Rugrats At Hardee's -- 1994

The first time the Rugrats made a fast food appearance was in 1994, when the Hardee's fast food chain offered a collection of Nicktoons toys as premiums that were included with kids' meals at Hardee's. All 4 Nicktoons at the time were featured -- Ren & Stimpy, Rocko, Doug and of course, Rugrats. Each of the 5(?) toys featured a Nicktoon character on some sort of vehicle. Rugrats had at least 2 toys in this promotion -- Tommy on a rocking horse on wheels (left), and Angelica on her trike (right).

(Left & Right: The Hardee's Rugrats toys; both from eBay; ©1994 Viacom.)

Left: A keyring version of Tommy, from eBay.
(©1994 Viacom.)

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