L'Histoire D'Une Fée, C'est...

(Above: Front and back covers of the Polydor single L'Histoire D'Une Fée, C'est..., released in France. At right is the closeup of Mylene the fairy, looking at Chuckie and Wawa. Courtesy of Super Yo ; ©2001 Universal Music France.)

There was talk that she'll be doing 2 versions of her song, L'Histoire D'Une Fée, C'est... -- in French for the French version of the film, and in English in all other versions; unfortunately, the song will be in French only in all versions. As you'll hear in the film, it's just as well. Also, this song, which in English is "The Story Of A Fairy, Is...", had its name changed from "Attrapez-moi!" (Catch Me!), as the original name sounded more like a song for a Pokemon movie.

And while only a brief part of the song is actually used in the film, the song was released in France as a single; it has 2 versions of the song -- original and instrumental.

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