The Rugrats Movie
               At Burger King --
      November & December 1998

(Above center & right: Rugrats Movie toys from Burger King Kids Club meals. From (Burger Kings in Germany offered these toys in May 1999);  Above Left: Ad for The Rugrats Movie promotion at Burger King (from eBay); all ©1998 Viacom.)

In France & Belgium, these toys were also sold at Quick Burger in France & Belguim, and at Hungry Jack's in Australia.

During a Rugrats Movie promotion that started around 11/23/98, and lasted through December, Burger King offered 12 toys featuring the Rugrats and the newest kid on the block -- Dil. 2 different toys were issued each week, with a purchase of a Kids Club meal.

Also, 4 different watches were sold for $1.99 each, with a Kids Club meal or Value Meal purchase. Watches include:

Reptarmania: With "Animated Action".

Talking Tommy:  Tommy says "A Baby's Gotta Do What A Baby's Gotta Do."

Chuckie's Bananarama: Watchband smells like bananas.

Angelica's Floating Flowers: Watch face has flowers that float.

According to Animation World Network, 5 cents from each watch sold will go to the American Red Cross and the United Way to aid relief efforts for victims of Hurricanes Georges & Mitch.

Volume 9 Issue 8 of Burger King Kids Club Adventures includes a "photo box" to build, a word search, trivia about the movie and an "interview" with Tommy.

Above: Rugrats Movie toys and watches available at Burger King.

(From V.9 #8 of Burger King Kids Club Adventures, © 1998 Burger KIng Corporation. Rugrats characters are © 1998 Viacom.)

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