey Chabert (Eliza), Tim Curry (Nigel), Jodi Carlisle (Marianne), Tom Kane (Darwin), Danielle Harris (Debbie) & Flea (Donnie).

Ad from Area & Taslimi, who, apparently, designed the offices at Klasky-Csupo's headquarters.

Ad from voice actor Angela Watson, who, apparently, did some voices on Duckman.

Ad by E.G. Daily and Tara Strong, the voices of Tommy & Dil, respectively, on Rugrats.

Ad from talent agency Arlene Thornton & Associates.

Ad from the Cunningham-Escott-Dipene talent agency. This is practically the same ad they used for Rugrats' 10th anniversary, except for the addition of Ginger.

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