The Wild Thornberrys

(Left: From V.11 #2 of Burger King Adventures; ©2000 by Viacom.)

The Wild Thornberrys is Klasky-Csupo's third Nicktoon, about a family of filmakers that specializes in nature documentaries.

Unlike other Nicktoons, which have 2 stories in each half-hour program (aside from specials), each story on The Wild Thornberrys is one program-length (30 minutes) story. Also, the series is more serious and adventurous in tone; there are some scenes played for laughs, though not many in this series.

Here's a list of characters and their voices that will appear (in order from left-to-right):
Left: The Thornberry family in action in Kenya, crusing downstream in a "cabolito", a type of canoe used by Peruvian farmers. From "Storm Warning", their first televised episode.
(From the October 1998 issue of Animation Magazine, an industry trade publication.©1998 by Viacom.)

Character: Description: Voiced By:
Darwin A chimp that can talk, in a British accent, to his best friend, Eliza (What's a nature show without chimps?) Tom Kane
Donnie Thornberry The adopted, (literally) wild 4-year-old from Indonesia Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers' bassist)
Eliza Thornberry Has the ability to speak with the animals (a la "Doctor Doolittle") Lacy Chabert (Fox's Party Of Five)
Debbie Thornberry Their teenage daughter who hates going on these adventures, carrying on squabbles best suited for back home in the US Danielle Harris
Nigel Thornberry Eliza's father; an expert at natural science, but a dunce at everything else Tim Curry (Zimbo in Real Monsters)
Marrianne Thornberry Eliza's mother and expert filmaker; always has a cool head Jodi Carlisle

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